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Do you make your bed every morning?

If you don’t make your bed every morning, you probably want to, but just don’t have the time or energy, right? We get it, making a bed first thing in the morning, well, who really wants to do that (especially when it’s one of those RV corner beds!)?

There are several reasons you should be making your bed every day, whether it be the bed in your RV or the bed in your sticks-and-bricks home. It helps keep your room clean, it’ll help linens and pillows keep their shape, you might sleep better, and it might help you adopt other everyday habits to make you feel better.

Do you make your bed every morning? Why, or why not? Please tell us by voting in the poll below. Leave a comment too, if you’d like.


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21 days ago

Leave the bedding turned down to air out the bed

19 days ago
Reply to  Tom

I like to air my bed out, let the air circulate over it.

21 days ago

I rarely do.

But the wife does!

Tammy Jennings
22 days ago

Every morning I put a cup of water in the microwave to heat, set the microwave to two minutes, and go make my bed. I’m always finishing up with the bed about the same time my cup of water gets hot.

22 days ago

As a kid, no – bed was up in the loft and no one knew. In the Army – You Bet!, in the class B, have to. At home, leave it open to air out until company comes.

Bob M
22 days ago

I don’t, wife does.

21 days ago
Reply to  Bob M

As it should be…

Actually, my wife enjoys making the bed. I could never figure out where all those throw pillows go.

Michael Galvin
22 days ago

Pull the sheets back some and let your bed air out a few minutes before making it.

22 days ago

Either at home or in the Rv, I always make the bed first thing in the morning. We were at the dump station and a lady came up and asked if she could look inside our Class A? “Sure, not problem.” One morning we overslept at our home and no time to make the bed – the house caught fire due to aluminum wire from the power pole to the circuit breaker panel in the lower level. I was embarrassed to go thru it with the local fire dept. reps and inspector. Odd in the disaster of the event – but it bugged me – their seeing the unmade bed!!

Jeff Craig
22 days ago

We have a mattress inside our old waterbed frame at home, so ‘making’ the bed simply means pulling up the covers and straightening the pillows. Our RV bed takes more work, but since I’m normally out with the dogs by the time the wife gets up, that is something she deals with.

Neal Davis
22 days ago

The RV bed? Yes, without fail is made each morning. If the bed at home/sticks-and-bricks, then almost always. I think we have missed fewer than 5 days in our 33 years of marriage.

22 days ago

I’m last in and first out, so no. The bed doesn’t get properly made.. If we are expecting a rare visitor, we’re running around like lunatics anyway so we’ll make it then.

22 days ago

We RV in a Class B. After a dog walk and two cups of coffee, we make the ‘beds’ so we have living room!

Kelley Sexton
22 days ago

I now love to make my queen bed w/Beddy! I bought two sets. Expensive but worth every dollar. I simply zip up the side, fluff the pillows and I am done. No more messing with separate sheets & bedspread.

Bob Weinfurt
22 days ago

Have to if I want to eat at the table.

22 days ago

Had heard that many do not make their beds daily, either because it’s too much trouble, (especially if only one is trying to do it), or they simply couldn’t be bothered.
My wife and I make our bed EVERY morning and it literally takes only a minute or two and then we’re free to get on with the day!

22 days ago

Yes, that simple action starts the day right.

Matt Colie
22 days ago

We don’t make the bed up to be nice and pretty. We pull the covers up and cover the pillows but for a different reason than most. We have two dogs (again) that travel with us. The favorite “dog riding place” is on the big bed in the back. Now matter how hard we try, they always track in sand or leaves or something else we don’t want in out bed.

Last edited 22 days ago by Matt Colie
22 days ago
Reply to  Matt Colie

Yes, that!

22 days ago
Reply to  Matt Colie

Same here. We pull up the “dog sheet” every morning!

Sherry Christiansen
22 days ago

Yes, I like a wrinkle-free bed, though with some sheets that is difficult.

22 days ago

Rarely. Comforter toss over and it’s good. It’s my bedroom I not inviting someone in the bedroom that’s hollow grounds. The wife , dogs and I only so why make it up daily. Every 4-5 days lining is changed. Living area, bathroom and kitchen is always tidy. Like my grandmother would say I came to visit you not inspect your house.

Sheryl Hendrix
22 days ago
Reply to  Skip

I totally agree! Other reason for me for some reason hated the have to in the army such sticklers. Lol it’s me rebelling 40 years later.

Leslie P
22 days ago

We full time in a truck camper. I make the bed every morning, but if I didn’t have the Beddy system I think I would just throw the covers up and call it. Bed making is tough in an RV but bed making in a truck camper is strenuous yoga! With the Beddy system I just zip it up. It’s made!

Lisa Adcox
22 days ago

I love sleeping in a bed that is not messy. So I walk the dogs first while coffee brewing and then make bed up. My husband said if he is not up he will be or I make bed up with him in it.

Tommy Molnar
22 days ago
Reply to  Lisa Adcox

Love this!

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