Editorial: Please give us a break


By Chuck Woodbury
We have published nearly 6,000 articles on this website and ten thousand more on previous renditions that we lost when we switched to new servers. We get emails every day from readers inquiring why we have not written about this or that. Some of these people are angry. “Why have you not written about … (the topic of interest to them)?”

We’ve published this website and newsletter for 18 years. We’ve covered some topics a few dozen times, even more. Then, a new reader comes along and after a few weeks wonders why we have not written about a particular topic. Incredibly, some of these people are upset, even angry, that we have not written about what they want to know. They blame us for not covering the topic. Chances are we have, they just did not spend the time searching our website looking for the information. A search box is right at the top of every page.

That’s why Google exists. We can only write about how to properly dump a sewer tank every so often.

So, please, give us a break. Search our website for a subject of interest to you. If you do not find it, do one of two things: Ask us (nicely) at editor@rvtravel.com where we might have covered the topic or search Google to find your answer there.

We cover a lot of topics in a month’s time — and a year’s time. But we cannot write about everything over and over. We are here to help but can only do so much. So, please, be courteous with your questions and we will do our best to help.


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