RVtravel.com Reader Pet #31

“Bear is a rescue off the streets of Bakersfield. He is 5 and he came into our life as a puppy. Named after Yogi Berra, as we got him the day Yogi died. He is all about the destination. He makes us laugh daily and is the happiest dog we have ever owned. He wants to greet everyone he meets with many kisses!” —Steven Evans

“This is our Labradoodle, Fin. This is his favorite perch to keep up with what’s going on in the campground.” —David Daniels

“This is Licorice, whose 50,000 miles (and counting) of RV travel started when she was about 4 weeks old. She’s a feral cat who was the runt of her extra-large litter and consequently wasn’t at the ‘dinner table’ when Animal Control swooped in and carried off the rest of the family. I took her in and almost immediately put her in the RV and headed off on a 1,500-mile journey. We have been traveling together happily ever since. She’s a full-time indoor cat and has her own upstairs apartment in our Coachmen Freelander Elite.” —Judith Roales

“Jalama and her three siblings were dropped off in a cardboard box at the Santa Barbara Humane Society at four days old. Our friend and her foster mom named the four puppies after local beaches. Since we camp regularly at our local campground, Jalama Beach, we believe we were destined to be together, especially when we’re camping!” —Diane Lawrence

“We picked up our new traveling companion recently as the last stop on a 4,000-mile round-trip from Texas to California. Her name is Mayah and she’s an 11-week-old Toy Australian Shepherd. Mayah is being trained and will travel with us to K-9 agility trials across the USA.” —Bill Smith

“Our Scout loves camping … and is more than willing to drive if necessary.” —Bobby Semon

“This is our 19-month-old Chihuahua, Hansel. We adopted him from the Humane Society in March of 2020. He loves camping in our 5th wheel and every place we visit is a new adventure with all the new smells to sniff and trees and posts to mark as his territory. His favorite thing to do is sit on our laps outside and chomp at any bug that dares come our way.” —Janine T.

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