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Hertz, once No. 1, now bankrupt and selling used trucks cheap

By James Raia
RVers seeking a used truck to tow their rig are likely to find a good deal from Hertz. The rental car agency for decades marketed itself as No. 1 in the industry. But it now has a new reputation to develop: It’s in the car and truck quick sale business.

A variety of used Chevrolet, Nissan, Ford, Ram and GMC trucks are available among the 182,521 vehicles the company must by sell Dec. 31, 2020.

Hertz’s predicament occurred after the company filed for bankruptcy in May. It must sell part of its fleet, according to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission filing. The sales will still leave Hertz with more than 300,000 vehicles nationwide. The deal also allows Hertz to keep $900 from the sale of each vehicle sold.

The company began renting cars in 1918. But it’s now selling used vehicles in its varied fleet for an average discount of 8 to 12 percent below average market values.

According to Hertz, the available trucks are “like-new models with relatively low mileage and offer the same rugged capabilities and sturdiness you’ll need for work at home or on the job site, all without the prohibitive prices new trucks command.” The company also notes it’s also offering older models with higher mileage and lower prices.

Hertz’s vast selection of cars, trucks and off-road vehicles are listed on the company’s website, and are offered at “no-haggle” prices.

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Roy Ellithorpe
2 years ago

You guys should come to Canada and buy your pickups. I didn’t really look for pickups, but Cadillac xt5 they want 45k which converts to about 60k Canadian. GM is selling brand new 2020s for 50k CDN.

Winnebago Bob
1 year ago
Reply to  Roy Ellithorpe

I wonder if the vehicle sold in Canada would conform to all the automotive laws of the US.
Might be tricky to get titled in some states in the US. But, Idea has a lot of merit, do to the exchange rate.

2 years ago

Did the same search and yes, I also could only find half-tons. But there was a Ram ProMaster 2500 van. But then I noticed it had a 3.7 liter V-6. Not going too far with that.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

Doing a minor search of Fords and Rams, it looks like they only have half ton pickups for sale. I’m searching within 1,000 miles of Houston, where we’re currently hunkered down. Maybe in an area like LA, the options might be better.

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