RVtravel.com Reader Pets #32

Enjoying the good life
“Hanging on the deck at the campground.” — DG

“My name is Precious. Sometimes I sleep so deeply that I wake up looking like I am hungover. I love my home and my RV as I am a feral rescue cat and outside holds no interest for me other than sunshine and fresh air through the patio door.” — journey7120

“This is our 15-month-old, Harley. One of 3 dogs that travel with us in our RV. As you can see, Harley isn’t bothered much with traveling, and will pretty much sleep anywhere in the RV, while on the road. Once we stop, well, that’s another thing!!” — Arlene Monnar

“Boaz is is a Sheltie/Aussie mix and just turned 3. He travels very well, and has been across the country since he was 3 months old. Currently, we are waiting to be safe to travel again.” — Martin Addie

“This is Arvie. Her name means people’s friend. As a Canine Good Citizen and Therapy dog in training she is a great friend of people. Did you get it? Her name is pronounced RV.” — Cherie Niederst

“Thanks for the opportunity to share a photo of my dog, Carly. She’s a rescue, 2 years old when I got her. She is a Treeing Walker Coonhound, and her owner turned her into animal control because, being raised to be a hunting dog, she fell into the category of “this dog don’t hunt.” What she lacks in hunting skills, she more than makes up for in being a calm, gentle animal, without an aggressive bone in her body. And, she’s a great traveler! – what more could I ask for in a pet?” — Norb Dusyn, Charlotte, NC

Bailey and Dutch
“I recently canceled our annual camping trip with long-time friends after my husband discovered a bird nest in the tongue of our 5th wheel. He refused to remove the nest saying it would “kill” him if those babies died!! Softie for sure!! Anyway,  here is a photo of our two wonderful labs, Bailey (black) and Dutch (yellow). Dutch was one of eight puppies born to Bailey 4 years ago. They are soooo connected! This is Dutch’s normal position, snuggling onto Bailey’s rump. She absolutely doesn’t mind!! We are not complete without our dogs and they LOVE to go camping with us!” — Nancy Michaels, North Platte, NE 

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