Friday, July 1, 2022


Would you like to own and operate an RV park if given the opportunity?

If you were given the opportunity to own and operate an RV park, would you?

Notice we don’t give many options in today’s poll. You’ve got to choose between a simple “yes” and a simple “no.” Some of you may say something like, “Sure! If it only had five spaces and it was next to a beautiful waterfall and kids and dogs and campfires weren’t allowed…” It’s just gotta be a “yes” or a “no.” No ifs, ands, or buts!

After you vote, please leave a comment and explain your answer. We’re curious to hear what your reasoning is. Hey, we need more campgrounds out there, so if you answer yes, perhaps it’s something to think about…


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27 days ago

Be CAREFUL what ya wish for to those that would love to own a RV park.

IF you think the “Job” you got now or had in the past is tough just imagine BUYING A JOB that will become the biggest PITA of your working life dealing with people traveling or on vacation and their unrealistic expectations?

Your in for one heck of a surprise when your “retail” customers start raining on your parade because the $25/ night “service” you provide does not match their $100/night expectations.

You think selling a “retail product” is hard just wait until you are selling a “retail service”. On top of that you are selling a “retail service” to those customers traveling or on their “Vacation” and you know what that means!

That’s when the slightest issue becomes a BIG PROBLEM for you the campground owner!

Here is how Machelle who writes the campground owners section of this newsletter started her most recent article:

“I think I could have had a heart attack last week.”

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Ira werker
27 days ago

My wife and I have managed a city park campground for 18 years retired. We were called back after a few years and have been back for 4 years.
We would not want to own. The city parks take care of mowing. We do cleaning and electrical and plumbing work plus all reservations for any major problems the city support system is great either medical, police, or anything we need.
We have to be dedicated to the park as the hours are long.
The best thing about running the campground is all the people you get to meet and all the grandkids we get to watch grow up.
Our part is busy enough without being owners
We are approaching our 80 ‘s

Greg m
27 days ago

I voted no because you included the word “operate”. I invest in commercial real estate funds that invest in mobile home communities & RV parks. I’ve seen the financials & larger RV parks can be hugely profitable if professionally managed. So I’ll just invest passively, not directly in RV parks. No thanks on “operating” one. I’ll leave that to the pros.

29 days ago

Husband and I have been looking for something to own and run for about 6 months now. If it was in a location we would like to live, I would do it on a heartbeat.

Jerry call
29 days ago

Retired and love to camp so why not own a camp ground.

29 days ago

Oh Yea. I’m a people person and RVers are the best people

1 month ago

Yes!!! All day yes!! I would love too! After being a full timer.for 3 years. I would love to be the owner.

James Speer
1 month ago

Yes, we manage an RV park currently for a church and enjoy the job very much. We would love to own an RV park

Karen Garner
1 month ago

Yes! After researching all that needs to be done and I knew I had the knowledge and support, heck yes!

Kathy L
1 month ago

As a full time RV’er, this would be the perfect thing to do for me. I love the outdoors and meeting new people. I enjoy customer service and knowing about the area to let campers know

1 month ago

Always wanted to own one.. dream come true 👍.

1 month ago

Yes I would like to own one because I like seeing people happy. what a better way to do it

1 month ago

Yes yes it’s big dream at my age. semi retired enjoys the life feeling that RV, camping bring in life and family and memories to all. it would be wonderful

Sheryl Neely
1 month ago

Absolutely! My husband and I enjoy camping and glamping. Would love to support and acclimate others to experience the best relaxation one can enjoy. Dr. Sheryl Neely

Terra cassullo
1 month ago

Yes i hate lived in a camper for 9 years it’s alot of work to own and run I’m working at the one i live in i love living in a camper it’s cheaper to

1 month ago

Yes, Been a long time dream to have a campground

Last edited 1 month ago by Jason
1 month ago

I would love to own an Rv park. We currently live full time in our fifth wheel and love it. We are on the West coast of Florida. Our draw back like many people is that most communities are 55+. I get that some parks don’t want kids around but it makes it hard for people like us who are empty nesters or those who don’t have kids.
I would still love to own and operate one though!! I like people!!!! 🙂

1 month ago

I like RVing and think it is going to be a big thing for more people

Don Billeter
1 month ago

People need a clean safe place to enjoy life and I would want to have a rec room and a pool for all to enjoy

Scott Monnell
1 month ago

As a owner operator of an RV park I would apply all I have. I have a strong mechanical and financial background. I love people and have traveled the world with the military. I work from dawn to dusk for the satisfaction of others. I would enjoy this opportunity and the park would definitely have a constant high scores.
Thank you for your time

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