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Which of these best describes the way you use your RV?


How do you use your RV? Is it for quick summer camping trips close to home? Or do you head off to explore North America for months at a time? Or maybe you just use it to head south for the winter.

Or maybe you sold your traditional home to travel and work on the road full time? The ways we use our RVs are many, for sure.

Here are some popular ways people who own RVs use them. How about you?

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2 months ago

My dog & I do 2 to 5 night trips near home. Trinity Co, CA.

2 months ago

How do we use our RV?

Not enough!

John S
2 months ago

Wasn’t exactly which category my wife & I would fit into. We go camping for one week, every month, year round. Always have the next trip or two planned.

Neal Davis
2 months ago

Almost chose “Other,” but did not. We do travel for weeks or months at a time (more often weeks than months), which is the answer that I chose. But we also travel to college football games and tailgate at them for 3 days of dry-camping. We have eight such trips this fall

2 months ago

I use ours during my employment instead of motel/hotel expenses. I may be there from 2 weeks to longer. My longest stay has been 6 months. I never know where I am going to next. I have gone to sights multiple times and have had camp ground owners tell me I am welcome to return anytime. I am there for employment, I try not to disturb the office, and only ask for items I can’t find at sites.

2 months ago

It’s my home!!! 16 years and counting. Don’t ever want a stick and brick.

Deborah Mason
2 months ago

I said other. In recent years we’ve traveled less. We do a few short trips. We’ve done a couple of “take-your-sister-to-the-Grand-Canyon” trips. We are using it when dog trials (Agility & Rally) are too far from home to “commute”. We can usually dry camp right at the arena for just a few bucks. The motorhome is also out guest cottage.

2 months ago

IF I ever manage to own one, I’ll live in it full-time! I’ll have to because I can’t afford an apartment AND a motorhome (Class A – I have animals that are hard to catch & cage).

Bob Weinfurt
2 months ago

Covid and the cost of fuel has kept me a local, weekend camper the past few years. A vacation is anywhere away from here and northeast NY is a beautiful area year ’round.

2 months ago

Since we are retired we use our Motorhome to camp during the week and allow families space to camp on the weekends.

2 months ago

Tour 10 to 20 days almost every month. See many friends in their RV
ARES use chasing hurricanes.

2 months ago

I use my motor home to take the grandkids around our beautiful state. We usually go out on weekdays. Before my husband died we used the motor home as a traveling dialysis clinic, making beach and Lake Tahoe trips. It worked perfectly.

Edward Wilkinson
2 months ago

We camp DURING the weekdays. We are retired and so can take advantage of the weekdays when the mountain forest camps we love are less crowded. So perhaps our camping trips are from 3 to 5 days most usually. We are camper’s, not RVers.

Dennis Johnson
2 months ago

As retirees, we use it primarily for weekday trips to avoid weekend crowding. But we are considering wintering in a warmer climate this winter.

2 months ago

Retired 5 years ago, sold stick ‘n bricks and live in our 35ft Motorhome fulltime. Have travelled to all 49 States and 7 Canadian Provinces in between volunteering around the country.

2 months ago

We use ours several times over the Spring-Fall season. Camping for 3-14 days at a time, short and long distances. Camp at Forest Service, Front yards of friends and State Parks so far this year.

Teresa Simons
2 months ago

I use it to travel to fiber shows and camp at the show plus use it for vacation travel and to go visit relatives.

2 months ago

We have an apartment in the Northeast where we spend much of the summer. Then we travel across the country, slowly, to our Coop site at Jojoba Hills SKP Resort in southern CA. We travel from our site there in the winter.

Michelle Austin
2 months ago

We have 2 RVs. We spend 6 months of the year in our 5th wheel that is parked permanently in a Florida RV Resort. We also have a Class C motorhome that we travel back and forth to our Florida resort as well as use to travel and camp during the other 6 months of the year. The best of both worlds in my opinion.

2 months ago

Mostly for weekend or week-long fiddling events: campouts, camps, contests, etc.

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