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Have you noticed a delay in shipping on your Amazon Prime orders?

Amazon seems to be experiencing shipping delays in some parts of the country. One of our writers is reporting that he’s seeing up to two weeks for delivery, even with an Amazon Prime membership.

Have you noticed a delay in shipping on your Prime orders? If yes, will you please leave a comment telling us about how long that delay was/is and what your experience has been? We’d appreciate it.

As you may know from our reader polls, many of us rely on Amazon for a whole lot of things, especially when we’re out in the middle-o-nowhere.


  1. They have been going downhill over the last 2 years in Tulsa,OK. Have one of their infamous “we’re sorry but your shipment is delayed” right at this moment. They lost the $1200 laptop I ordered last year and only received the laptop after days of hassle. Driver marked as delivered but took no picture. I guess the hassle was due to the price, but I specifically ordered for a fri-sat delivery so the item was not on my porch all day… got it on a Tuesday I think. Seems like their in-stock (1 day delivery items) never get here on time either. This will probably be our last year with Prime. I have actually been using Ebay for a lot of purchasing as the prices are generally cheaper or even with the shipping charge. Ebay hasn’t given any pushback when a seller sends the wrong item or is a scam either. So far they are winning the game right now. It’s unfortunate since I have had Prime since it was $80 a year.

  2. I really think the shipping has gotten faster because our township is getting a new distribution center and there is one more less then 15 minutes from the house. Plus they are using an old Ford Plant parking lot to house their vans. So if anything we order? We have it and on time. Even though Amazon is having a 15% price increase on everything. I try to use local areas but half the time? Amazon or Wal Mart has what I need. So I said faster.

  3. I try not to use Amazon or any other on line shopping. Everyone thought Walmart was the down fall to small local businesses when they came into an area. Between COVID and online shopping they put the last nail into many of the small business owners.

  4. During the holidays, my orders came quicker than promised. I haven’t ordered anything lately, so I expect an Amazon driver to be sent out to make sure I am OK.

  5. No Amazon Prime, no Face Book, no Twitter, no Smart Phone, just a Desk Top, therefore I have nothing to complain about. Life is Great.

  6. I cancelled the service because you are supposed to get your orders in two days, but you don’t. I also heard they are raising their rates again.

  7. Most of our Prime orders don’t even ship for 4 to 5 days after the order is placed. Then the shipping is more than 2 days. Everything that goes USPS takes extra time and their tracking is worthless.

  8. I order a fair amount from Amazon, but only had a few items with long shipping times – mainly items coming from China. One advantage with Amazon is you can take a $1- credit on e-books and music downloads, if you are willing to wait for an item. I will take advantage of that whenever I reasonably can.

  9. We order from Amazon Prime weekly. 98% of items arrive as ordered, the other 2% seldom more than a day or two late. However, twice I have received notification of late delivery for items already delivered. That is probably due to delivery drivers not scanning the item upon delivery. Eventually I’m notified they can’t find the item and I can request a refund. I don’t because I did receive the item.

  10. I live in Oregon, south of Portland. 30+ Prime deliveries in the past year. None have ever been late. Must be my cheerful smile 🙂

  11. We are in Daytona Beach. Have had 4 deliveries. 3, came in 2 days, and 1 came next day. Prior to leaving California Christmas deliveries and deliveries in January before leaving all on time. A couple might have been 3 or 4 days. I did have one order in October for Halloween stickers for grandkids. Never came, but got updates asking if I wanted to wait or cancel. Finally cancelled. Might have been on container ship from China…so just as well I never got them.

  12. I haven’t gotten a 2 day Prime delivery in 2 years! I can’t wait to see how Dewey’s antics affect absentee ballots. It takes at least 1 week to get anything from USPS start to delivery. Even 2 day express turns into 4 days! Nothing is as it should be anymore.

  13. I live in rural NC and since COVID, almost no packages arrive in 2 days–most take 7 to 10 days. Ninety percent of Amazon packages come through UPS. No difference in delivery times between UPS and USPS–even with the union work slow downs.

    An Amazon order for 4 items will come in 3 deliveries from different warehouses.

    Before COVID, we were starting to get items from a regional warehouse the next day.

  14. Our area is awash with Prime delivery vans! Even during Christmas, UPS had temps delivering with their personal vehicles! We had a regular gal delivering to us – ha.
    I hate Amazon and what their ‘leader’ stands for, but sometimes it is the ONLY place to get some things. Grrr.

  15. Refuse to be dragged into subscription services as much as possible and Prime is a Prime example that has nothing to offer me other than shipping and I can pay for a lot of shipping for the price of Prime.

  16. Most of the USPS problems were started when LeJoy was appointed Postmaster General, eliminating thousands of mail sorting machines and cutting back hours.

    • Actually in our area it started long before that. We noticed mil boxes no longer on the street in many places, along with mail being delayed for weeks starting back around 2010/2011.

      • I don’t know if it is still happening, but when I retired in 2012 the USPS was hauling packages for UPS & FED EX both on a regular basis. I worked for an independent contractor hauling US Mail the last 12 yrs of my 34 yrs of commercial driving.

  17. All – Amazon Prime is raising prices to 139 annually. Hmmm, not going to renew, as I do not do any of the things available to me on prime, don’t watch movies, don’t stream music, don’t read free books, just want to save on Shipping. But, of late, found out mostly just don’t need as much stuff as I used to, so on the few occasions I need something, can check Walmart for store pickup, or pay the shipping, which will be way less than the 139. Prices on AMZN are the same regardless of Prime or not.

  18. Yes, especially if it shipped through USPS, it is always slower. But I understand that one mail carrier could only put so much in his small mail van especially in Huachuca City, AZ.

  19. Shipment depends on what part of the state it comes from, I have found that most everything is shipped as stated but delivered later in the evening. Most late delivery’s are from back east when there has been a bad snow or rainstorm of some kind

  20. Well, the next or 2-day shipping has long gone, now generally it’s taking about 2 extra days to arrive, occasionally more.
    Yes, Amazon keeps us updated if they’re going to be late and once in a blue moon, early.
    So, we too after many years of membership, are questioning the value of our Prime membership.

  21. In Virginia, anything that goes through the Post Office has become dismal. In addition, often UPS will often use the closest Post Office as the “final delivery” point rather than my physical address which causes more delay. Over the past six months I have had three packages that were either so damaged that they were returned to Amazon or deemed “undeliverable” so I never received them. Amazon gave me a refund, but the hassle pushed me to order elsewhere. In the grand scheme of things FEDEX has performed better here.

    • That’s interesting, I have had the exact opposite experience with FedEx. I get overnight shipping on specialty medication and my order spent 4 days in Rochester, MN. I’m not sure FedEx even knew where it was because they couldn’t give me a delivery date. I live 90 minutes away from Rochester. Small packages seem to fare the worst with FedEx. Not being able to tell me when a pkg is due to arrive has happened several times and the pkgs. have always been small. UPS, on the other hand, delivers pkgs. that are absolutely filthy. I don’t know how they get so bad, I won’t open them inside anymore. I have the least problems with USPS.

  22. Slower shipping, broken boxes, lost items and just the other day paper towels where placed on my porch with the mfr plastic wrap only. Oh boy has it been a crap shoot the last two years. It seems that purchased items in stock at local warehouse arrive before the estimated date though. We now take bets on the when and the how the package will arrive.

  23. Ever since they switched to USPS to deliver the packages, delivery times have been dismally slow ! That’s why I canceled my prime membership! Why pay extra to get the same service the USPS gives to everyone.

  24. We’ve had a couple of items delayed but not enough to make me complain. Also, Amazon always keeps us updated by email if there is a delay. Great service.

    • Actually, anything sent through USPS has been fine, Amazon’s OWN delivery’s have recently been late. Go figure………. as a matter of fact I just received an item shipped through USPS that was delivered a day before Amazon gave for it’s arrival.

    • That’s so true,when it was Amazon trucks delivery I’d get most things in a day,post office delivery takes 5 7 days. I’m in Az

  25. For a brief period during the worst of the supply chain problems my Amazon orders were taking longer than usual to be delivered. They have returned to normal in the past few months and are regularly delivered in 1 to 2 days.


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