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Do you primarily use your RV for camping, traveling or living?


You might ask, what is an RV? They are used for many different purposes these days.

Is your RV a modest living space that you can drive or tow to a peaceful place for the weekend, far from the maddening crowds? Maybe do some fishing? Sit around the campfire, roast some marshmallows, tell ghost stories, sip on a Bud Lite (which some people consider actual beer).

Or is an RV more substantial, something you can travel with from place to place, staying a week here, a month there — discovering the U.S. or Canada, nomad-style? Or is it a place where you live full-time because it’s the only housing you can afford? Or, heck, maybe you’re a minimalist and you don’t need much space?

So, for now, for you, is RVing about camping, traveling or living? If it’s more than one of these alone, please select the one that is most relevant to your lifestyle.

Remember, the poll may take a few moments to load, so please stand by.

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10 days ago

My local weekend getaways I consider to be camping while anything 2 weeks or longer with some distance would be under the travel category.

rick Offord
12 days ago

My wife and I have been campers since before marriage; 52 years ago. We now RV and travel to destinations from Alaska to Newfoundland & Labrador and now spend 3 months each winter on the west coast of Mexico, near La Manzanilla. So, we do all three. But, our family of 3 adult children all married or with life partners, and 4 grandchildren insist that we still do at least a week of wilderness canoe camping in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. We even honeymooned in a borrowed canvas-topped camper trailer towed by a 1969 VW Bug. My first brand new car.

Andrew R.
12 days ago

We are fulltime nomads, spending multiple months workamping at a location before moving on. I voted “Traveling” as other categories are not good fit. We can afford to be 100% tourists if desired, but I enjoy volunteering at state parks along our route.

Gary Bate
13 days ago

Well that was just about the worst asked question ever because if you own an RV your literally doing all 3. However traditionally I think of camping as involving tents and sleeping bags, not dragging your mobile luxury condo out to the woods.

Neal Davis
13 days ago

We take our RV to campgrounds, RV parks, and dry-camping. However, given the amenities within our RV, I call what we do traveling, not camping. I don’t think that I can say that we “camp” when our RV has 3 smart televisions, heated floors, a washer and dryer, a microwave/convection oven, residential refrigerator, and a king-sized bed.

Gary Bate
13 days ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

Neal, I totally agree. I think in the poll many misunderstood what camping is.

13 days ago

All three as I am a full time RVer. Vancouver island in summer and Baja or Florida in winter.

13 days ago

I guess I would have to choose living while traveling … or traveling while living … but definitely not “camping”. I used to be a camper, with tents and all that stuff … then was a fulltime RVer for 7+ years. But with tile floors, heat pump, sleep comfort bed, microwave, satellite TV, etc etc etc, I have not “camped” since I bought my RV 20 years ago.

13 days ago

All 3, camp at various type parks with grandkids, travel south for some warm weather for a few weeks and spend spring thru fall near home on a seasonal site.

Jim Camp
13 days ago

We are full-time travelers.

Rod C.
13 days ago

Traveling and camping are tied together. Also use ours to visit relatives. It’s nice to have our own space.

13 days ago

Like others, all three. We camp in our rig, travel to different parts of the country and live in it.

Roy Davis
13 days ago

I’m confused. If we’re traveling from campground to campground, which one am I doing, traveling or camping?🙄

13 days ago

Full time living but choice not lack of funds. We travel AND we stay long term in one community we love. We can afford larger permanent housing but prefer to live in the coach among great friends. It isn’t a lot cheaper than living in a house the way we do it.

Dan F.
13 days ago

Mostly going to a location and staying 1-3 weeks. Half and half glamping and boondocking, then returning home to Las Vegas for 2-5 weeks.

13 days ago

We’re confused! We don’t know if we’re traveling to live or living to travel! At any rate we’re not camping, we’re glamping!

Dennis G.
13 days ago

We put down traveling, as we use our RV for camping about 30% of the year, and for 18U travel baseball the other 70% of the year.

Debbie B
13 days ago

We are snowbirds. Our fifth wheel is on a permanent lot in Florida at a campground and we live in it for 4 months. We own a home in Maine.

Joan Richardson
13 days ago

Hard question to answer. I live in it, workamping, for 4 months from mid May-mid Sep to leave the AZ heat. (I am at a privately owned campground in the redwoods in Northern California.) But I, also, use it for a week here or there to get together with our ladies RV group. Like Quartzsite in January for a week, and Halloween week. Lots of fun, been doing this with my little doggie for about 4 plus years.

Jack B.
14 days ago

All three categories fits us!

T. Hudson
13 days ago
Reply to  Jack B.

Same with us.

Marie Beschen
14 days ago

For the first 8 years we were “full-timing”, traveling all around the US, with no other home. These past 4 years, we bought a small “Arizona home” with the RV pad next to it and use the RV for camping.

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