Wednesday, December 8, 2021


Will you spend this Thanksgiving with more or fewer people than 20 years ago?

By Chuck Woodbury
Will your Thanksgiving celebration this coming week be bigger than those years ago? In my case, the answer is no. It’s not by choice in my case.

One of the things about getting older is that you lose family members along the way. They die, they move away or become estranged for some reason. That’s what happened to me. My grandparents are long gone, and my parents followed about 12 years ago. In my case I don’t have a slew of cousins, and I have no grandchildren.

But what about you? I know some of you have grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, not to mention siblings close by. Lucky you! You may very well have even bigger gatherings that in years past.

Heck, you may be in the military (thank you), enjoying your celebration with dozens if not hundreds of others.

Please leave a comment after you answer the poll. How will you spend your holiday? Will it be just “the two of you” in your RV, or the entire clan back in the family home, or a whole bunch of fellow RVers at the RV park?


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15 days ago

I made my first entire TDay dinner when I was 14. It was all the family’s favorites for 20 people. I became the designated cook and party central until about 4 years ago. I made an 18lb turkey on the Traegar grill with all the fixins and announced my retirement as family cook. As none of 5 children have the space to host us all holiday dinners are a thing of the past. Instead we now host an annual barbecue around the 4th of July and it’s been working out well.

16 days ago

For my wife and me it simply has come down to as we get older, there are fewer of our family members alive. The kids are older as are the grandkids and there is always the pull of which inlaws house do they go to for Thanksgiving.

17 days ago

Full time. Just the 2 of us..butterball turkey breast, dressing, mash potatoes, green bean casserole and cranberry and orange relish. Everytime we’ve tried community dining ….fiasco over who did what. We know what we like and if you show, you’re welcome. Trying to plan a communal or neighbor dinner has ended in stress. We enjoy each other’s company, non-alcoholic juice, no drama.

Seann Fox
17 days ago

How come none at all was not an option? With COVID-19 I would prefer to stay safe and alone

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17 days ago

in past years we would occasionally drive into Chicago for Thanksgiving. not this year. waaaaay too dangerous to venture into that city. so it wilk be just the two of us.

17 days ago

It was two twenty years ago (my mother and me) and it is two this year (my roommate and me). The only thing the same is ME!!

17 days ago

We will have about 20-25 people, but only because we are celebrating on Saturday to accommodate everyone’s obligations to their in-laws.

Neal Davis
17 days ago

20 years ago we spent Thanksgiving alone, just the two of us. Since then we moved “home” and retired. Now that we are living among family, we spend Thanksgiving with infinitely more people (2, or more, rather than none).

Peter Nyvall
17 days ago

Just had family around 20 years ago, now we go to our clubhouse and have Thanksgiving with 120 new and old friends. Now living in a co-op community.

17 days ago

More! Because our family keeps getting bigger. We love the holidays with family & friends.

Jerry X Shea
17 days ago

Kids and grandkids – “Please enjoy Thanksgiving in your own home without us.” You are young, we are old and family gatherings are not in our picture.
We will do video calls to say hi. Grandma & Grandpa – 81 & 78.

SoCal poboy
18 days ago

This year we will probably have about the same as 20 years ago.
Typically we have a large gathering but the pandemic squashed that last year.
We are looking forward to doing it this year as the wife and I have been wandering the world for the last few years.
We will also be celebrating my mother’s 100th birthday and will have a large turnout because of that. We have much to be thankful for and will enjoy catching up with everyone.

George E Maynor
18 days ago

I’ve lost most of my family in the last twenty years. One divorce. Others moved far away. Dinner for 15 to twenty is a thing of the past…

18 days ago

This year just the wife and I. Kids are all working so sent bake goods their way. Ordered our main meal from a restaurant to go and small items we got like cranberry sauce. Going to be truly different for usually travel from one child and their family to another. On the other hand it will be nice not driving everywhere. Just not like the old days when gather at one grandparents for breakfast then to the other for dinner then an aunts for dessert. Those days for very large gatherings are gone. It’s a shame that we’ve come to this point

Bob Weinfurt
18 days ago

Not as many. Unfortunately, a few family members are no longer with us.

Jeff Craig
18 days ago

Twenty years ago, in the shadow of 9/11, we traveled back to my childhood hometown with my wife and kid for our first family Thanksgiving in years. I soon realized why we don’t have family get-togethers… It was the last time we did it, and one of the few times I’ve gone back there. I love my family, just from about 2000 miles away. Now it’s just the wife and I, maybe our daughter and her boyfriend.

Last edited 18 days ago by Jeff Craig
17 days ago
Reply to  Jeff Craig

LOL. My sentiments exactly

18 days ago

20 years ago, I had Thanksgiving gatherings with 2 sides of the family, and my side typically had 20 people present. Now, as a full-timer, it’s just we two.

Glenda Alexander
18 days ago

I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with a lot more people than I did 20 years ago. I’m now a resident of Escapees CARE, where most of the residents will be together. And what a feast we are going to have! Only a few of them will be going to relatives’ places for the holiday.

18 days ago

Just the two of us, as usual. And thanks, Chuck, for properly using “fewer” instead of ‘less.” One of my pet peeves. 🙄

18 days ago

I used to host 40 – 50 people twenty years ago. Aunts, uncle’s, cousins, grandparents, parents & kids. Now the older folk have all passed and it seems like the younger generation could care less about getting together. It’s sad and I miss those times. This year it’s just the two of us.