Thursday, November 30, 2023


Do you listen to podcasts?

We produce a podcast every week at Gradually, the audience is picking up. But most of you don’t listen.

We know that our 55+ audience is not as familiar with podcasts as younger folks who have enjoyed the programs for years.

At a staff meeting the other day someone asked if we had an idea of whether our audience was even inclined to listen. We know, for example, that some readers don’t even know what a podcast is. ANSWER: It’s like a radio show you can listen to at your convenience — on your computer, smartphone, television and, of course, your radio.

So how about you? Do you listen to podcasts? Or not?

P.S. You can listen to our latest RV Travel Podcast here.


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Bob and Charlotte and Champlin (@guest_145380)
2 years ago

My comment would be the same as DW/ND below -time constraints.

DW/ND (@guest_145250)
2 years ago

I only listen to them if they are short and to the point and the time length is noted. Really don’t care for discussion types. I don’t have time to sit and listen and concentrate on irrelevant conversation.

Roger Biery (@guest_144928)
2 years ago

We don’t listen to podcasts for the same reason we avoid videos: They consume too much bandwidth. We get our Internet via our cell phones, and although it’s an “unlimited” plan, the data rate gets throttled back when we reach our data usage threshold–something we often do just updating software on our PCs.

David Onder (@guest_145119)
2 years ago
Reply to  Roger Biery

One suggestion would be to use a podcast app that can download podcasts then connect to a public/campground wifi and download some podcasts. Then you can listen to them without consuming any bandwidth. I do that as I don’t have much bandwidth on my phone and don’t want to consume it for the podcasts either.

Wren Grace (@guest_144861)
2 years ago

I listen to a lot of podcasts, especially love This American Life with Ira Glass.

Al (@guest_144859)
2 years ago

Not really. I don’t have a tv, either. I’m not a huge fan of listening to other people talk. I’m more of a reader.

Kamwick (@guest_144832)
2 years ago

Love the true crime podcasts, generally well done and interesting.
There’s one called “Park Predators” which focuses on murders that took place in national parks.

Rich (@guest_144824)
2 years ago

usually when i’m walking Maggie the Wonder Beagle. Dave Ramsey, John Kass & The Chicago Way, Beyond The Beltway, Real Clear Politics are my favorites.

Drew (@guest_144816)
2 years ago

No, can you please make them U Tubes?

Bob M (@guest_144804)
2 years ago

The only one I listened to part of was Sundays RV travels. But it’s a pain the way they do it anymore. Than there’s to much talk rather than just speak about the subject and get it over. The whole podcast takes to long.

KellyR (@guest_144795)
2 years ago

I would like to read what you have to say, but listening takes too long. I have seen podcasts that are followed up with the script. I read those. I do not listen to talk radio either, no matter the subject. Only turn on the radio for music. I also “tune out” during talk videos,

J anne hamm (@guest_145147)
2 years ago
Reply to  KellyR

I totally agree. It aggravates me when newsletters etc have some info only in podcasts with no attached text. Takes too long and I can’t skim.

Bugsy (@guest_144773)
2 years ago

We don’t ever listen to podcasts. If we break the beautiful serenity of silence we put on music. We would really like to know what is said however. Would love to have it typed up in an article for us to read.

Judy S (@guest_144771)
2 years ago

My days are already so full, my only truly free time is while driving and I don’t enjoy the distraction, plus road noise interferes. I would have liked to hear a few of the podcast topics but can read a zillion times faster and skim past the boring banter.

Dana Lakeman (@guest_144769)
2 years ago

I don’t listen because usually I have to listen to minutes of “nice talk” which has nothing to do with the topic of the Podcast. I want to get right to the topic at hand without listening to a bunch of “fluff”.

Wayne C (@guest_144777)
2 years ago
Reply to  Dana Lakeman


Chantelle Ball (@guest_144763)
2 years ago

I load up on podcasts for road trips! There’s so much to learn and be entertained by.

Tom H. (@guest_144758)
2 years ago

I tried listening to your podcast today. Same result. It just takes too long to get to the point. 10 minutes in, and still talking about what’s coming up. Like most others said. I’d rather read the info. Perhaps better editing would help. Or maybe I’m too impatient. I do appreciate the effort, though.

Diane Mc (@guest_144753)
2 years ago

Listen to a number of podcasts. Most have to do with auto racing. Enjoy listening while driving cross country in our motorhome. But also while doing projects or in the car. We use our iPhones and have a bluetooth speaker that sits on the dash (in MH or car if long trip) so easy to hear. They are very entertaining. We enjoy the Dale Jr Download. Jr has become “THE” NASCAR historian. Interviews from current, but mostly the past. Also interviews of individuals from other forms of racing. Very unscripted and relaxed. The joke is people spill their guts once they come into the “room with the giant table”. Fun, but also heartwarming as some guests have had tragedy in their racing and or personal lives. Good to hear they are doing well. Also listen to some on current affairs or radio shows. Very limited ads (you can skip thru them). Advantage of podcast you can also back up if missed something. Much better than radio. Would never just sit and listen (unless driving) that would be boring.

Ron Lane (@guest_144746)
2 years ago

Being almost deaf, there’s not much I listen to period, except for SWMBO of course.

Linda (@guest_144744)
2 years ago

I would rather read information. I remember it much better that way.

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_144743)
2 years ago

I do if it’s a topic I’m interested in knowing about.

Debbie (@guest_144742)
2 years ago

Boring to the max, and too time consuming. I’d rather read an article and move on.

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