RVtravel.com Reader Pets #24

“This is Bernie, a Goldendoodle, whose full name is Bernadette. She is smart, sweet, never met a dog or person she didn’t love, and is ‘dangerous’ because she’ll lick you to death. She’s a great traveler, having accompanied us while we full time the last three years.” — Chris Gray

Puggie and Peanut
“Puggie is no longer with us and Peanut is 11 years old. Both were/ are excellent campers. Puggie – hot all the time, and Peanut just the opposite – cold.” — Marvin and CeCe Awtry, Central Oregon

Rigby and Rory
“Meet Rigby (male) & Rory (female). Joy beyond explanation. They are always hungry & never miss an opportunity to snatch food. We had bought a half dozen bagels & they were in a paper bag. We ran a quick errand & returned home only to find our bagels were gone as well as the bag! These fur babies shed beyond belief; if I could have attached permanently their hair to my head I could have dreadlocks to the floor. That said, we would not trade them for the world.” — Mac

Samantha Q. Pussycat
“Samantha Q. Pussycat in her favorite space!” — Judy Kruppa

“Stewie hanging out at the beach. We adopted him at our local SPCA and have enjoyed his smiling face ever since.” — Matt Simpson-Weber

“Angie is a rescue with an uncertain pedigree but we suspect she’s part Australian Shepherd. The vet says she is a “GOK” (God only knows). Angie is loving, smart, learns quickly and is sometimes stubborn….but she’s ours.” — Rick and Linda Morrison. Saddlebrooke, AZ

“Freddie is a 3-year-old Scottish Terrier! It startles many people that he is not black but his color is wheaten and he is a very red wheaten. Freddie is also an AKC conformation Champion and is the first Scottie Champion to have his Barn Hunt Senior title. He is only 1 passing score away from his Barn Hunt Masters title and he will be the first Champion Scottie to attain that as well (if we do it pretty soon!).” — Janet

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