Saturday, June 3, 2023


How easy is it for you to spend a couple of days alone?

Some people, we could call them extroverts (though sometimes it’s more than that), need to be around people to feel fulfilled. Other people, we can call them introverts, prefer time alone to recharge. Depending on where you fall on the spectrum, it could be extremely difficult, or extremely easy, for you to spend a few days alone.

How easy is it for you to spend a couple of days alone? Say in an isolated area with not much human interaction, if any. After you vote in the poll please leave a comment and explain your answer.


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1 year ago

When our garage was rebuilt I found it very nice to just get out a chair and table and sit and listen to the air, wind and just absolute silence. O M G it was just so nice to hear nothing because I am surrounded by noise all day. Nice. So that newly rebuilt garage became my she shed. Can’t wait to hear nothing but trees when in Maine this summer. I think.

Joe & Helen
1 year ago

We have been together for 73+ years since we started dating in our Senior year of High School and then got married four days after graduating from college. For most of that time our activities in Church, Civic, Community, Volunteer, RV groups, Public Speakers have been couple involved. We even worked together in a national company for many years until they decided to invoke the Nepotism rule and I had to “fire” my wife.

We are a 24/7 couple 365 days year (366 in this Leap year) and we love it by writing Love Letters to each other every single day for the past 48 years.

God has blessed us with 8 children who have honored us with 35 grands and “at the moment 37” great grands. Two of our kids now have RVs, two have trailers, two of the grand-kids have pop up rigs. We have enjoyed Family Camping events every year for 35 years.

Often referred to as “the couple” we applied to the State of Washington to be licensed as A COUPLE and they issued it. RV license plate is A CUPLE.

RV Staff
1 year ago
Reply to  Joe & Helen

What a wonderful and uplifting story, Joe and Helen. Thank you! I was just thinking if I ever see your license plate in the area, I’ll give you a beep. And then I’ll think to myself, now, why was I beeping at those folks? 😆 BTW – I have the question of promotional cards for on my list to ask about at our next meeting on Tuesday. I’ll let you know what I find out. Have a good night, and a very healthy and terrific 2022! 🙂 –Diane

1 year ago

I’ve been married to the same woman for 57.5 years. Alone without her is very scary. The last time was when she was hospitalized after a bad fall over a year ago. Even then I was camping in one of our son’s yard. I consider “time alone” to be with her and not in the company of others. We find ourselves alone most often when we are on a road trip. Otherwise we are often seeking companionship from friends, neighbors, family or the fellow camper who just pulled in. Alone is reading a book, sitting in companionable silence or one or both of us doing what I am doing now. Question, am I really alone when I am exchanging thoughts ideas on a message board or on Facebook?

Roy Voeller
1 year ago

I and the better half along with the two canines enjoy our boondocking alone time and then the run into town for supplies and the new acquaintances we might encounter. But for both of us, it is either or when it comes to having time alone. The wife and I drove semi-truck together as a team. We both took moments out from each other but always found that after no more than a short while each of us felt the same as to when we wanted to be together again. Alone for us is not apart from each other as much as being away from the craziness of this world we live in. Turns out, if you can live with someone in a closet for 5-6 days/nights a week… You’ll discover a great love or a divorce (I would guess).

Terriann J. Ma
1 year ago

I do this every weekend. Alone time keeps me sane for all the people I work with during the week.

1 year ago

I walk with GOD, I’m never alone! Although being alone while fishing is good!
Family and friends have there place in my life, becoming a widower, and knowing
that my spouse went to paradise, gives me hope that I’ll see her again someday!

Roy Voeller
1 year ago
Reply to  Swede'nTexas

I’d rather be fishing and thinking about God than to be in church thinking about fishing!

Peggy Bradley
1 year ago

Been solo fulltime for 11 years. I’m an extrovert but I cherish my alone time!

MN Anon
1 year ago

I’m one of those extroverts that needs and enjoys alone time.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

After being on small boy ships (Cruisers, Destroyers and Frigates) through most of my career, and having little to no privacy, I can easily be alone. As long as I have a coffee maker, some good books or TV/Movies to watch, and something other than a non-skid deck to sleep on, I’m pretty happy. I will say, that it’s nice to have my wife, dogs and cats around, so I am not really alone. I can only hope my wife feels the same way about me….

John Koenig
1 year ago

Fortunately in these strange times of Covid, I do NOT mind being a Full Time Solo RVer; in fact I prefer it. Before Covid, I regularly attended a variety of RV and other events and traveled from one event to the next with time in between for exploring and sightseeing. I had worked almost 50 years before I retired. Vacations I took during my working life were often activity specific (skiing, SCUBA, shooting) with very little time to slow down and enjoy the ride. Friends invited me to join them in TN at the beginning of the Pandemic. They’ve decidedI to hit the road again; I choose to remain in a safe place until the Covid risks are much less of a question mark. I realize that I am VERY lucky to do what I’m doing. I know many people do not have that luxury.

1 year ago

My wife and I are truly a cliche “we are each other’s best friends”, however, we both love when one or the other goes and visits with siblings for a couple of days leaving the house or RV to oneself!

Neal Davis
1 year ago

Much of my childhood my only playmate was my little brother. We were very different and he often did not care to do whatever I wanted, so I learned to occupy myself and came to relish the time to myself. Although I had little talent, the happiness solitude provided helped me get a partial scholarship to college as a distance runner. My few achievements in that area were largely due to the hours I spent running alone on deserted country roads.

1 year ago

My husband and I are total introverts. Love boondocking and getting away from people. We will certainly socialize when people are around but prefer to be alone.

1 year ago

Couple of DAYS alone? Ha. I’m widowed and started traveling with my Class C in 2019, solo. Yes I call the kids or they call me almost daily to make sure everything is ok. But I actually enjoy much of the solitary time because I know once I get home it’s back to reality! I take about 3 trips a year 2-4 weeks each. I love both sides of it, but have to admit I still miss my husband and it’s been 10 years. Camping was the one thing we really enjoyed and something my kids do now in their adult lives now.

Kaeleen Buckingham
1 year ago

This is a hard one right now. I generally enjoy being around people but right now my life is so hectic with many people pulling me many different ways I could REALLY use some alone time!

1 year ago

I slip back & forth between being very social & seeking alone time. I grew up as a loner, enjoying singular sports, like skiing, biking, hunting, fishing, etc. Then I got into commercial sales, where I visited 20-30 customers a day, & did very well until retirement. Then my wife & I went fulltime for the last 12 years & set up our 5er for boondocking. We love to get off the grid in the woods, mountains, or desert where it’s quiet & peaceful. But when we stay in an rv park, I easily approach strangers & start up a conversation, & make many friends that way. As an indication of our social choices, our 5er is set up with 2 euro style recliners & no sofa, because we rarely have guests in the rv. My wife can also be very sociable but prefers alone time. We’re 2 peas in a pod. We love each other dearly, but can easily go 4-6 hours a day without saying a word to each other.

1 year ago

Maybe I am weird, I don’t need to be five miles from other humans to be happy while I am camping. I don’t need that kind of isolation from other humans to have my trip rewarding. I am finding that I like to be in proximity of people at boondocking places, the beach, RV parks, etc. I like to observe them having fun and watching them do their thing. It is also fun just to see the different behaviors, practices and all of the different rigs/hardware. I guess I just don’t need to go visit with all of them all day long,

Deanna L. Church
1 year ago

I’ve been divorced since 1989 and lived alone once my younger daughter moved out in 1992. I have had pets so not without some company. I really don’t know if I could live with another person again after all this time.

Roy Davis
1 year ago

I am an extrovert’s definition of an extrovert. I strike up conversations with total strangers. I walk around the campgrounds and greet people. I am energized being around others. I drove my wife nuts when we were in shut down for Covid. I did do a quiet weekend at a monastery once but I was around others but just didn’t have conversations.

1 year ago

I’m okay with alone time. I’m more the outgoing person and I need quiet time. Since husband is more a loner, we have our “alone” time worked out. I go to bed about 9 and he goes to bed about 1am. I get up at 6am….he gets up at 9am. Plus, we both love to read and listen to classical music. We each have different interests. Art, walking, putzing, and old movies. We have been FT 16 years and we had to work on this the first few years, but now we have alone time worked out to our satisfaction.

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