Thursday, January 20, 2022


If you accidentally dropped your wallet into an outhouse toilet, would you try to retrieve it?

Okay, we admit this is sort of a gross topic. But when we first asked it years ago, we received a whole bunch of comments. Some readers, we recall, had some very funny responses.

Our publisher, Chuck Woodbury, tells the story about the time he saw a woman run frantically from a Forest Service outhouse, screaming something about her camera falling into the toilet and the messy, stinky sludge below. A bystander asked her if she wanted to get it out. She took about one second to answer, “No,” and that was that. Even if she had managed to retrieve it, it would have been damaged beyond repair.

Please excuse us for this somewhat off-color question.

And now, your response, please? And we would really appreciate it if you left a comment.


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1 month ago

I have a long pole in my truck bed for pulling stuff from the front of the bed to the back. It would be simple to “hook” my wallet and pull it out with that. Work smarter not harder!!

1 month ago

I also rarely use outhouse facilities, and when I do, I first make sure nothing I own can find a way into the hole.

1 month ago

i rarely use outhouse facilities but when i do i take nothing in there with me i cannot afford to lose.

Timothy Johnson
1 month ago

That’s why I don’t take my phone, wallet or keys in the pit toilet area…. MY RULE… For me…

Micheal Whelan
1 month ago

The only way I would do that is to quick get $100 from my wife and throw it down the same hole because there is no way I would attempt retrieve my wallet just for the few dollars I keep in it. But for a hundred bucks….. hmmmmm?? ;0

1 month ago

True story…..My Pop’s told me years ago, he dropped his very first paycheck accidently down the outhouse abyss…..he was working construction in Cleveland, Oh. I asked him what he did about it. His response, I went in after it! I didn’t ask for anymore details……. : )

Dennis G.
1 month ago

Tough question: Would I retrieve it? Yes, if it was at all possible.
With that said, the wallet and its contents except for the drivers license and credit cards would get thrown away.

1 month ago

Absolutely. It would be easier to wash up than a nightmare of renewing all your cards. I’m Scottish, pray and get my money.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
1 month ago

A friend dropped her brand new cellphone in an outhouse toilet. Her husband fished it out with the help of a net someone handed him. He brought the phone back to the campground, took it all apart, cleaned it all up and guess what ? She now has a new cellphone.

1 month ago

You should of asked “what if you dropped your cell phone down the hole” and I probably would have considered whether to take the plunge or not. As for loosing my wallet required no time to answer, hell no, I’ll survive until I can replace everything.

1 month ago

Oh, hell no.

1 month ago

Good Question.
Now, what do you use for your wallet?
The old fashion wallet.
The Electronic unit referred to as a Cell or Smartphone!

Losing that phone today, could be a disaster, if it went into that hole.

Remember to keep your buttons fastened, when out and about.

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY
1 month ago

The comments on todays poll have made my day as well as why I will be happily making another donation to Stay safe, Stay well

1 month ago

Amid cursing and howling I would find a way to retrieve my belongings.

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1 month ago

My $10.00 National Park Senior Pass is in my wallet. Of course I would find something to fish it out!

1 month ago

I once dropped my coat into a potty and I only retrieved it because my sandwich was in the pocket.

1 month ago
Reply to  Philip


1 month ago

Interesting thoughts. A couple of good laughs. It’s no wonder that humans can spread a virus and not know how they managed to do it!

1 month ago

I never carry anything into a portable potty except for wet wipes!

1 month ago
Reply to  Dr4Film

Yep, take only what you need and can leave behind.

Ln Em
1 month ago

well, depends on what was in much money, how replaceable were I.D. or credit cards.

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Bill N Stacey
1 month ago

This Is A “Crappy Poll”!!!! (Sarc)