RVtravel.com Reader Pets #28

“Clementhyme, 6 months old, and just spayed this week and chipped. She loves traveling in our Georgetown.” — Dick McCabe

CoCo Lynn
“Meet CoCo Lynn. She’s 5 months old and she was a rescue. She was born on the street with her sister Gracie. They came into the shelter with worms, ear mites and infested with fleas. We’re full-time RVers and wanted a small dog so she would be comfortable. When we first saw her she was with her mom and sister. They were barking and jumping all over. CoCo stood behind them wagging her tail but not barking. We knew we wanted her. We’ve had her six weeks now and she’s doing great. She’s adapted to motorhome life very well and is trained to go out and do her business. She loves to sit in our laps and sleeps with us. She runs the roost. We had her 3 weeks before we heard her bark, and that was low and quiet. She’s an all-around joy and we love her to death.” — Bonnie Dillenbeck

Niki and Roza
“These are Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka litter sisters Niki and Roza.” — Anne and Craig Howlett

Lacey and Zoey
“Here are Lacey & Zoey, two well-traveled pets we rescued from an animal shelter several years ago. Lacey is part Pomeranian and part Chihuahua, while Zoey is a full Pom. These guys love RVing about as much as we do, so much so that they hop in the motorhome frequently when it’s parked in our driveway at home. Every time I go out to do some work or just take things to the RV they hop in, ready to go. We’ve taken them cross-country and into Canada.” — Tad & Sharyn Fogel, Brevard, NC

Walt and Disney
“My two English Springer Spaniels. The black/white one is Walt, he’s 1 year old. The brown/white one is Disney and she just turned 4. They love each other and hate each other. Anyone with two dogs knows exactly what I mean. They travel with us all the time in our RV and love camping as much as we do. Happy Travels!” — Debbie Murphy, San Antonio, Texas

“This is Phryne, our Shih Tzu. A friend was dog-sitting for us and thought Phryne was cold, so she bought her a sweater. After that it became hard to get them off her, and she would run get a new one when we took one off. We inherited her from an aunt who died in 2009. The aunt, Mary Lou Werner Forbes, a Pulitzer Prize winner, was one of the first female hard news reporters in D.C., and one of the first women admitted to the National Press Club. The bar in the Club featured a large nude painting of Phryne, a Greek courtesan who was the model for some of the most famous statues of the Golden Age of Greece. When more women were admitted to the Club, some objected to having the naked lady in the bar. Mary Lou defended it, saying, “Let the boys have some fun,” so she became known as the defender of Phryne, which became a natural name for her dog.” — pjfa

“Zach always travels with us in our Lance TT! He is quite happy as long as he is with us. Great little guard dog too!” — candleinthesand

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