RVtravel.com Reader Pets #16

“Andy is a Maltese/Bichon. Rescued from a puppy mill. We adopted him at two? He is our boy, loves to meet new people, loves children, and he travels in his kennel safely. Very smart. Enjoys his birthday party with a homemade doggy treat. He will be 9 this December. Our baby boy.” —Lois Johnson

Sahani is a 5-year-old Husky/Mountain Cur who loves going on hikes at cool places while camping. She has her own camping chair around the campfire, and will tell you that she loves you when you offer a treat.” —Jason Blaylock

“Our boy, Willie, an Airedale, is a great watchdog except when we vacuum the rugs in our coach. Then he finds solace in the closet.” —David & Barbara Eberly

“Zeus and Charlie on the lookout.” —Bobby Pharr

Blaze and Bonnie
“Our two cats enjoy traveling with us in the Alpine RV 5th wheel. We traveled to AZ last winter from ME, and each day we put them in a large carrier in the back seat of the truck and in the RV when we stop each night. Headed back in Nov. They always travel when we take many 4-5 night trips around Maine. Blaze and Bonnie are brother and sister.” —Bob Duplessie

“My 10-year-old black lab, Sophie, gets comfortable with the armrest.” —Michael Morris

“Mitzie, our 12-year-old Pomapoo dog-child, loves to camp and chase chipmunks and lizards but would not know what to do if she caught one. She’s a great traveler but has a little big dog attitude when protecting the camp.” —Larry Flory

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