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If you were offered a great price today for your RV would you sell it?

What if someone you know and trust offered you a great price for your RV? Would you take it? Or do you enjoy it so much you’d pass? You know. . . good money is good money, right? What would you do? 
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5 years ago

We have an 05 Chinook Concourse. It is high end, self contained, no slides, easy to drive and park. This was our first rv after years of boating on rivers and lakes. This will be our last rv as we just love it. It is plenty for us and our pug named George who thinks it great to share his “crate” with us. We keep it serviced, stocked and ready to go.

5 years ago

I think you would have gotten a very different response to your polls if it had been worded…Would you sell your RV for market value or SLIGHTLY above?
I love your polls!!

Bill T
5 years ago

After finishing all the custom upgrades and mods and getting rid of all that factory installed crap. No way. We bought ours for the initial floor plan layout that we could use and then customized it from there.

Tommy Molnar
5 years ago

Wouldn’t even consider selling our 2012 Arctic Fox unless we were having to quit RV’ing altogether for some reason. It’s all set up for traveling the way we like to travel (boondocking), with tons of upgraded stuff that doesn’t ever come stock.

No amount of money would tempt us. Like another poster mentioned, what would we do THEN? Buy something else and take a chance on today’s shoddy construction reputations?

Rick Stephenson
5 years ago

No! It is a 2016 model. Finally got everything fixed on it. Want to see what it would be like to go one camping season and have everything work like it is supposed to.

Chuck B.
5 years ago

We have a 94 Avion 36 ft 5er and a 99 National Dolphin 35 ft Class A. If I sold either one what would I replace it with? The junk they build now? I think not.

Al & Sharon
5 years ago

I didn’t respond to the poll. I am so confused as to why someone “I know and trusted”would just make an offer for my RV. Much less a “great offer” for my RV. It really doesn’t make sense. If you are really asking if I am really attached to my RV and really don’t want to sell it, then ask that question.

Tommy Molnar
5 years ago
Reply to  Al & Sharon

I think this is more of a hypothetical question, not one you can expect to get.

5 years ago

Done it before, would do it again. The Beaver is an exquisite coach , but it’s time for a new project…

5 years ago

Yes but only to turn around and buy a newer one.

Gene Bjerke
5 years ago

Only if someone made a ridiculously high offer (unlikely). We really like the one we have, even if we owe more than we can afford. We’ll keep running it until the wheels fall off.

5 years ago

Of course we would sell, but it would have to be an amazing offer and cash. We have a 94 Mallard TT that we are in love with. We shopped for months and knew that this was the one for us at first sight. We would not trade this TT for a new one, it’s so much more well built!! All the horror stories about the new ones makes us so happy we bought an older one.

5 years ago
Reply to  Pat

A ’94 Mallard? That brings back memories. Never let that one go.

5 years ago

Way too many factors to make that decision, well at least for us .

Harold Bagdonas
5 years ago

We have a 30 Ft. Cardinal with many adds on. It is 2002 with 74,000 miles, hubometer on it. We live in an area where more than 7000 homes, business burned in October. I have had a half dozen people stop and ask if I would sell it. Not likely. Getting ready for a trip back east. It is our 4th RV and the best one to say the least.

mr.great deal
5 years ago

2005 Pleasure Way,Ford V10 triton,wide body,would let it go for $37,000,runs great!!

Captn John
5 years ago

Just bought this 43′ 5er 7 months ago. Check with me in 18 – 24 months. I’ll be 71 then and may consider another new DP then.

Chuck Baldwin
5 years ago

We have a 31ft gasser. I’d sell and upgrade top a slightly used 34-37 ft. diesel.
Not new, but preferably one with some handling improvements and Sat.

5 years ago

Mine is 55 years old, in great shape and done to my taste. It’s considered a classic, so no.

Roger Brett
5 years ago

We have reached the age of giving up RVing and poor health is fast making us consider the option of selling our fully loaded 08 43ft. Monaco Dynasty double axle Cummins diesel at a fair price. The wife prefers River cruises to travelling South to Arizona. We have enjoyed our 46,000 miles of travelling to Southern Arizona but time is catching up with us.

Bill Smioth
5 years ago
Reply to  Roger Brett

Send me some more info and a price

J. Cherry
5 years ago

Anything is for sale if the price is right.

5 years ago

Try and find anyone to pay what you need out of your RV..most people are upside down in an RV loan or are so proud of what they own no sane buyer would pay their asking price.As for poor quality new coaches and trailers..buyer beware as the greed has taken over from common sense at most any dealer.

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