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Can you easily get into your RV’s bed with its slides in?


We’ve asked you before if you can access your bathroom and your kitchen with your slides in. Now, let’s see about your bed. If your slides are pulled in, is your bed easily accessible if you want to settle in for the night or just grab a quick nap at a rest area?

We learned from asking about getting to a kitchen or bathroom with slides retracted that it can be difficult or even impossible for some RVers because of the design of their rigs.

So how about you and your RV? And please leave a comment. If you can’t get to your bed with the slides in, is that a big problem for you?

Remember, the poll can load a bit slowly if you are on a slow connection. So stand by.


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4 months ago

We have a 2014 Bounder 33c. Our criteria included usability with the slides in. There are a couple of drawers in the bedroom that won’t open with that slide in, but everything else works well.

4 months ago
Reply to  Nick

Yep same here

Tom Macfarlane
4 months ago

No slide in the bedroom, but I can’t access the bathroom with the slide all the way in, or go from the living area to the bedroom.

Mike Albert
4 months ago

Late reading/answering, but our one slide must be out to sleep on the bed. We have an E/W configuration and the foot of the mattress folds over while in transit and the slide in. The bathroom, kitchen and recliners in the living room are accessible while moving, but I rather have her sitting in the seat buckled up while moving. Much safer!

Last edited 4 months ago by Mike Albert
RV Staff(@rvstaff)
4 months ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

“Late reading/answering …”? Since our polls stay open almost indefinitely, sometimes readers participate weeks or months after they’re posted. So, I’d say you’re punctual, Mike. Have a good night. 😀 –Diane

4 months ago

The only thing we cannot access with all four of our slides in is a few drawers at the foot of the bed. With all slides in each person still has a bathroom available without crawling over the other in the middle of the night since we have a 1 1/2 bath with the bedroom between the two. The full E-W king bed is available but one cannot walk around the foot of it.

We don’t even consider units with floorplans where slides in effectively block access to the kitchen, bath, or bedroom.

Unit is a 2013 Newmar Mountain Aire 4336.

Last edited 4 months ago by Spike
4 months ago

I enter a “no” vote for two reasons. With the slides in I lose about 12 inches from the foot of the bed, so if we had to we might be able to sleep with both slides in, no problem is one slide has to stay in, but we can put out two. The second reason for the “no” vote, is that the bed is the “put it there” place when we are getting the rig ready to move, so we would have to move the computers and extra blankets etc to some other place if we want to sleep in the bed.

Jeff Craig
4 months ago

Yes, as long as I don’t stretch out (75″ but my feet hang off our short Queen) and if I have to get up in the middle of the night, I’d have to climb over the wife.

4 months ago

In our coach, with an east-west bed, only one side is accessible. The bigger issue is we can’t get to the drawers when the slide is in, so have to plan ahead. But it is doable. Usually, even dry camping, we can open the bedroom slide if we park strategically, and it isn’t an issue. A deal breaker would have been being unable to access the bathroom or kitchen with slides closed. I miss the north-south bedroom in our previous coach.

4 months ago

When the slide comes in, one side of the bed is easily accessible, but you can’t walk around to get to the other side. You have to climb over the person already in bed. Did that for years in Class B’s, but it’s a little over the top now.
The two other problems are that the dresser drawers are totally inaccessible with the slide in and the closet is also on the other side of the bed.
The final problem is all the “stuff” DW has to have that rides on the bed when travelling, so getting into bed becomes impossible because of the rug, hassock, computer, bill box, etc.

4 months ago
Reply to  Bill

That sounds like what happens with our rig, but most of the “stuff” belongs to DH.

4 months ago

Bed is East West and only the North side is directly accessible with the DS Slide retracted. It means crawling across one another in the middle of the night. We have done it, but it is not preferred at our ages.

4 months ago

only 1 side of the bed is available to get into.

Diane Mc
4 months ago

It’s a north/south bed. Yes, slide is up against the driver side of MH. But you (husband…lol) can climb in and out fairly easy. Although the older we get getting harder, especially in the middle of the night! Very rare we need to do this, but we have in the past.

Neal Davis
4 months ago

The only aspects of our New Aire motorhome not available when all the slides are retracted are six dresser drawers in the bedroom and the washer and dryer. If we know we won’t be able to extend our slides, then we move all the necessary clothing to the cabinets that are accessible with the slides retracted.

Deborah Mason
4 months ago

We have to trade sides of the bed if the slides are in. I need access to the bathroom at night, but normally use the side further from the bathroom. Luckily it’s a very rare occurrence.

4 months ago

Yes. What makes our 09 Cedar Creek 34 TSA I think the best floor plan ever is that with 3 slides in we can access and utilize the entire trailer but for the rear two recliners.

4 months ago

We can access and use bathroom, kitchen and dining (fridge opens about half-way), and bed from both sides. We have one slide which opens about 30 inches to make a nice large open space, but we can (and have) leave slide closed and still use our trailer amenities. We chose our Lance for its well-built versatility.

4 months ago

Getting to it, no problem. Getting in it is another. If the slides are retracted, that means we’re in transit. When we travel we store too much stuff on the bed to use it. We have to extend the bedroom slide to sleep.

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
4 months ago

I probably shouldn’t have even voted, but my answer was yes, mainly because I have no slides. As far as I’m concerned, a slide is extra weight to haul and one more mechanical thing to go wrong. I’m in favor of the KISS approach. -Mitzi here

Bob Weinfurt
4 months ago

That works for me too

4 months ago

Bed yes, bathroom yes, kitchen, living area, fridge no. Eating table, only one person can use the table with the slide pulled in.

4 months ago

Oops. I may have answered wrong. I said no but the bed itself is in a slide and is easier to access the other side if extended.

John M
4 months ago

That is one thing we dislike about our rv is you have to put the slide out in order to unfold the bed to use it. Our fault as the slide was out and the bed made when we were looking at the RV.

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