RVtravel.com Reader Pets #1

Quincy and Emma
“Quincy and Emma love traveling and live their best life when on the road. They wait in the motorhome on the morning we leave. They just can’t wait to go!” —Terry and Joan Enge

Buddy and Jojo
“Buddy and Jojo enjoying a short drive at Gettysburg, PA. They just love being pampered.” —Michael Maniscalco

“Finnegan (Finn) is the newest addition to our RVing gear! Just 11 weeks old at the time of this writing, Australian Shepherd Finn has already discovered that the floor next to Dad’s feet in our Newmar motorhome is a nice and warm place to ride! He’s looking forward to many years of adventures as we explore these great United States!” —William Langton

“Otis is the best canine camping companion ever! He’s friendly and enjoys chasing the birds and squirrels. He snores like a sailor!” —Warren Carter

“This is our grandkitty, Armani, who visits us often. Normally he stands guard on the dashboard. This picture was taken during his break time.” —Christine DeAbi

“Loves to take a ride. Grizzly the Newfoundland.” —Mark Rauenswinter

Annie and Jake
“Annie (R) and Jake (L). On guard duty.” —Frank Heim

“Peekaboo aka ‘Peekie’ is an experienced camper, having been from central Montana to the Oregon coast and back twice as well as numerous trips around Montana. She travels well without complaint and is always happy to scamper around the trailer as soon as we get set up. She enjoys watching “kitty cat” TV through the screen door and enjoys stroller rides around the campground. Her favorite kitty bed is the hard shelf above the bed.” —Susan F.

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