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Do you remember how you first heard about

Think back for a moment and see if you can remember how you first heard about us here at Was it a friend or family member who told you? A neighbor at a campground? Was it through one of our social media sites or YouTube channel? We’re curious!

The wonderful World Wide Web is just that, wide! There are a gazillion ways you could have stumbled upon us, but we’d really like to know, if you can remember. Please vote and then explain in the comments. Thanks!


  1. Was looking on YouTube and caught Chuck doing a video and then looked up rvtravel on the Internet and signed up for the weekend newsletter. Have been a member Jan of 2020. Look forward to the weekend. Yours in camping, Ray and Joy.

  2. Met Chuck at first RVillage Rally, May, 2018, in Elkhart, IN & subscribed at that time. Have found the various publications to be informative, entertaining and of great benefit to us personally and as members of the larger RV community. Thanks!

  3. Not sure of the year but we followed Chucks original publication (forgot the name) for several years and continued when he went on line with We purchased our first RV in 1978 and started learning everything we could since we were brand new at RVing and we continually promote RV.Com to others.

  4. Same as Sue. Been reading RVTravel for quite some time and I don’t remember how I first found out about it and I am so happy I did.

  5. I said “other” because I’ve been reading the newsletters for so long I don’t remember how I first heard about them! Thank you for all the great information you provide.

  6. Can’t remember but, the rig parked next to us, 16 years ago May heard we were just starting out. Suggested the newsletter to stay in touch with other fulltimers. It has evolved into a major read for me.

    • Also I was following the journey of Chuck and his RV, camping with his daughter and taking her to college. A sad journey for Chuck

  7. When I signed up with “Overnight Parking” I was asked how I found them and I told them I had no idea. He stated that it was probably from RVTravel – so I then looked up RVTravel and got hooked.

  8. Long time ago! Probably in 2006 at a gathering called “Life on Wheels” on the campus of the University of Idaho. I was in a writing class/discussion with Chuck.

  9. Wow! That was a journey through time. My readership probably dates back to a newspaper “Out West” as I recall. I do remember a story about dishwasher Pete. I wonder what ever happened to him.

  10. Found RVTravel in a bit of a round-about way. When we brought our RV home, a neighbor mentioned Irv2 and I joined there. Found out about RVTravel through one of the posts from one of their members.
    Have been following, and supporting RVTravel since.

  11. Pure accidental, was looking for advice on an issue I was having and it popped up. Got curious and been following since.

  12. Honestly, I don’t remember but I’ve been glued to it for several years. There isn’t another RVing site that can compare.

  13. I really don’t know how I got hooked into this newsletter. It has to be either thru the Jayco webiste or on line search. That was so long ago. Otherwise I really enjoy them. I also enjoyed opening todays newsletter to see a Halloween face over a gas stove. I had to do a double take to make me realize it wasn’t a Halloween thing but talking about gas stoves. I love my gas stove but our second home in NC will be electric because I do not think there will be a gas hook up on the property. So I will be lost without my gas stove. Thanks for the eerie photo in the email. I loved it.

    • Jillie, if natural gas is not available you can almost certainly have a propane dealer put in a tank for you and keep it full. If you don’t want to look at a tank, you can get them buried, and the delivery guy might even be willing to fill the tank in your RV when he delivers propane to your house.

  14. Altough it only has been 10 or 15 years, I am unsure of how I first learned of RV Travel. It probably was through an on-line search because I did not know anyone who RVd at the time beyond three relatives and none of them ever mentioned RVTravel. I own several books and DVDs that I bought in the last weeks that the RV Travel bookstore existed and may have learned of the bookstore before I knew there were any newsletters or a website.

  15. I stated other because I can’t remember exactly. It was either my dealer, dealership paperwork, or a link somewhere within all the purchase papers.

  16. Chuck & I are frat bros. from college. I subscribed to his on the road magazine. I’m a 50+ year rver so the switch to RV Travel was a no brainer.

  17. When Chuck was operating the bookstore, I wanted a list of RV places to park when on the road and Chuck had several books that had that information. I also met Chuck a few times later and he started the on line newletter. Thanks

  18. I voted “Other” because although not exactly positive, I am fairly sure that I heard of the newsletter as a link to something relating to the world of RVs on the internet. I probably was on another site and came across a reference to the RVT, clicked on a link, liked would I saw and read, and probably signed up for more newsletters, more information on the world of RV’s.

  19. We started our RV journey in 2004 by visiting what was then called The Great RV Show, that year being held in Hutchinson, Ks.
    The next year we attended a school called Life On Wheels.
    We were exposed to RV Travel at one of these venues, can’t say which for sure.
    Both of these events no longer exist. Sorry if it’s our fault! They were both great!

  20. It’s been so long ago that I’ve forgotten when or where. Just know that it is the 3rd thing every morning. Proud to send a few bucks to help it keep up the good work. I really like non-advertiser driven information.

  21. The RV Odd Couple mentioned you in one of their videos and I looked into you because of that. Influencer marketing at work! 🙂

    • I think I also read about the newsletter in the Trailer Life magazine many years ago. And I have been reading, and enjoying, it ever since.

  22. Someone mentioned it to me at the Seattle RV show when we first started looking at RV’s in 2007. Been reading ever since.

  23. An RV Travel article popped up on my google news feed that I wanted to read. I knew we were getting back into RVing for the second time in our lives, I wanted to get the latest information out there.

  24. I remember reading articles in the Good Sam magazines and other printed RV magazines and the natural transition to email and the web. It’s been years. I followed in my parents footsteps in RV ownership. It’s great to have such a resource. Thanks!

  25. Been reading your newsletter so long ago I don’t remember. Started reading around 2002 or 3. We had went full time where my wife was teaching seminars to medical workers about insurance billing and coding.

  26. I enjoyed watching a TV show, RV TODAY, when it was taken off of the air. We own an RV an enjoyed watching the different places to go to and the how to segment on repairs. I was searching on-line and discovered RV TRAVEL NEWSLETTER. I enjoy the articles, the how to repairs and mostly the electrical hot skin warning on your RV. But mostly, I enjoy viewing and reading how the RV community travels, their view points, and fun RV’ers have. We have enjoyed the bend in the road and expect a new experience when we travel. See you down the road.

      • I’ll say! 😆 😆 I was hired to work part-time shipping out books from the warehouse and do a little proofreading on the side (back when there were very few newsletters). 😆 But I’m still here and I love what I’m doing, so I’m a very happy camper (well, except there’s no time to camp). 😀 –Diane


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