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Wednesday Update: New photos released in Texas RVers murder

Suspect arrested by Mexican police in Jalisco, Mexico, on November 6. Read more.

UPDATED NOV. 6 AT 10 AM, Pacific time

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
A grainy photo of a man and a woman in a pickup truck has been released by Kleberg County, Texas, Sheriff’s officials in connection with the murder of a fulltime RVing couple. As we reported last weekend, James and Michelle Butler were found murdered and buried in a shallow grave on Padre Island’s Padre Balli County Park. Their travel trailer and pickup had been parked at the site earlier, and was last seen crossing into Mexico at a U.S./Mexico border crossing.

Police say the people in the photograph are persons of interest. “At this point we just don’t have enough evidence to show that they are even our suspects in the murder,” Kleberg County District Attorney John Hubert said at a news conference on Monday. “At this point they’re just people we want to identify and talk to.”

An additional photo has been issued for a “person of interest” in the crime, Adam Curtis Williams (see below). The woman in the passenger seat above, Amanda Noverr, appears to have a tattoo on her left arm. It is unknown if people were in the back seat of the vehicle.

Wanted: Adam Curtis Williams, born Feb. 19, 1986


Williams is described as having large piercing holes in his ear, possibly with gauges. (Ear stretching – or gauging – is the process people use to get piercings that are thicker than the standard ear piercings. They vary in width, but they can be anywhere from the thickness of a chopstick to that of a finger – or even far bigger in some cases.)

The Butlers’ missing vehicles are a silver 2018 Chevrolet 2500 four-door pickup with New Hampshire license tags, and a white, Cedar Creek travel trailer.

If you have any information that might assist in the investigation, call the Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office at 361-595-8500, ext. 1238 or email


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3 years ago

So if the authorities really want help in identifying the people in this photo why don’t they release the digitally enhanced version of it that would not only allow you to be able to count the hairs on the guy’s head but be able to see the smallest details on the woman’s tattoos?

Sharon B
3 years ago

One day, hopefully soon, there will be trackers placed in all vehicles so a signal can be detected and located via satellite. Older vehicles will need to add one.
This day and age is not the safest. Being armed is definitely a hot subject. I wish no one had guns, but when boon docking my opinion does change.
Just a horrible thing to happen to this couple.
Now I wake up to hear that 9 innocent women and children were killed in Mexico. This is hard to digest.

Bob p
3 years ago
Reply to  Sharon B

Criminals don’t buy guns legally, if guns are outlawed criminals will still get them, I personally have weapons for self protection. It’s common knowledge that a 911 call will take a minimum of 6-18 minutes for police to get to you. Your entire family can be killed before they arrive. The couple that were killed I feel sorry for their families, but as I understand they were camped on the beach alone, that in itself is asking for trouble. In this time we live in you never want to be isolated, I know they were saving money and enjoying the gulf but it’s to dangerous if you’re alone.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sharon B

Instead of a gun use WASP SPRAY A face full of wasp spray will do the job

3 years ago

The photos were taken while crossing over into Mexico. I just hope that they got the red light and had to be inspected in Mexico and they have more information for us. It is not coomon occurrence to have American R.V.’s going into Mexico. At least not at these crossings. Passports are not required to enter Mexico. You just can’t go pass a distance of 25 miles without one, but you do need it to get back into the U.S.

For R.V.’s (Winter Texans) wanting to vist the area, Corpus Christi or the Rio Grande Valley, please don’t let this deter you from visiting. Yes there is some crime here but not nearly as much as large cities. The people here illegally has one focus and that is to get to where they want to be. For most crossing over without the permission of the U.S. is the only illegal act they have done. How do I know so much, I live here.

Now for a little geology lesson. South Padre is South Padre because of the Mansfield’s cut. It’s was cut to give access to boats to the Gulf.

3 years ago

The only problem with TorchSilke’s comment is that the CRIME was committed on Padre Island, near Corpus Christi, TX, NOT South Padre Island, which is about 200 miles further south near Brownsville, TX.

Padre Island and South Padre Island are 2 different locations and are often confused. Since we have been to South Padre Island a number of times, you will be quickly educated by the locals that they are 2 different places!

3 years ago

On the earlier story, people automatically went to illegals. Me? NO!
I suggested the couple may have been out at eateries, a bar, befriended by a resident of South Padre Island or someone nearby from, say McAllen as both Rd 4 and 100 go from SPI to McAllen. Suggested police track down any & all surveillance images. Boy! Did they get one! I’m going with one of our own fellow Americans.

3 years ago
Reply to  TorchSilke

Only problem with your comment and observation is that the CRIME was committed on PADRE ISLAND, near Corpus Christi, TX. South Padre Island is about 200 miles further south on the tip of Texas and close to Brownsville.

The people that live on South Padre Island will tell you this explicitly. Padre Island and South Padre Island are two different Places completely!

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