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How easily could you live in an RV as your only “home”?

Reader PollRVs are so comfortable these days that more people than ever have sold or moved out of their permanent “stick” homes to live full time in a recreational vehicle. And now with so much opportunity to work remotely from anywhere, the pace is increasing. Read Tony Barthel’s RV review in yesterday’s RV Daily Tips where he discusses mobile offices in RVs.

Look at the photo below. No, it’s not a traditional home, but a motorhome. In a hour or two, it can be packed up, its slides pulled in, and the residents on their way to a different place — a few miles down the road or a few hundred miles.

How hard would it be for you to live in this? We’ll take a wild guess that 80 to 90 percent of the world’s population would gladly jump at the opportunity, and it would be a huge improvement over where they lived before.

So what about you? How easily would it be for you to live in this (or something similar) as your one and only home?


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Mike A Schwab
1 year ago

Check out https://www.cheaprvliving.com/ by Bob Wells. Divorced, low income, living in a van in Anchorage Alaska. Teaches people how to build a living space in a car, cargo van, cargo trailer, etc.

Tam Edwards
1 year ago

In a month I will be leaving a stick home for good and traveling solo, full-time, in my 20′ rv. During my 40’s and 50’s I lived on a boat in Alaska for twelve years so I know I will be ok. I’m 80 in Dec, but feel much younger and still have the inner spirit and curiosity to explore and meet new people. Now, the above rv is too large for me. I do not need or want that much space. I have downsized greatly and this is freedom. I have what I need and feel comfortable in my 20′ rv. Life is good and I look forward to being on the road again!

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

Having a home base and an RV works for me. Everything is paid off and making a change like that at this time in my life wouldn’t be easy.

T Edwards
1 year ago

We decided 3 years ago not to go full time and moved from the highly taxed Durham, NC to rural Tennessee. We bought a home and built an RVport and now live 7 months in the 5th wheel following the weather and 5 months at home (spring and fall).

Gary F Broughton
1 year ago

Lived in RVs for 21 years but have camped for over 45 years. Been all over the USA and Canada and drove to Alaska twice.

Marie Beschen
1 year ago

We did just that for 7 years, and enjoyed every minute! We have only gone “part time” for the last 3 years because we have camped in every state and most of Canada and found a wonderful RV Resort that has so many fun activities that we felt we could enjoy the best of both worlds here.

dawn ellen miller
1 year ago

Looks like our floor plan, except for the fancy ceiling trim. We don’t use all of our stick and bricks home and could easily live in our rig, but want a homebase. Some place we know we can park and be somewhat safe if the world tips sideways again…or more.
And we need storage for momentos and some stuff we don’t need on a regular basis.

Denny wagaman
1 year ago

No I couldn’t. Travel 5-6 months max then we go home.

There was a time I thought I could but no, it slowly loses its luster. Being home for spring, summer/fall then we can’t Wait to get on the road again.

Tom Horn
1 year ago

Piece of cake, I mean I think we can do it, Oh where did I stick my tool box.

Deborah Mason
1 year ago

As long as we’ve had an RV and lived in forested areas, we always figure if we can get the RV out, on the road, to escape a disaster, we have a place to live if the home base house burns (or whatever). It would be cramped, but if the house burned down, we’d have “done away with” a lot of the stuff. Us & 2 big dogs have stayed for up to a month, so we know we could do it if we had to. But we’d rather not.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

I am looking forward to going full time, but my wife is a bit of a ‘clothes horse’ and never gets rid of anything (yes, I keep stuff, too, but I take pictures of the box it came in and recycle it – not toss it in a spare bedroom). With two dogs and two cats, our Class A gets a bit crammed on road trips. Fortunately, it’s in tip top shape (for 14 years old) and all the systems are working great.

1 year ago

I already live a single wide mobile home. We have a 19’ travel trailer that we use several times a year and really enjoy its being compact. Very affordable and easy to maintain. I could very easily live in that permanently. So the photo of the rv shows too much unnecessary room for me. Although it is beautiful I could not and would not want to maintain it.

Bob p
1 year ago

I could do it in a heartbeat, not necessarily in our present RV as it’s only 23’ long, our previous motorhome was 38’ and we could easily have lived in that. DW likes to be close to her kids, if one moves she and the other one moves also. I asked her one time if we sold and moved to FL how long would it be before daughter and son followed. No answer.

1 year ago

I would miss having a garden.

Diane Mc
1 year ago

Even after purchasing our DP in 2002 we both knew we didn’t want to full time. First issue was husband’s hobby, vintage auto racing. His shop is 1600 sq ft and it’s full. As are 2 trailers and 3 cover ups. He still owns his first race car that he bought over 60 years ago. Add family all local and it’s even harder to imagine being gone all the time. However we do travel over 4 months out of the year. One trip is 60+ days. We thoroughly enjoy when we are gone and appreciate the simplicity of living in a smaller space and seeing the country. We feel we have the best of both worlds.

Glenda Alexander
1 year ago

I’ve been living in an RV since 1992, even though I was working full time until 2004. I wouldn’t want to go back to a house. My largest full-time RV home was a 36-foot HitchHiker fifth wheel with 3 slides and my current one is the smallest fulltime home — a 26-foot Lazy Daze motorhome (no slides). I’m perfectly content.

1 year ago

LOVE Lazy Daze Rvs – they’re really special.

Paul Fisher
1 year ago

My wife and I have been full timers for the last 2 1/2 yrs and we love it. If we need more space we go outside. Also we love the sound of rain on the roof. As far as nasty weather we can roll up our 5th and be on the road in an hr. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

1 year ago

Easily. I’ve done it and plan on doing it again within 15 months.

1 year ago

“Could?” Yes, but would I. . . No. We have a truck camper which I love for its convenience and we’ve done some long trips but as our only home no way. And although I’ve seen some gorgeous Class As and 5th wheels I have no desire at this point to have either, just not for me.

1 year ago

I wouldn’t have any problem living full time in the motorhome, the problem would be what to do with all the “stuff” at my house and giving up the workshop and changing legal address.

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