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Building an RV park from scratch: We are officially full-time RVers!

By Machelle James The flood of emotions that came over us when we packed up that final load: excitement, fear, happy, sad, joyful – you...

Building an RV park from scratch: My job is done (regarding one son)

By Machelle James After my last article, I received many heartfelt messages. The struggles, the fear, the finances: How can we overcome those obstacles, become...

Building an RV park from scratch: We sold our house!

By Machelle James (Click on any image to enlarge.) The past two weeks have been a blur of emotions. We had families come in and love...

Building an RV park from scratch: We had a wedding! … plus park...

By Machelle James I have to say "thank you" to Chuck and Diane here at RVtravel.com, and offer my apologies to our readers. I completely...

Building an RV park from scratch: We met the neighbors!

By Machelle James The past two weeks have been a blur. We made the decision to formally introduce ourselves on a Heber-Overgaard Facebook group. I...

Building an RV park from scratch: I don’t know what I’m doing!

By Machelle James Last weekend our families went up north to see our property for the first time. They wanted to see the cabin and...

Building an RV park: Decisions, decisions. It’s showtime!

By Machelle James Oh boy. Our campground decisions seem to be changing on a daily basis. We had to make a tough decision last week....

Building an RV Park: Why we decided to “go for it”

By Machelle James If I could bottle up all the love and support we have received over the last two weeks, I would have to try...

Building an RV park from scratch: Why I sold my house to open an...

By Machelle James When I met my husband more than 25 years ago, I never could have imagined how life would have changed as it...

Though demand is high, Texas town stalls building of new RV parks

With the number of new RVs flooding our roadways and campgrounds and the failure of new campgrounds and RV parks to keep up with...
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