“Old Woody,” the 1929 Ford Model A RV of your dreams!


Meet “Old Woody,” a custom-built 1929 Ford Model A with a matching teardrop trailer and wooden steamer trunk. The duo was built by Splinter Auto Works Inc. in Plymouth, Indiana (we don’t know when it was built, but we hope they build more!).

The adorable teardrop trailer can sleep two on a full-sized mattress. There isn’t much room to store your stuff, so the designer added a beautiful cedar store-all on the roof. It even comes equipped with two wooden paddles to make it look like it had wings, as the original teardrops had.

You’d make a lot of friends if you pulled this into a campsite for a few nights!


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1 year ago

That is not a Model A Ford! I have had many.

A Peerless truck?

1 year ago

My Uncle restored Model A’s in Salinas, Ca. I would like to think he would like this one.

Kenneth Fuller
1 year ago


Bob Godfrey
1 year ago

Very nice woodworking!

John M
1 year ago

The boat on top looks more like a coffin. This would make for a good conversation piece in a campground or parking lot.

John M
1 year ago
Reply to  John M

I meant the storage box on the trailer looks like a coffin

1 year ago

The paddles are for the boat on top of the Model A. There is also a surfboard which can be used as a paddle board.