RVtravel.com Reader Pets #30

“This is our dog ‘RV’. Yes, we named him Recreation Vehicle! RV loves to go for rides with us. His favorite thing is B A L L. RV will fervently retrieve a thrown ball – he takes and releases on command. It’s fun to watch him load the auto ball thrower, too. RV is a 4.5-year-old Coton de Tulear mix from the National Coton Rescue (Dallas, TX). The rescue/foster was in MO, so we towed our trailer there and back to MI. We originally thought his name would be “Miles”, but our niece had a dog with that name, so we named him RV, which suits him perfectly. Enjoy the ride!” —Nancy Einheuser

Coco, Chocolate, Coffee and Mocha
“Coco, Chocolate, Coffee, Mocha. Our 4 cockatiels are great travelers. They sing, chirp and sleep while we travel and have free ‘run’ of the RV when we’re parked. They love to watch the other birdies out the window.” —Jerome Friedman

“Peach and Clutch are happy little campers that go with us every time.” —Cheryl Pratt

Chewy and Kuchie
“Meet Chewy (ginger) and Kuchie (tabby and white), who we adopted from our local shelter in August 2019. As far as we know, they had never been in an RV before, or worn harnesses. So our first trip with them in August this year was a dive into the unknown. They have exceeded our wildest hopes, and want to go outside to explore all the time. Here they are sitting in the stairwell asking to go out – one of the rare opportunities for a photo of them together!” —Sally Gilbert

“Yoshi with his squeaky ball.” —Helen Lottridge

“Bailey, our cute Westie, is getting to know our motorhome and loves the view from the driver’s seat!” —Ken Gregory

“This is JayeP. He decided on this chilly morning that he had had enough of riding in the Harley sidecar and opted for the Porsche instead. RVing and riding in the Rocky Mountains.” —Jeffrey Pelot

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