Thursday, December 9, 2021


Is the #1 reason you bought an RV to “be with nature”?

Did you buy your RV to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city to spend time with nature — to camp in a pristine forest, or an ocean beach, or five miles off a paved road in the desert?

Was it about spending time away from the sounds of traffic and the ever-present noise of the city — horns honking, sirens, motorcycles roaring past, kids screaming as they play, garbage trucks dumping trash, neighbors partying?

Did you envision your RV being your magic carpet away from all that? You’d go places where you could be alone, or maybe with close friends. You’d sit by a campfire at night, and then observe a million stars overhead afterwards?

Was it about hiking, maybe fishing, sitting outside your rig with a good book? And then maybe watching a spectacular sunset with a glass of wine in hand?

Is that why you bought your RV? Was that your main reason?

After you respond to the poll, would you take a few minutes and explain your answer? If not to be with nature, why did you buy your RV? Was it to stay in at NASCAR races, or to live in during your retirement years? Or was it to take your kids or grandkids to a Jellystone RV park where they could play on the jumping pillows or spend hours on the water slide?


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3 months ago

To stop the kids coming back.

They can’t move in if they can’t find the house!

My wife thinks it is to travel with the dogs… Sssh!

3 months ago

Travel mode that allowed our pets to come along. Nature is where we take them. 🙂

3 months ago

We bought our RV for wandering and for seeing our country. We prefer to do overnight stays in provincial parks (or state) surrounded by nature. I feel safer inside our RV. I like having our own bathroom and not having anything that needs “putting up”. Now that we are retired I like being able to keep things in the RV so we just need to grab a few things to be ready to take off for short trips.

3 months ago

Our reason was to spend more quality time with the kids 9 & 7 while exploring this wonderful country of ours to find a new home state.

Dr. Michael
3 months ago

My two reasons are:
To get away from the hospital, the phone, the emails, the pager…..
To go out someplace (anyplace really) and take photos of nature and see small towns.

3 months ago

I actually had two main ideas. 1) to see nature, wildlife, and beautiful views from my windows, 2) to explore and enjoy this country of mine.

Jim Prideaux
3 months ago

Nature for sure. We enjoy hiking trails and viewing natural attractions such as lakes, river, canyons, cliffs, mountains, geysers. Also museums and historic attractions.

Richard Hughes
3 months ago

After having my mother in law with us for 20 years, my wife bought an RV to escape every now and then. She lets me go with her, while Mom stays home with the cats.

3 months ago

No though I camp with nature at times. It was the comfort of dry and the conveniences an RV gives including being off the ground away from snakes. The second to provide some sense of safety from other larger critters and that includes humans.

3 months ago

Nature wasn’t the priority, per se. We bought our rig to put in places where others don’t go, to use as a base camp to explore places others don’t often explore. We enjoy boondocking way out there, but part of it is exploring the surrounding ghost towns and sites, mining camps, native ruins, old dirt roads, unusual geologic features, etc. that most folks don’t see. We pull our trailer with a 4×4 so we can get the trailer out there, and then once disconnected, we go further.

3 months ago

We bought our first motorhome for travel in general – our first trip in a borrowed Class B was so enjoyable, visiting relatives, going to a wedding, tailgating, driving through the mountains and “camping” at KOA with all the comforts of home, or at least all the comforts of a Pullman car except for the porter.

3 months ago

After our week long trip to Hilton Head Island and the $7000 price tag (this doesn’t include boarding 4 Dachshunds because we had a pet sitter.) We decided to buy an RV to make vacation more affordable since we are retiring soon and will be on a fixed income. Our first big trip to Myrtle Beach including the sites, food, some souvenirs and being 6 sites from the beach we came to a total of $3200 for the 18 day affair.

Linda F
3 months ago

To be honest, we got our first rv (21′ Dolphin motorhome on a Toyota long bed chassis back in 1983) because it was the least expensive way to travel with our kids and still have money left to actually pay entrance fees to attractions. It was a major step up from tenting and much, much easier with a 9 year old, a 2 year old and, shortly after purchase, an infant.

Jeff Craig
3 months ago

My wife grew up with her retired grandparents in a travel trailer and Dodge Van, going all over the US in the 1970’s. After I retired from the military, she wanted to travel, but after her career in the hotel industry, she wasn’t willing to ‘rough it’. After a lot of shopping, we had settled on a Class C, but found a compelling deal on a bigger Class A and got that instead. We have gone cross country several times and though we stay in State and National Parks, we don’t ‘hang out’ outside very often, as I refuse to be mosquito food.

3 months ago

Mostly to safely visit nature and family. You see when we travel we can run my husband’s hemodialysis in the RV. Dreams of taking the grands to wonderful nature spots have come true. Easy to visit family without rearranging their furniture!

3 months ago

I vote for Nature, but the other reason is that I’ve joined the growing New Face of America: those of us who’ve been priced out of the globalist US vulture economy that has been eating itself since the ’80’s. The current pandemic is destroying what’s left. In an uncertain future, it’s best to be mobile.

3 months ago

After retiring from the military and follow-on job, I wanted to see the world I hadn’t seen while in the service. After several cruises and road trips in the car an RV sounded like a good idea. I was tired of carrying our C-PAP machines and clothes in and out of hotels. We now have a class A gasser and enjoy having our own bed and bathrooms and we can keep the pets with us.

Roy Davis
3 months ago

I can’t say it was to enjoy nature but probably to travel with our dogs. I grew up RVing and we would visit family or meet them at a campground to do nature things like hiking but it was about family times. One YouTubers bought their first RV after getting bedbugs while staying in a high-end hotel.

Gene Bjerke
3 months ago

We are primarily road-trippers. We got a Class B RV so that we didn’t have to rely on hotels and restaurants in our travels. We enjoy the scenery, but mostly through the windshield.

3 months ago
Reply to  Gene Bjerke

My thoughts exactly!!!!

3 months ago

our primary reason was to get out of hotels, lodges, etc. we wanted our own space. the ability to camp in the parks we were already visitimg was a plus.