RVtravel.com Reader Pets #5

Mutton and Frank
“This is Mutton, a 13-year-old rescue dog and Frank our rescue cat. Mutton brings happiness to us every day. She loves walking, treats, and anything human. Other dogs, not her favorite. She is also a Trained Service Dog for my husband, helping with hearing, diabetes and PTSD. We get a lot of questions and inappropriate comments because she does not resemble what John Q. Public perceives, mostly incorrectly, what a Service Dog is or does. Frank and Mutton are not best friends as the picture implies. They are family but not always nice to each other. They travel and live the RV fulltime life.” — Patti H. 

“This is Emma, our Boxer rescue. This photo is a couple of years old, and she’s getting more gray in the face now as she is 15 this month. She’s a great companion and makes us laugh a lot. For some reason, she loves to eat Kleenex or toilet paper, and will gently pull several feet of paper off the roll and leave it for us to roll back up. Not quite as funny when TP was really scarce.” — Warren & Carolyn Gress, Parker, CO

“This is Molly. She likes to blow the horn in our class B RV whenever she sees other dogs..or people…or squirrels.” — Wendy Dixon. Columbia, Maryland

“Our dog Riley is an 8-yr-old yellow lab mix that was a rescue we adopted. Riley likes long walks and eating almost anything, especially his treats. He was caught playing hockey with his ‘friends’ and was given 5 for fighting and 2 for cross-checking.” — Andrew Kapusta Jr.

“Attached is a picture of our dog ‘Shisha.’ She is an 8-year old Shih Tzu that perfectly complements our lifestyle, long sedentary periods with brief bursts of energy and excitement.” — South Dakota Sinclairs

Willow and Pandy
“Here is a picture of our two rescue dogs, Willow and Pandy. Willow is a Belgian Malinois and Pandy is a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (PBGV). We adopted Willow from our local animal shelter in 2014 after she was found running in the countryside. Pandy joined us in 2015 so Willow could have someone to play with. What a great team they make! Pandy has no hesitation getting out there and trying new things, but Willow is always a little hesitant until she sees that Pandy can do it! We are training Willow to be a service dog, able to pick up things we drop. We all fit comfortably living full-time in our travel trailer continuing our journey around the country.” — Joann and Doug 

“Our 2 1/2 yr. old, Iggy.” — I. Ira Hertz

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