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Many wonderful adventures are covered in this week’s “On the road again”

On the road again! Readers share their travel stories. Join us for some armchair travels and share yours too!

Getting our RV back into shape for travel

We have spent this week in Red Bay, Alabama, waiting for service on our motorhome. As our motorhome is more than four years old, we only qualify for Tiffin Service in their three-hour Express Bay, and it is first-come, first-served. It took a week to get in and they only had time for the one major item. Our entire 23-foot kitchen slide had broken the guides and the bolts, and while still coming in had shifted to rub on the wall. Not good. While fixed, it will never be quite the same, so we decided to just leave a small piece of molding off and live with it.

When the scheduling tech from Tiffin came to look at our long list, he circled independent repair people in the area from Tiffin’s suggestions that might be able to work on it.

Almost all of the techs either work at Tiffin currently or have worked at Tiffin in the past. They are really booked up, too! We were so lucky to have Dayton Hill of Coach Connections have a cancellation and fit us in. He was able to check off item after item, and almost everything is completed. Tiffin techs also work after hours, and we had a new smarter-than-me TV installed and our ripped awning replaced.

Now it’s on to Georgia and Safe T Plus and new shocks. The biggest lesson is to keep up with the repairs—it is a house on wheels bumping over some horrible roads. Things break, screws fall out, etc. It would be easy to just let it go and let the whole thing fall apart.

Another lesson is, if you just keep throwing money up in the air, someone will catch it and fix the motorhome! Thank goodness!

Photo credit: Nanci Dixon

What are our readers doing?

Alaska and Canada

Patti H. has a whirlwind trip planned. She says, “We left Texas at the end of March and are working our way west-northwest to Washington state. We’ve already traveled through NM, stopping at the Trinity Memorial site. Then onto Casa Grande, AZ, for a Renegade RV Rally. Also, while in AZ we visited many interesting sites near Sedona, Grand Canyon and Lake Havasu. A side trip to Redlands Truck and RV in Redlands, CA, for new shocks, tires, and a PDI diesel tuner. Stopped at Nellis AFB for Valley of Fire State Park.

“This weekend we are in ID visiting friends. We will spend the next two weeks in WA at state parks, and a Navy Rec area on the Pacific coast. The weather has been warm, hot, windy and cold these last few weeks. Very little rain across many states.

“At the end of this month, we will meet up in northern WA with RVing friends Tom and Linda. We will cross the Canadian border and spend the summer exploring our way through Alaska.”

Photo credit: Patti H.

This year east, last year west

Richard F. is finding it harder to find sites but is still planning his trip. He says, “This year we plan (reservations galore) on camping on the East Coast. Last year we traveled out West. Several of the campgrounds we stayed at are now gone (forest fires in the Sierras). It’s getting harder and harder to make the drive and be chased by these fires.

“All of the campgrounds we stay at are dirty, crowded, smelly and have no restrooms. At 78 I have learned to not tell others about all the great places we have eaten at, stayed at, or rested at because they get so crowded that I can no longer go there myself. This year I tried to reserve a site at my favorite campground in the Sierras and none was available… in June!!!”

Photo credit: Richard F.

Several Fantasy RV tours

Charles and Deborah Y. are planning six months of travel. They say, “Hope to be on the road for six months beginning in May. The first stop after John Prince Park Campground, our staging area in Lake Worth, Florida, will be Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park in Micanopy, FL. We have been to Canada several times, did the Alaska thing, went on several trips with Fantasy RV: Australia, New Zealand and Churchill, Manitoba, ut my favorite was South Africa— all described on my less-than-professional web log here.

Editor’s Note: Your adventures look (and sound) amazing, Charles and Deborah! Happy and safe travels to you both. Keep it up! 

Traveling from the woods to hot tub resorts

Micheal W. mixes it up and loves it. “We just returned from our multi-month ‘On the Road Again’ trip from Michigan to Texas in time for the last snows of the season. Our family shared blog is actually called “Whelans on the road again” so we love your idea to do it here.

“Great season again this year. Our first stop was Riverview RV Park in Vidalia, LA, across the Mississippi from Natchez, MS. We love the people and the town. It is becoming a regular stop for us. Then, we spent most of our time on the gulf from Galveston Island to Matagorda. After a couple of months of sea breeze, we turned inland and headed to Army C.O.E. parks in Texas and Arkansas. We love the mix of remote public-owned ‘in the woods’ camping intermixed with full service (including the pool and hot tub) RV resorts on the beach. We changed out our route this season to include Arkansas and Missouri camping, which was a real treat in some pretty special country. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.”

Photo credit: Micheal W.

On the waitlist

Eric R. added a song to our playlist and shares his plans, including being on a waitlist. “Jekyll Island, Acadia National Park, New York City (Liberty Harbor), Asheville, NC, The Kentucky Bourbon Trail. We are on the waitlist for a few other popular destinations, and we will throw in 4-5 Harvest Host destinations before the season is done. Also, in addition to ‘On The Road Again,’ my favorite travel song is ‘I’ve Been Everywhere‘ by Johnny Cash.”

Travel songs!

Have a favorite travel song? Let’s share it!

As mentioned in previous installments of this column, my absolute favorite starting-to-travel songs are “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s, as we enter Oklahoma, “Oklahoma.”

Katie D.’s favorite is Johnny Cash’s “Going to Jackson.”

Steve added “Route 66” by Nat King Cole.

Eric R. also added “I’ve Been Everywhere” by Johnny Cash.

And Hubert R. likes ‘Born to be Wild’ by Steppenwolf.

Share your travels!

We are sharing the best of our travels here and we are hoping you will share the highlights of yours, too!

Some questions for you:

  • Please tell us your trip highlights and send photos, too!
  • Are you “on the road again”? How is it going?
  • What are your summer plans?
  • Do you have a favorite camping memory?
  • Share your travels.

Please use the form below to answer one or more of these questions, or tell us what you’re experiencing in general. Also, please include a photo. We’d love to see!

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