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Do you plan to visit Alaska in the next two years with your RV?

Are you studying your Milepost Directory day after day, planning a trip with your RV to Alaska? For many RVers, a trip there along the Alaska Highway is near the top of their bucket lists.

Alas, a lot of those adventurers have had to put their dream trip on hold due to the pandemic. But good news: It appears it’s gradually getting under control, and the freedom to go to and from Alaska through Canada is about to resume once again.

So are you gearing up for a trip, say in the next two years? That’s our question today.


  1. Promised dear wife that ALL our RVs would go to Alaska. Took current RV to Alaska over 4 months in 2019. Currently looking for next RV. Depending on when we effect the purchase/trade, we may head back to Alaska in the next couple of years, presuming we get the next RV in the next 2 or 3 months. Now that we have been to Alaska, we know that we want to return.. Roads in Alaska are as good or better than their reputation so no worries about destroying the next RV.

  2. We’ve already been to Alaska. We used a plan that has worked for us in the past for several trips. We do a Land-Sea adventure. We flew to Anchorage and rented a Van from “Rent-a-Wreck”. They removed the rear seat giving us a place for an air mattress. We camped for a week from Talkeetna to Seward to Homer. Lots of fun stuff in between including the Matinuska Glacier. We then took a shuttle bus up to Fairbanks where we joined a tour. Back by train through Denali on to Seward. There we boarded a Norwegian Cruise Line Ship back down to Vancouver with stops along the way, Haines, Juneau, Ketchikan,etc. We took a bus to Seattle, met our daughter who lives out there. Stayed a couple of weeks more in Washington, then flew back to Michigan. It was a great trip. We’ve done the same in Hawaii, Land-Sea. We plan a Land-River for Europe soon.

  3. Spent about 60 days of an 89-day trip in Alaska in 2005 (May 15 to mid-August). About 30 days spent in Canada seeing things coming and going. Didm’t get to some areas like Wrangell – St. Elias National Park so I want to go back.

  4. Already did Alaska in 2009. 12,812 mile round trip in 88 days. If we tried to do it again now, the price has doubled. We will just have to have our memories. Stay safe, Satay well.

  5. Probably not going back to Alaska in the near future. We have spent May-Sep for three years and have seen most of the state at least once and some places three times, (Teklanika)! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and also the trip up and back is beautiful.

  6. In 1992 I drove solo from San Diego to Wasilla, AK for an internship. Took me seven days and one hour. Stayed 12 weeks. Best summer of my life.

  7. We are thinking about going in 2023 but that will probably depend upon Canadian fuel price then. We can hope that the world doesn’t get any crazier. Fingers crossed 🤞

  8. we always wanted to but other priorities always seemed to interfere. now my wife has mobility issues so while getting there is a problem for her getting around while there is more of a problem.

  9. The wife and I first went there for our 25th anniversary and planned on going for our 50th next year but not driving there. First we need to find a smaller RV so we can load it on the ferry from BC to Alaska. Our 45 ft. DP is too tall to fit. Our plan is to get a newer used Class C to take and tour around in then come back and sell it.

  10. Drove the Alaska Highway in my VW bus/camper in 1966 when it was 1100 miles of gravel. Took ferry back to Prince Rupert. Great trip. In 2017 drove Winnebago Class C up the Alaska Highway and back the Cassiar Highway. Great trip. Be sure to buy the Milepost magazine before you set out.

  11. We would likely go to Alaska on a cruise in three to five years, but will take the RV when we fully retire and get a diesel pusher in a decade.

  12. Planned to take the RV to Alaska in 2020, but postponed to 2021 when the Canadian border closed to all but essential travel. Rolled the trip to 2022 when the border remained closed through this past summer.

  13. Yes! Having lived there for 12 years I would recommend going early in the season to avoid possible wildfire season in Canada and Alaska. We have made trips out of Alaska as early as the third week of April, and out the second week of September. In fact, September in Denali is the best! The Canadian Rockies can not be beat, and a side trip to Banff and Jasper is a must. So excited to get back up there.

    • That’s not how it works. You obviously have zero clue about this issue, and believe the lies that the fossil fuel/GOP industries (and yes, the GOP is just another Corporation) are spreading. To be honest, ‘your money’ is mainly going to corporate welfare/

  14. One of the trips we’ve always talked about. Wanted to do on our own. That ship has sailed. Might consider with a group, although not our thing, normally. Might consider a cruise. Would have to be small. Don’t want a big cruise ship.

  15. I am under the understanding that unless you bring yours with you, at this time available rental cars are rare and very expensive. If a rental car/camper is in your plans, I am told to call way ahead and beware of renting from a disreputable individual.

  16. We traveled to Alaska in ’16 and no regrets. Now thinking on a cruise to visit the coastal towns of Alaska. Great trip in an RV and you won’t be disappointed, just take your time and enjoy the state!

  17. We’ve been waiting two years to take this trip and will be on our way in June.
    BTW reading the comments is getting difficult. There are too many folks trying to put political spin on everything. Most of it is distracting and inappropriate.

    • All you have to do is look at the price of gas in this issue, up $1.17 from this time last year when President Trump was still in office.

      • In 2020 the pandemic drove demand for gas way down because travel dropped significantly. Due to the low demand, prices fell. In 2021, travel has resumed and demand has increased far more than the industry anticipated. This has driven prices up. Not sure that I want to see an increase in covid again, but that would probably drive gas prices down again. Careful what you wish for.

        • Right on. Gas is a commodity that is priced by the billion dollar profit oil companies. The last year of Trump the pandemic was in full bloom. Large supply of gas and little demand so the oil companies lowered the price to sell off large inventories. Now that vaccinations are working, people are traveling more. The oil companies are not building any more refineries and the gas supplies are lower and the need is greater. So the oil companies raise prices as the price of a barrel of oil goes up and they line their pockets the our hard earned money. Politics has no bearing on any commodity price. It’s all supply and demand. Stay safe, Stay well.

      • Of course this is from a tRumper, never mind there was Hurricanes in the gulf this summer. Go get more info from you leader in FL.

  18. I used to want to take an RV trip to Alaska. But, with all the restrictions & changes brought by COVID, our travel plans are severely scaled back. I’d really hate to get caught somewhere by another border closure.

  19. We did plan on going to Alaska until this new DC crowd took over and fuel prices have gone further north than Alaska and still going. Revisit the idea in 2025 and see how things are then.

  20. My hubby and I went to Alaska in July of 1984 via charter bus and ferry and then flew home from Anchorage to SE Montana. What an awesome trip! We loved seeing so much of Canada, the Yukon, and Alaska. We hope to return to Alaska in July of 2024 in our RV, but we will have to see how things are going by then.

    • We visited Alaska in 2017 as well and would love to go back, but driving the Alaska Highway while a true adventure, was hard on both the RV and the driver. That said BC, the Yukon and Alberta were an adventure as well and more accessible. However we’d be open to flying to Alaska and renting an RV there.

  21. We were their in 2014 stayed in Bed and Breakfast then returned in 2016 and rented an RV and travel around the state and saw a lot more. Would go again if we got a chance since our trip in 2016 is when we went and bought our MH. Beautiful state and friendly people great wildlife.


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