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Are you “on the road again”? Share your story with us

“On the Road Again”! It is one of my most favorite songs! Every spring as we finally pack everything up and start heading north again (or south, or west or east), I blast “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson through the speakers in the motorhome. I seldom tire of it, even after looping it five or ten times! My husband does, though. I think it is because he has no control over the stereo system while he is driving…

I would like to say we are leaving as the sun is rising and the earth is bathed in a red and orange glow adding to the romance of the moment… but it is not. It is usually closer to noon that first morning when I realize I was over-ambitious in planning that night’s camping reservation.


For years we used a checklist:

  • Put away and secure everything inside.
  • Check all drawers and cabinet doors.
  • Satellite/antenna down.
  • Pull in slides.
  • Put everything outside away.
  • Disconnect power, water, sewer.
  • Lift jacks.
  • Put jack pads away.
  • Check tire pressure.
  • Do walk around and check slides, awnings, all bay doors.
  • Attach tow car.
  • Check turn signals and brake lights on tow car and motorhome.
  • Double check tow car that it is moving smoothly behind motorhome.
  • Play (loudly) “On the Road Again”.

Now we pretty much have it down, except last year when a truck raced after us to let us know we left the jack pads at our site. It was a horrible, squished together campground and I think we both just wanted to leave as quickly as possible. We did retrieve the jack pads, though.

On the road again

Thursday we will be “on the road again” and I am filled again with excitement and anticipation. First stop is Homolovi State Park in Arizona. I can hardly wait!

Share your travels, too

I want to share the best of our travels here and I am hoping you will share the highlights of yours, too.

Some questions for you:

  • What are your summer plans?
  • Are you “on the road again”? How is it going?
  • What are some of your favorite places?
  • Do you have a favorite camping memory?
  • Please share the best of your travels.

Please use the form below to answer one or more of these questions, or tell us what you’re experiencing in general. Also, please include a photo. I’d love to see!

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.



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11 months ago

Years ago Cliff Boyd aka Cliff Rodman The RV Musicman put out a CD with great RV songs. I still have the CD but don’t know if available anymore. He did some good RVing songs. I did find his songs are on youtube under Cliff Rodman

Last edited 11 months ago by rvgrandma
Leslie Pederson
11 months ago

Heading north Monday from southern Arizona. Meeting family for a couple days in Nevada, then north to Washington via several Harvest Host stops. Visit our grandkids for a month. Then we are heading to Alaska June 1. We have so many favorite places but we still love White Tank Mountain Park! We will return in the fall to visit friends and family before we start east.

Leonard Rempel
11 months ago

Two weeks left in our five month Snowbird trip, about 17,000 km or 10,500 miles for my American friends.
From Toronto, down the East Coast, across the Florida Panhandle to South West Texas and Big Bend National Park. What an unbelievable gem that is!
Worked our way back to Austin, and now in Nashville.
Trip is being cut short a week to convert our absorption Norcold fridge to a 12V residential unit. Had a propane line break behind the fridge and had a fire, which we miraculously caught in time to only do limited damage. After some research on these absorption fridges being a leading cause of RV fires we decided it was better to convert to residential than fix the old system.
So lucky we caught it.

11 months ago

Interesting that your travel season is just starting. Ours is just ending…
We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and LOVE Summers up here. But it’s too dark, grey and wet for us from November thru March. So we’re on the road in our Country Coach most Winters. We just returned from a 6+ months trip East, and loved every minute of it. We “dashed” across country thru the midwest to NC in just 11 days to attend an event in early October, explored GA and FL including Disney World pre-Christmas, spent several weeks at our Daughter’s place in Aiken SC where she’s installed a concrete pad for us with FHU, including high-speed internet. Then we wandered home in “just” 63 days, visiting friends in FL, MS and TX, visiting Carlsbad Caverns for the first time, attending two Rallies in AZ and using the East side of the Sierras to reach OR & WA, avoiding CA $$$ fuel on the way home.
Did I mention we LOVE our Coach? 🙂

RV Staff
11 months ago
Reply to  Don

Welcome home to our bautiful PNW, Don! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Were you back in time to enjoy our 78-degree day a week ago, and then our hail/snow and 32-degree overnight temps since then? Still, I’ll take our normally “boring” weather around here any day, compared to the sometimes extreme weather in other parts of the country. Take care, and Happy Easter. 😀 -Diane (a PNWer since 1946!)

11 months ago

Our 5 week adventure begins next week. Heading across US50 to the Pacific Northwest coastline, north through Oregon and Washington. Stopping at Mt Rainier to see our son who is guiding there this summer. Looks like 4,000 miles. The price of gas almost changed our plans… but if not now… when? Lets go make some memories!

11 months ago

We’re actually leaving later this week. Stopping to see family in a couple of places then visiting New England, Washington D.C., Escapees Escapade, meeting friends for a week. Not going west of the Mighty Miss this year. Plenty to see though!

11 months ago

Just back from the 3200 mile trip to FMCA Tucson rally. Great fun! Got to hear Roger Marble speak (three different times). Gas was a bit pricy, but I have no desire to be the richest man in a coffin.
Leaving this afternoon for a week in Mississippi. Travel season has started! Come see America, it’s a great place.

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