Thursday, October 6, 2022


Do you remember how you first heard about

Think back for a moment and see if you can remember how you first heard about us here at Was it a friend or family member who told you? A neighbor at a campground? Was it through one of our social media sites or YouTube channel? We’re curious!

The wonderful World Wide Web is just that, wide! There are a gazillion ways you could have stumbled upon us, but we’d really like to know, if you can remember. Please vote and then explain in the comments. Thanks!


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7 months ago

Jayco Owners Forum

Dan A
7 months ago

Chuck had a printed newsletter that I subscribed to. He mentioned the up and coming online weekly newsletter and subscribed.

Ray D.
7 months ago

Was looking on YouTube and caught Chuck doing a video and then looked up rvtravel on the Internet and signed up for the weekend newsletter. Have been a member Jan of 2020. Look forward to the weekend. Yours in camping, Ray and Joy.

Robert Lea
7 months ago

Met Chuck at first RVillage Rally, May, 2018, in Elkhart, IN & subscribed at that time. Have found the various publications to be informative, entertaining and of great benefit to us personally and as members of the larger RV community. Thanks!

7 months ago

Well, let’s see. We have been full-time for 16 years and it was part of our lives before then.

Dale Gilbert
8 months ago
  • back in 2001 started reading can’t remember how
8 months ago

Someone mentioned it in a comment thread on RVillage a few days ago 😀

Joe & Helen
8 months ago

Not sure of the year but we followed Chucks original publication (forgot the name) for several years and continued when he went on line with We purchased our first RV in 1978 and started learning everything we could since we were brand new at RVing and we continually promote RV.Com to others.

8 months ago

Same as Sue. Been reading RVTravel for quite some time and I don’t remember how I first found out about it and I am so happy I did.

Charlie Burke
8 months ago

What Sue said.

8 months ago

I said “other” because I’ve been reading the newsletters for so long I don’t remember how I first heard about them! Thank you for all the great information you provide.

Alan Ricker
8 months ago

At a RV rally we attended

8 months ago

Can’t remember but, the rig parked next to us, 16 years ago May heard we were just starting out. Suggested the newsletter to stay in touch with other fulltimers. It has evolved into a major read for me.

8 months ago
Reply to  Lois

Also I was following the journey of Chuck and his RV, camping with his daughter and taking her to college. A sad journey for Chuck

James Dresser
8 months ago

I have no idea. I’m not sure my memory goes back that far.

8 months ago

When I signed up with “Overnight Parking” I was asked how I found them and I told them I had no idea. He stated that it was probably from RVTravel – so I then looked up RVTravel and got hooked.

8 months ago

No clue!

8 months ago

I have no idea when or where.

8 months ago

Long time ago! Probably in 2006 at a gathering called “Life on Wheels” on the campus of the University of Idaho. I was in a writing class/discussion with Chuck.

8 months ago

Wow! That was a journey through time. My readership probably dates back to a newspaper “Out West” as I recall. I do remember a story about dishwasher Pete. I wonder what ever happened to him.

8 months ago

Hershey RV Show at a seminar.