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How do you feel about your RV life compared to your expectations before you began?

Now that you’ve been RVing awhile, how do you feel about the lifestyle? Is it everything you dreamed of, or maybe even more rewarding than you ever imagined?

Or are you disappointed? Did you picture yourself camping in the wide open spaces — along the seashore, by a beautiful lake, or in the desert far from another human?

But did it turn out that you’ve spent a whole lot more time holed up in RV parks, squeezed in with dozens, even hundreds of other RVers, with the scenery pretty much reserved to admiring your neighbor’s lawn furniture?

Let’s see what readers think. Please answer the poll and then leave a comment. Thanks.

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Andre (@guest_143040)
2 years ago

My rvlife has not taken the space in my life yet that I expected it to take once I retired. Unforseen family obligations has pretty well grounded us….for now !!!

Roger Becht (@guest_141006)
2 years ago

Started out great in August 2018 till spring of 2020. Then the excrement hit the fan. Late summer 2020 till mid winter was nice. But been holed up since. I don’t think the covid is leaving until a change of government.

Randy J (@guest_137164)
2 years ago

For us, RV’ing gets better every year! There are challenges – maintenance, repair, and in some cases reservations – but the joy of traveling to see our amazing country and meet its ecletric assortment of people far out weigh any challenges. We’ll probably never full time but continue traveling in 3 or 4 month segments.

Gayle (@guest_137093)
2 years ago

My husband has become increasingly negative as he ages & has set so many limitations on where we can go or where we should stay that it is no longer fun.

Bob S (@guest_136976)
2 years ago

Before I owned an RV I thought they were a very expensive toy and I only considered RVs good for weekend trips or maybe a week long vacation. I would never have considered living in one for months at a time. And I never dreamed that I would ever have a work-from-anywhere job. Then it happened, I got a work-from-home job. It took me a couple months to realize that I could work-from-anywhere. Then it took another year to realize that used RVs were actually very affordable and very liveable. The more time we spent in our RV the longer we wanted to stay in the RV. It’s been nine years, I’m still working and we live in our RV eight months out of the year. Before, I could not imagine this lifestyle was even possible. Now, we love it and hope we can do it for a very long time!

Suellen (@guest_136974)
2 years ago

My husband and I both love travel and the outdoors. DH is on home hemodialysis and we are able to travel with his equipment and cases of water. This is the whole reason for the RV. We basically have a traveling clinic. Now we visit family in South Lake Tahoe and take the grandkids to the mountains or the beach. No missed treatments and we’re still seeing our beautiful country. Perfectly happy!

Hannah (@guest_136963)
2 years ago

I am a solo RVer. When I began mostly full time travel 7 years ago, (I still have a home and go home about 3 months out of the year) almost all the people I met in campsites were my age. Lately, there are more and more young people with their families. Until last year I could meet people, visit with them and hear wonderfully interesting stories of places visited etc. Now, people rarely visit. I certainly don’t begrudge the young people and their family traveling. I just find myself becoming lonely on the road which rarely happened before.

Debbie Riley (@guest_136953)
2 years ago

My husband, myself , son and our two four legged family members purchased our first RV in 2017 (a Keystone, 30′ bumper pull with only one slide out). We kept it and used it many times during the first two years and found out that it wasn’t comfortable for all of us to be inside and we were cramped. We sold it 2 years later and purchased a used 2013 Open Range with 3 slide outs, an open living-dining-kitchen area with an island in the kitchen and so much more cabinet and counterspace than our first one. We were so excited, and we love it. Now, with COVID, the country shutting down specific areas we want to go to, over crowded RV Parks, extremely close neighbors and now we need to make reservations months and in some instances a year in advance to assure we’ll have a place to park while venturing out (we don’t know what our life will entail 12 months from now). Then there’s the road rage, wildfires, protesters burning down cities and businesses. Staying home is our life right now.

rvgrandma (@guest_136952)
2 years ago

I am disappointed only because Alzheimer’s ended our RVing dream. Now, 8 years later, that he is gone I am trying to get the RV back into shape so I can go back on the road. I want to either become a nomad or go back to workamping.

Suellen (@guest_136973)
2 years ago
Reply to  rvgrandma

Good luck to you!

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_136940)
2 years ago

Something I never thought of before getting an RV was the freedom to pick up and go somewhere at a spur of the moment.

Don D. (@guest_136936)
2 years ago

Yo, I’m loving it. Been living in my 1475 Lance TT towing it with my Chevy Colorado for the past year. Prior years, I would spend the winter months in Texas living in my 6 by 12 cargo trailer with my big black Harley. Miss riding that bike, but life is much more comfortable now. Easy living, life is great!

Lois (@guest_136932)
2 years ago

Fulltime…14 years. It improves each year. We work camp summers in the north $$. Then hit the road. We will travel as long as health allows. So far
We’re doing great. The best friends we’ve ever had , fulltimers. Co-workers from campgrounds. We have no storage, purged everything not using, enjoying life. We always attend church (don’t travel over weekends) and have been blessed by church families in every state traveled. Life is good. We keep our Sunday tradition we were both raised with.
Roast,potatoes, carrots, Sunday paper, crossword, nap, walk, football?

Jim Camp (@guest_136930)
2 years ago

I thought we would have more sitting around a fire telling stories with new friends and doing more with those new friends but COVID really shut that down as my wife has serious lung problems. I pray we will soon get back to “normal”.

Michael Galvin (@guest_136929)
2 years ago

Starting 6th year full-time in 26 ft Class C with Smart toad. I still love it but wife ready to quit.
Disappointed with construction quality and Winnebago resistance to repairing.
Thought I’d be camping in the pines more; have only had a few campfires.
Wonderful trips thru 46 states, two provinces, and one territory.

Micheal Whelan (@guest_136918)
2 years ago

While we are not exactly new to the RV life having been at it for over 50 years I am a bit disappointed in the decline of RV construction quality and the packed campgrounds. This is the first summer we have done next to no camping (been once) due to crowded campground conditions. We refuse to live 10 or 15 feet from our neighbor and call it camping. We live in town and we have more space than that.

Michael (@guest_136917)
2 years ago

We have been full-timing for 20 years and have no plans to land anywhere for a while.

Fred (@guest_136909)
2 years ago

12 years fulltime & can’t imagine living any other lifestyle until we’re forced out of it by declining health.

Ronald Duncan (@guest_136895)
2 years ago

It has turned out better then expected . What has made it so great are all the friends I’ve made along the way. People I work camped with / for and just folks at the camps I worked in that I now meet up with at other places once or twice a year. — Wish I’d started fulltimeing years sooner.

Kat (@guest_136890)
2 years ago

I am disappointed and so sad – but not because of the RV lifestyle. We began in 2000 and had years of wonderful travel memories. Now I am alone and have no desire to travel by myself. I am working in an RV park and enjoy hearing about the travels of our guests.

Skip (@guest_136886)
2 years ago

Started in 85 and graduated up sizes. Love the open road open and closed spaces.

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