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Pick your two favorite Thanksgiving dishes


We know it’s hard to pick just one favorite Thanksgiving dish, which is why you can choose up to two in today’s poll. What’s your favorite? Are you partial to the turkey or ham? The potatoes? The green beans? Or do you scarf everything down with hopes that means you’ll get to the dessert course faster?

We like the turkey and stuffing the best. No, no, the turkey and mac n cheese. No.. the mac n cheese and the sweet potatoes! No… the… Ugh! We like them all!

If you select “other,” please tell us what your favorite dish or dishes are in the comments. Come on, make us drool!

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Diane K
10 days ago

The dinner rolls!

Neal Davis
11 days ago

I would have picked stuffing, but it is so variable that I tried to pick stuff hard to cook badly. I tend to prefer non-traditional Thanksgiving foods over the traditional ones; I don’t tend to overeat as much with them.

14 days ago

I have to agree with several other commenters – GRAVY, lots and lots of gravy! I also agree that it is hard to pick just two. That is what makes Thanksgiving so special – most of the dishes we don’t eat all year and on Thanksgiving, we get them all – on the same day in the same meal – ah the sleep after that or yeah, don’t forget the FOOTBALL, gotta have me some football!

14 days ago

GRAVY. It not only goes on the potatoes and dressing but also turkey for leftovers. Add egg noodles for a stew

L Beal
14 days ago

Ribs or steak and praline yams. We don’t care for turkey.

14 days ago

A local dish: Dixie Salad is a must have here in St George, Utah. Each family has their own recipe, but the salad is all about the pomegranates, and most use a creamy dressing,

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
14 days ago
Reply to  Abby

Mmmmm. I had never heard of Dixie Salad before, so I looked it up. Sounds delicious! Thank you for mentioning it, Abby. Have a great Thanksgiving. 😀 -Diane

14 days ago

Sweet potato casserole

14 days ago


11 days ago
Reply to  Terry

This is the big one for my extended family!

14 days ago

Cranberry relish, not cranberry sauce.

14 days ago

baked corn and winter squash

Diane Mc
15 days ago

Stuffing and mashed potatoes….but only if they are drowned in gravy.

Bob Weinfurt
15 days ago

Mac and cheese doesn’t go with a T-day dinner. Dumplings should’ve been an option.

15 days ago

No way can I pick just two from this list. Need an “all of the above choice”! Well, ok – Turkey and dressing from this list. Lest we forget those incredible left overs for the week following. Perhaps that’s the best or favorite part!

Timothy Johnson
15 days ago

I have never been a big Thanksgiving eating person don’t like thick turkey or ham slices and I don’t like mashed potatoes or green bean casserole … Give me a steak and baked potato roll and a green salad.. Or some nice ribs pork or beef…

14 days ago

I’m right there with you.

15 days ago

I love a good homemade cranberry/orange relish

Robert Lea
15 days ago


15 days ago

Lots more favorites listed in the comments, hard to pick just two. I checked cranberry sauce only because the desert wasn’t specified, I don’t like pumpkin pie but most anything else is good.

15 days ago

Turkey Gravy all over everything is my favorite

George Osborne
15 days ago

A tradition in my family is what my Grandmother called “Pie Crust Dumplings”. They are simply pie crusts cut into approximately 1 – 1 1/2 inch square pieces, baked, and eaten with gravy.

Tom Macfarlane
15 days ago

I don’t really care for turkey, so I usually cook a rib roast on Thanksgiving

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