RVtravel.com Reader Peets #29

“Tui is an eleven-year-old male Havanese. He is a retired champion show dog, JanJems Soldier Boy. Tui can fetch an egg from the hen house and the egg will remain unbroken. Other than eating, he loves attention. He’ll show you attention by sitting on his bottom and waving his arms up and down like a drummer. He’ll talk for you too. Tui is a good traveler in the motorhome.” — Ken Wahl

“Our little traveler, Violeta. We brought her home as a kitten from Guatemala in 2012, where we were volunteering. She’s been a traveler ever since!” — Joe Phebus

“This is Bella our 6-year-old 160 lb. Irish Wolfhound mix. We have been full-time in our 5th wheel for three years. She loves going to new campgrounds. A 30-minute walk usually turns into an hour walk because we are stopped by other campers who want to know how much she eats, does she have a saddle, etc. Most people have never actually seen an Irish Wolfhound before and are amazed at how gentle she is. We had one man knock on our door wanting to know if Bella could come outside so his wife could see her. She is a great conversation starter.” — Julie Clayton

Dog with tablet
“Everyone uses the tablet!” — Mike Pardina

“This is our gorgeous dog, Eden. She is part Shepherd and part Lab. She is an angel in canine form. Eden was a breeding dog in a puppy mill and discarded after they were done with her. It is a long story, but after coming from Colorado Springs, she landed up with us in Arizona. She delivers joy to many of the neighborhood kids who delight in hugging her and caressing her soft coat. Old folks in wheelchairs love to play with her four-inch ears and just reach over to her without effort. We are so blessed to love and be loved by this gorgeous animal.” — Suzanne Bell

“Say hello to Boomer!!” — Mike

Rocco and Harley
“Here are my boys. Rocco will be 5 in June and Harley 10 in August. They are momma’s boys. They are my shadows and along with hubby, they are my camping buddies and my personal bodyguards. They make me laugh, cry and pull my hair out daily but I hate to see the day come when they are no longer here so I will cherish it all now. Time is fleeting.” — Paula Pindro, Uniontown, PA

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