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Do you have a special personal, comfy place in your RV?


Do you have a special place in your RV where you love to spend more time than elsewhere? Maybe it’s a special chair, or a corner of the sofa. Or perhaps it’s on your bed where you sleep but where you also love to escape to read or watch TV, or simply gather your thoughts.

Or is it outside, under the awning, where you love to spend time breathing the fresh air and idling away the time? Maybe you’re an extrovert who enjoys greeting RVers who walk by to strike up a conversation.

So where is your special place? After responding, please leave a comment to tell us about your special place, and why it’s special.

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Einar Hansen
9 months ago

I enjoy trying to spend most of my time being outside when at our RV. But when the weather is bad and I can’t, I enjoy sitting at the dining table where I have windows on both sides to be able to see outside and just watch what’s going on outside, and wondering when I can get back out there enjoying it. 😃

LJ Jedrey
9 months ago

I now camp alone and my happy place is the Queen bed in my 2021 Jayco 264BH. I simply close the curtain, put on my Oculus headset, and chill out.

Judy G
9 months ago

My Class C has two lovely sofas which could pull together to make a big bed; however, that was a lot of work night and morning so I sleep in the overhead in a sleeping bag. Works for me. (Doggie likes the sofa).

Bob Weinfurt
9 months ago

Sitting on the couch watching TV after a good meal.

John Koenig
9 months ago

The OEM furniture Dynamax used in my Super-C was VERY pretty but VERY uncomfortable crap. The second year I owned it, I replaced virtually all of said crap with furniture and a mattress that IS comfortable. When in my rig, I spend a lot of time in my recliner. Said recliner is now almost seven years old. Once it’s safe to travel again, I plan on replacing said recliner as the current one is showing its’ age.

9 months ago

We removed our manual recliners and added leather remote heat and massage Lazy Boy recliners. Most nights, I don’t even get up to move to the bed.

Tom Digate
9 months ago

My recliner

9 months ago

We have theater seats and my seat is my special place. It’s a recliner and it’s the most comfortable spot! My boyfriend’s special place is one of 2: either sitting outside or sitting on his side of the dinette.

Tony V
9 months ago

Out in the shade of the awning in my zero gravity lounge chair.

Roy Davis
9 months ago

I wasn’t sure how to answer since my spot isn’t technology in the RV. I’m often up before dawn and grab my Bible and a cup of coffee then go outside to sit and enjoy the birds singing their morning song as I read Scripture and watch the sun come up. I really enjoy doing this in the mountains as I watch the sky growing brighter until suddenly the sun breaks over the mountain top.

Ernie Powell
9 months ago
Reply to  Roy Davis

Amen Roy I am with you on this . I like doing the same thing

Diane Diucet
9 months ago

My favorite place is sitting in the cool shade of the awning of our trailer. We also use a sunshade that zips on to block the hot summer sun. It is so peaceful with a water view, too.

9 months ago

My entire MH is my special place. It’s only 24′ with 1 slide so everything is at my fingertips. I love my Rollin’ Stone.

Jeff Craig
9 months ago

I’m usually in my dinette so I can work on my laptop, but it’s not ‘special’.

The Lazy Q
9 months ago

My recliner.

9 months ago

Mine is my kitchen table. We recently bought a 5th wheel which offers us so much more room than our class A. We can actually comfortably sit at the table, store “important ” stuff and keep electronics charged. 3 windows surround the slide out and LOVE my new kitchen.

9 months ago

During the day it is outside at my built-in pull-out table, radio and an comfy camp chair! Evenings, it is up front in my back adjustable swivel chair with a foot stool and opposite the flat screen Tv. At around 9:30 or 10:00 it is to our very nice, comfortable rear bedroom with reading lights and a flat screen Tv mounted above the opposing window. Stay safe – this too will pass, if we try!

9 months ago

On the couch, one the left side, near the door and plugs. Great place to read!

Roger lee lyle
9 months ago

my best spot is the best angle fore watching my flat screen,nin my recliner. lol to all out there on valentines.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
9 months ago
Reply to  Roger lee lyle

Hi, Roger. When you say “lol to all out there on valentines” – did you know “lol” is for “laugh out loud”? I’ll bet you’re thinking it’s for “lots of love.” In that case, that’s a very nice sentiment. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! 😀 –Diane

Neal Davis
9 months ago

After DW and dear dog retire for the night I nestle into a corner of our jack-knife love seat to watch an episode of Jeremy Brett playing Sherlock Holmes or a few videos by my favorite YouTubers. It helps ensure that I fall asleep moments after my head strikes my pillow and it is a delicious several minutes of alone time.

Gary Nichols
9 months ago

My reclining home theater seats.