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Which do you most often prefer: a well-lighted campground or a dark one?

Picture your perfect campground: You have a nice, quiet, shaded spot away from others under beautiful trees, a nice space for your dog, Fido, to explore, perhaps water or mountain views… Ah, it’s beautiful!

Now think about that same campground at night. In your dream world, is that campground pretty dark or is it very well lit? Would you prefer to walk around with a flashlight at night or would you rather not have to use a flashlight to see at all?

We understand you can’t control all your light surroundings—some people have outdoor lights that they leave on all night, others have color-changing LED lights on their RV. But we’re just talking about the campground itself here.

Tell us your answer in the poll below, and please leave a comment, too, if you feel so inclined.


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20 days ago

We like to keep our campground as quiet and dark as possible. I walk my dogs around when the news comes on (10 PM) and remind people to turn off outside lights when they are not being used. Our restrooms are lit with motion activated porch lights and interior lights so they are not on all night but allow some security when coming and going. I will get up and walk around in the early morning sometimes and on a dark night the Milky Way is just fantastic.

Neal Davis
23 days ago

Well-lit campgrounds seem safer when we walk our dog after dark. We have plenty of darkness around our house, aside from the moon and stars, so we don’t need that in a campground or rv park. When home, our dog’s nightly walks are within our fenced backyard and at his leisure.

Bob Weinfurt
23 days ago

Campground, dark. RV park, dimly lit. My favorite place to be is boondocking miles away from any light source. On a clear night with no moon, you can see more stars than anywhere else. When the moon is near full, you’ll be able to see everything around you. That’s nature at its best.

Jack B.
24 days ago

If we’re in a “campground” I want it dark, if in an rv park I prefer lighted.

Steven N
24 days ago

I have always preferred a camp ground without lights. If I need any light I’ll get my flashlight out. There is way too much light pollution in the world.

25 days ago

I prefer no lights – anywhere! Especially out in nature

25 days ago

Never reserve or set up near a bath house because there is always a “death ray” which lights up the area for 300′ around it.
Those who are afraid of intruders in a campground should just stay home. In all my years of camping I have never witnessed a problem.
Give me darkness and clear, starlit skies.

Donald N Wright
25 days ago

Some campgrounds have street lights, others have RV’ers who are afraid of the dark, and light up the area. I prefer dark with minimal lights on RV’s and tent campers. A solar light or two is enough.

Dale Gilbert
25 days ago

I put lighted ones when we fist started camping it was dark but time has changed in the last years can’t trust any body any more

25 days ago

I would prefer dark small low lights to guide those arriving late or out for a stroll at night is fine. If wanting lights go park at a Walmart.

25 days ago

If you camp in the desert southwest, having under coach lights help deter those little critters from infiltrating into your camper at night. It does not require the visible light to emit outward at all, just straight down.

25 days ago

Dark but if it was in a bigger city perhaps more light to discourage prowlers

Jeff Craig
26 days ago

Depends on the location. If I’m in a State or National Park, I want just enough lights so I can see critters running around, but not enough to wash out the sky for star gazing. In more urban environments, I want more light for security. We have a ‘darkened’ bedroom in our Class A, so lights outside don’t affect us much when we are asleep.

Plus, a 95lb German Shepherd and 55lb Dutch Shepherd sleeping by the front door give an active layer of security no matter where we are.

26 days ago

I voted Dark. I don’t even use a light to take the dogs out at night. My eyes adjust quickly and I can see well enough to walk. I do carry a small light in case I need to see and pickup a doggie #2, but I don’t use it while walking around.

Some people are afraid of the dark. I personally find great peace in it.

Bob M
26 days ago

When I was on the BOD in a private vacation community in the Pocono Mtns. Our security officers would approach homeowners that left there outdoor lights on at night. The husbands would tell them if they didn’t leave the lights on. They couldn’t get their city wives to their Pocono home to enjoy the outdoors. Neve had trouble with my wife living there or camping.

26 days ago

While I understand that people want to be able to see at night, I don’t understand the need for the aircraft runway lights that are on the front of a lot of trailers (including mine-which have never been turned on since I have owned it). Or leaving lights on all night long. Sometimes I just want to ask the campers if they are afraid of the dark. I am a solo female camper, 68 years young, and feel well prepared for bad situations that (luckily) have never occurred. I love boon docking, and have never felt afraid while alone.

Jesse Crouse
26 days ago

Down low along the roads for late arrivals so they don’t need to have head lights on.

26 days ago

If you have turned in for the night turn the lights off. If you are sitting around the campfire why the lights. I keep the dogs in while sitting out at night as I don’t know what is lurking in the dark. We’ve had wild creatures within 10 feet of the camper and a couple of those would have spoiled the evening and then some for not us but others with a foul odor. Those with soft LED under lighting are fine again turn off when you go to bed. Motion sensor lights are fine but have them pointing down not shining into my rig because at 2AM you need to run the dog out.

26 days ago

A lighted campground is much like camping in Walmart or Lowes parking lot. Of course some limited lighting is necessary. Technology today can provide a variety of lighting levels.

26 days ago

lights out. don’t need your led strip lights or massive under frame displays. we have two motion sensitive lights, one at entrance, and one on rear of rv. no motion, no light. simple enough.

26 days ago
Reply to  tom

Well said.

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