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Editorial: Please give us a break

By Chuck Woodbury
We have published nearly 6,000 articles on this website and ten thousand more on previous renditions that we lost when we switched to new servers. We get emails every day from readers inquiring why we have not written about this or that. Some of these people are angry. “Why have you not written about … (the topic of interest to them)?”

We’ve published this website and newsletter for 18 years. We’ve covered some topics a few dozen times, even more. Then, a new reader comes along and after a few weeks wonders why we have not written about a particular topic. Incredibly, some of these people are upset, even angry, that we have not written about what they want to know. They blame us for not covering the topic. Chances are we have, they just did not spend the time searching our website looking for the information. A search box is right at the top of every page.

That’s why Google exists. We can only write about how to properly dump a sewer tank every so often.

So, please, give us a break. Search our website for a subject of interest to you. If you do not find it, do one of two things: Ask us (nicely) at where we might have covered the topic or search Google to find your answer there.

We cover a lot of topics in a month’s time — and a year’s time. But we cannot write about everything over and over. We are here to help but can only do so much. So, please, be courteous with your questions and we will do our best to help.


Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.


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Ray Cordero
4 years ago

Google is an awesome search tool and LMGTFY is even better. There should be a way to make it your search engine for the RVTravel website lol.

Dry Creek
4 years ago

What we really look for is a bed that can be accessed without having to extend a slide – you know, when WallyDocking or spending the night at a rest stop, quiet city park, or any other spot that welcomes RV’ers for an overnight stay.

John Padgett
4 years ago

I also have been accused of being a liberal. However as with you I try to be objective as possible. Many times my friends get ticked because I go against something they think I should agree with. I am not religious but totally respect others religion as long as it stays with them. I have many religious friends who have politely invited me to various functions. Once they understand we have a good relationship. Have owned dozens of guns being a 25+ yr Alaskan. None now. 2nd amendment ok. Ak 47s not ok. All logic and western cultures have proven guns are the problem. Lived in England for a year in the 70’s ( pre Margret Thatcher yrs). Bobby’s rode bicycles with a night stick. EVERYBODY had 100% healthcare. Cost? 7% of GNP. We had 33 MILLION NOT covered at a cost of 17% our GNP. Canada Europe and Scandinavia 8%. Japan 9%. Dah.

4 years ago

I no longer have an RV, but if I were to get a new one it would be one with a walk around bed. Not only for the sleeping, but for ease in bed making. I have had a C, and had a 37 ft sailboat that I lived on for 8 years. Bed making is a top priority for me !

Donald Wright
4 years ago

Who sleeps where is a fun topic. Unfortunately I am alone in my Aliner, I was going to keep the two twin beds in case I had a visitor, but I ran into a problem. I am a mere 76″ tall, the mattress a bit shorter, the space between wall and cabinet was 74″ long. After a while I took out the two “twins” , modified the area and put in a queen mattress, so I now sleep East-West instead of a scrunched North-South. As for the Type “C” motorhomes, I thought the overhead compartment was for children and hobbits.

Bill Austin
4 years ago
Reply to  Donald Wright

I’d agree with that. We bought the class C (that we once had) for the rear queen bed and the drivability. We got rid of it right away because of the storage space including that sleeping area over the cab. I’d agree that many do think like Chuck though.

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