RVtravel.com Reader Pets #34

“Our little Cocker Spaniel, Bailey, always has to be included in all of our travels and adventures.” —Richard Cunningham

“Our Golden Doodle, “Hooch”, loves to relax on our 3rd floor balcony. He may look calm in this favorite way for him to watch the world go by …. until a UPS truck or FedEx truck goes by. Then, those drivers know that Hooch is on post protecting his street corner!” —Greg Johnson

Making it Legal
“After sleeping together for a year, they finally tied the knot.” —Rob

Movie Star Dog!
“Leaving the groomer parlor and headed for sunny Florida in the motorhome.” —Richard Silva

Here’s Lily enjoying the fire behind our coach in Maggie Valley, NC.” —Bob Schlesinger

“This is our dog Gizmo. His favorite thing is to go camping with us in our class C motorhome, as pictured here in his favorite spot on the couch behind the driver. Whenever we are planning a trip he insists on waiting in the motorhome, even days in advance, just to be sure we don’t forget to take him along.” —Jerry Liszak

“This is our ‘Big Beautiful Hound’ Jenny. She’s a Harrier Hound and we rescued her around St. Johns, AZ. The Humane Society assumed she was a pack dog used to hunt mountain lions, she is very strong. We’ve had her for 9 years. Here she is relaxing after a long walk in the desert. She loves to travel with us and has logged over 100,000 travel miles. She’s very vocal, howling and talking all the time. She loves food. She’s a gem with quite a funny personality and we love her very much!” —Mary Habil

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