RVtravel.com Reader Pets #4

Aengus Sneezley
“Aengus Sneezley is the sweetest, happiest camping Wheaten you’ll ever meet. He listens, follows directions and I think he speaks English when no one is listening. He keeps us safe as a watchdog – he alerts to suspicious noises then shows us the best place to hide.” —Joe Geraci

Penny and Bambi
“Penny & Bambi. Two of the most active 1-year-old miniature Labradoodles you can imagine. Great, loving dogs. Good travelers.” —Carole & Gordon Remala

“This is our 8-year-old Lakeland Terrier, Charlie, after a long walk around a campground. He can’t wait to go wherever we are going.” —Dave Messner

Ernie and Raydar
“Ernie and Raydar are great traveling buddies. They have been traveling together in our motorhome full-time for nearly two years and home buddies prior to that for 3 years!” —Terry Ward

“17-month-old Labradoodle, Huey, rescued September 17th, 2020. Very smart and sweet. Just returned from his first camping trip at Colt Creek State Park near Lakeland, Florida. He really enjoyed it.” —Daryl Bortel

“CoCo. Don’t let her small size fool you. She loves humans, but let any other animal around and she’ll readily announce who’s the boss, whether it’s a full-grown deer, Great Dane, or a squirrel. She’s the perfect travel companion and loves being on the road… I swear, there’s a person in there.” —Cynthia Darby

“Rory” is our 9 year old Greyhound rescue. He has the most wonderful ears. He stands like the Sphinx. Rory and his housemate, or rather RV mate (no house), travel with us ‘ere we go. He eagerly rushes to “load-up” into the hauler. When I say “ride” we better be ready to go; he is!” — Pete Greig

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