RVtravel.com Reader Pets #19

“This is Neko. His full name is Kuro Neko, which according to Google means black cat. Neko would usually wake me at 4:30 a.m. and just stare at me. Well, it took a little bit of nudging by him when I finally caught on to what he wanted. I had to walk over to his food and water bowl to watch him eat. I’m not sure if he was showing me his gratitude for having his bowls filled for him or if he just needed my approval for him to go ahead and eat. This was a ritual that happened every day. I became the happiest person the day he picked me. Sadly though Neko had cancer and had to be put down. He was 15 and gave me joy for 11 years of my life. There were many other things Neko would do, but I guess I would have to write a whole chapter on him.” — Gil

Spike Lee and Gracie Slick
“These two are our traveling companions. They are siblings and rescues whose names are Spike Lee (male, darker color) and Gracie Slick (female, in foreground) sitting on Dad’s lap. We rescued Spike at 4 months. Gracie was in the same kennel with him, but went to a different family. We often wondered what happened to her. Happily, we found her at the same shelter 3 years later and knew it was meant to be. We learned that she was rescued twice and returned twice. As a result, it’s been a long road to help her relieve her separation anxiety, but she’s made great progress.

“We believe they are hound/Jack Russell mix and as such are very active and boisterous. When we pull into a campground or a rest area, people know we’re there. (LOL). Wherever we go, we Google the area to see if it has a dog park. Spike loves to play ball and Gracie loves to play with the other fur babies.” — Mark and Margaret Dinkel

“Here’s Niko, the adventure dog. He’s part Schnauzer, Border Collie, and Australian Shepherd. We adopted him from NOAH in November 2018, coming back from Rasar State Park. He loves camping and hiking with us, so much so that my husband and I need to spell out certain words and phrases like “go somewhere,” “go for a walk,” and when we talk about where we will go next! He knows! — Lydia Bishop, Snohomish, WA

Mango Bob
“This is Mango Bob – waiting out the quarantine with me. He loves to travel with us as we explore the backwoods of America.” — Bill Myers

“This is Ruby, our Australian Cattle Dog. We’ve had her for nearly 11 years and she brings us never-ending amounts of joy and laughter. She loves traveling to new places and the camping lifestyle that we now enjoy. We have never traveled without her and she was one of the motivating factors to get our camper in the first place so we could stop sneaking her into hotels! In her younger days, she was an energetic mountain bike trail dog. She has slowed down quite a bit with age so now she only goes with us on short hikes. She still loves to guard our site, lay in streams, lounge by a campfire, and take up an entire settee! She’s complete awesomeness!” — John & Rene’ O’Connor

Holly, Biscuit and Jinx
“This is my favorite camping photo with my pets. Sadly Jinx the cat passed in 2018 and the golden, Biscuit, passed last year. Our black lab, Holly, though, has a new camping companion, Ruby, a Rotti mix. We have 3 cats as well, but they don’t get to camp with us – though 5 animals, 2 humans, one 27 ft. camper is our hurricane evacuation plan.” — Carissa Miller

“Cameo doing her impression of Marilyn Monroe.” — Sue Gill

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