Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Will your next RV trip in the USA be to a destination east or west of the Mississippi River?

Where are you headed next with your RV? Maybe “Down Maine” for some lobster or to the South for some fresh catfish? Or maybe you’re headed out West to explore Utah’s gorgeous Red Rock Country or search for a wild jackalope in Wyoming.

Or are you headed up to the Northwest, to visit a Cascades National Park, maybe hike up the side of magnificent Mount Rainier, or visit the country’s only temperate rain forest in Olympic National Park (it gets 144 inches of rain a year on average)? You have never seen moss like you’ll see there!

Or are you simply driving up the highway a bit to your favorite Forest Service or State Park campground?

So, the question is: When you head out on your next RV trip, where will you likely go?

Curious minds want to know. Remember, the poll could take a few moments to load if you’re on a slow internet connection. So stand by there, partner!


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Joe S.
11 days ago

My wife and i have decided to finally make our “bucket list” journey. From the mountains of western NC to those of Alaska via the Alaskan Highway. We plan to take our little Casita and spend as much time as we need to enjoy the journey.
We are both in good health and after 55 years of tenting and RVing in 17 different rigs, we downsized from our last motor home and have seen 34 states since picking up the trailer in 2020. We are making our 80’s the best years ever. Wish us safe travels.

Diane McGovern
11 days ago
Reply to  Joe S.

How exciting for you and your wife, Joe! My sons and I drove to Skagway from Seattle in a Suburban about 35 years ago. It was wonderful! We wish you a safe and happy trip, and we hope you keep us posted on your adventure of a lifetime! Take care. 😀 –Diane at RVtravel.com

12 days ago

New England for the warm muggy mid Atlantic summer. Gotta get my fresh lobster in Maine!

14 days ago

Living in Arizona we have RV’d in every western state but have never crossed the Mississippi – mostly because it is a long way from here and we have so much to see in the west.

Cathi S
15 days ago

Last year we were east of the Mississippi, This year we are heading up to Alaska, 2024 at least part of the travel season will be in Tennessee

Dennis Johnson
15 days ago

We live 1/4 mile from the river and camp on both sides every year!

15 days ago

We’re going to head east and south, to Padre Island when we get back from Maui in 3 weeks. I guess that means traveling west of the Mississippi with an eastward trajectory.

16 days ago

I still like to send post cards. In fact I would rather do that than take a picture and try to figure out how to download it and send it to everyone.

16 days ago

Living in South Florida, I guess first I have to go North in order to go anywhere, that is always the problem. There are attractions and family on both sides of the River, so it depends upon which direction the wind is blowing any particular day. One year on the way home from Illinois, we traveled as near the Mississippi River as we could and pulled over to visit every lock and dam and watched the barges load and unload and go thru the locks. It was the most fascinating trip we have ever taken. Everything we use in this nation and abroad moves thru this river on barges. Grain, coal, oil, steel, etc. Not only fascinating to watch, but how to understand how this Great River is the life line of the transportation system in our country.

16 days ago

Depends on how you define “trip.” We are on a trip now and will stay east of the Mississippi, but will begin full timing in May and will go further west then.

Sweden N'Texas
16 days ago

2023 Trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin, after the snow melts and before it snows again!!

Mike Albert
16 days ago

Taking a cross country trip again this year from Florida to PA then to the western National Parks, then to So Cal then across the lower states back to Florida.
Starting in early summer and ending being in November. Can’t wait!

16 days ago

Both, camping in our state this summer then heading west to AZ for the winter.

16 days ago

West so we can get to Mexico.

Bill Bamber; Edmonton Alberta
16 days ago

Probably down I15. As I from the East do like I75. Depends if I am let out of the House or not!!

16 days ago

Both, it will be in Minnesota, where the Mississippi begins.

Neal Davis
16 days ago

We live east of the Mississippi River and that is where we travel most of the time. The need to be available to our aging parents places a premium on traveling no more than three or four hours from our sticks-and-bricks. Thus, in an emergency we can be available somewhat quickly.

16 days ago

Both as we will be going from WI to MO as soon as it thaws enough to get the MH out of the shed. We’ll hit my hometown which is 14 miles west of the Mississippi but then may go to CO before meandering home.

Roger Marble
16 days ago

What about North or South? My next trip is South from Ohio to the FMCA Convention in Perry GA

Jim Johnson
16 days ago

While we aren’t right on the Mississippi River, we live close enough that we regularly cross it on trips.

16 days ago

Trip to Holland, Michigan, for camping club gathering!

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