RVtravel.com Reader Pets #8

“Sadie is our beloved 11-year-old Brittany Spaniel, who just loves hanging out with us in our RV. She especially loves going on walks at the various RV parks we stay at! She loves people, especially children, and will sit down and lay for that special petting! Whenever we put out the main slide and she is laying on the couch, she will just enjoy the ride either in or out. ” —Brian & Joyce Burry

“Star is my Blue Heeler rescue dog. My constant companion, she loves to ride and goes wherever the RV travels. A bit shy with strangers, she never met a fellow traveler (with a treat) that she didn’t like.” —Joseph Shamp

“We travel with Dougal, Davy, & Pip, our Dearheart Persians. The boys are good travelers, although nobody likes a really bumpy road! The picture is of Davy on the cat tree in our Montana 5th wheel.” —Mary Reid

“We adopted Maizie about 5 years ago from the local shelter. She is a loyal and constant companion for us as we have traveled up and down the East Coast prior to COVID. Hopefully, our travels will continue one day.” —Deb and Gary Pearce

Chloe, Trini, Sam and Missy
“Chloe the Doberman, Trini the Labradoodle, Sam the Schnauzer mix and Missy the Pomchi. All of our dogs are rescues that came from my local animal rescue that I couldn’t part with. They are known as foster failures. Our pack went from living on a horse ranch to an RV and have become amazing travelers. 9 trips from coast to coast since June of 2016. The pack gets along great and loves to go bye-bye in their truck. We work camp a lot of the time. Some folks are skeptical of a Doberman until they meet Chloe, who steals their heart.” —Marianne Parker-Hudson

Nuisance and Jack
“They are best buddies. Brother and sister. She was a rescue. We had 5 Golden Retrievers when Nuisance came to our family. And she really thinks she’s a dog and Jack is her brother. We got Jack after our last Golden passed. Our hearts were empty without a dog and Nuisance kept looking for her family (dogs). We have full-timed since 2011. Some people are amazed when they see Jack and Nuisance on leads going for a walk.” —Cheryl Robinson

“McTavish (not pictured) is a lively 6-month-old Scottish Terrier who adapted quickly to our wandering lifestyle. His ‘sister,’ Pyewacket, is a Lynx Point Siamese who has been traveling since she was three months old. She’s now two and so enthusiastic, as all can see!” —Jo Strickland

“This is Macy. She loves to go camping. She also loves our 5 grandchildren and thinks everyone should love her! She is very smart and loves to play fetch. Her favorite toy is a Lambie; she takes it everywhere.” —Connie Calhoun

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