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If you could go back in time to the day you bought your RV, would you wait and buy another RV or keep the one you bought?

This is a tricky question, we know. If you had the chance to go back in time to the day you bought your RV, would you still buy it or would you buy another RV?

In simpler terms, as the poll states, we’re asking if you’re happy with the RV you bought. Do you regret your purchase and wish you had either waited or bought another RV? Do you wish you had bought another brand? Another style? Another length? Would you have rather bought it from a different dealership or seller?

If you could go back to that moment right now, what would you do?

Please tell us in the poll below. Remember, it may take a moment to load.


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13 days ago

We wanted a shorter travel trailer that was suitable for full time use. Everything on the market at the time was intended for weekend use and won’t have stood up to full time use. We ended up with a 35 ft fifth wheel that has served us well. However the manufacturer that we bought from came out with the travel trailer that we had been looking for two years later. We still have the fifth wheel but we know we would have purchased the travel trailer if it had been available when we were ready to buy.

Dennis G.
13 days ago

My parents bought the RV, which we now own, brand new. Luckily if I could go back in time, this RV works for me and my wife. It has no slide outs, no fancy electronics (short of the ones we added), with a reliable drivetrain.
The length is slightly longer than we’d like for NP camping, but we’ve had no trouble getting spots. Recently the RV had to double as a kitchen, bathroom and shower while our home was under remodeling. She performed well keeping three of us clean, dry and groomed.
Would not trade her for a newer RV any time soon.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
14 days ago

I bought this Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite 5th wheel and it has been a very comfortable trailer for us, however, ut seems like every time I go on a camping trip I come back with things that need to be fixed. I had a Sunline TT for 10 yrs prior and I wish I never would have traded it in for this piece of junk.

Roger V
14 days ago

Went with “keep the one I bought” because that Winnebago van has been great for 7 years now. The one I’d want, the Winnebago Ekko – well, they didn’t invent that until 2 years ago. Unfortunately, we’ve been priced out of the upgrade market now, so we’ll keep the van!

Lawrence Neely
14 days ago

My wife and I spent 2 years researching and looking. She was claustephobic over the small and cramped bedrooms. When she walked into the one we have (full slide out bedroom), it was the one. We have enjoyed it for 6 years.

14 days ago

All things being equal, I would have again bought the one I did buy.
At the time it was the most I could afford, and looking back it has served me well. And is STILL the most I can afford.

14 days ago

I would have bought used, not new. Dealing with the new car issues, and the total disdain/dishonesty shown by then Holiday Rambler(2005) kept me furious for years. I did get some warranty repairs made, but only after MAJOR arguments. Third party shops weren’t any better later on, so I’ve learned to fix everything but chassis issues myself.

Jeff Craig
14 days ago

Knowing then, what I know now, I would not buy my RV. Not because of any issues with my RV, but because I’d have taken the money and invested it then used the profits to buy a diesel pusher instead. Now, don’t get me wrong – our 35ft Georgetown has been fantastic. We’ve gone all over, taken it to plenty of NASCAR races, National Parks, regular weekend visits to our nearby State Park and several months long trips to help family deal with health issues. So, it has been so nice to have it, but….

Kathy Daily
14 days ago

Love our 2017 Lance Travel Trailer (model 1995). Sturdy, solid and dependable with no major issues in the years we’ve owned it. Thankful I did my homework before purchasing. Still one of the best travel trailers on the market…

14 days ago

Tough question, I went with wait and buy another. Only because I wanted a class A but the wife didn’t. Two years later she said she was wrong and we would enjoy the class A more than our 5ver. We are perfectly happy with what we have but sometimes the “what if’s” pop into our minds.

Neal Davis
14 days ago

The answer is pretty easy because we ordered our present RV, so we took it when it arrived. However, we likely would have ordered differently if we could back up farther than the time of purchase, to the placement of our order.

14 days ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

Same, ordered it and after the first few trips, we agreed that maybe we could have ordered a different configuration in the living but then the bed and bath would have changed which we would not have wanted changed.
Cant have it all, but we are awfully close.

14 days ago

I selected keep the one we bought but in reality if I could go back in time I would have gone back to a day before we bought our RV because the one we had decided to buy was purchased earlier in the morning we went to buy the RV so we went for our second choice. But if we had gone the day before we would have gotten our first choice. Even still I’m happy with what we bought but would have liked the other.

14 days ago

We spent 6 months researching RB’s before we purchased our first one, Jayco 23 MRB. It had everything we wanted and we knew it was the right trailer immediately. After 5 years we started looking at Class C’s but could not find anyone that had the same quality or layout as ours.

14 days ago

2007 Dutchstar 4 slides, bath and a half 400 no def Cummins 4 door fridge. Bought used from one of the best Newmar dealers. Mostly trouble free. I’ll keep it.

Dave Mckenna
14 days ago

I’m on my 5th RV. At the time of purchase, each one was the last one I’d need to buy.

10 days ago
Reply to  Dave Mckenna

Great answer!!! 🙂

14 days ago

I think we would have bought the same make/model but from a different dealership. We’ve not been impressed with the after the sale service where we bought ours.

James LaGasse
14 days ago

When we were both retired we started going on longer and longer trips and purchased one that was larger and had more features. We still have the smaller one and our next trip we will be taking it. It’s lighter, easier to tow, we get about 2 more miles per gallon towing it and we can get a tent site if that’s all that’s left at the campground. I don’t see selling either one of them in the near future and depending on the length of the trip and where we go we will keep using them both.

Don H
14 days ago

We were deciding between a 2005 very high end coach and a 2008 slightly lesser model at the same price. We bought the ’08 because it had some desirable features the ’05 did not. Now I realize that the ’05 had a pre-dpf engine, which would have been a huge advantage. The newer diesels are not as reliable. Mistake made – there’s no going back now.

Gene Bjerke
14 days ago

According to all the advice from RVTravel, we went about the process all wrong. We have had the rig for 13 years now and you would have to “pry it from my cold, dead fingers.”

14 days ago

We actually just bought a new TT yesterday. We spent about a year researching and visiting dealers to walk through units we thought we would like and make sure it felt right once actually being in a particular floor plan. Our last TT, a 21-footer, served us very well and were mostly pleased with it after some minor upgrades. Living and doing most of our camping in the PNW, at times we find ourselves stuck inside for quite some time due to rain, and with only the dinette to sit at, it did tend to get uncomfortable and cramped. Our last TT, a Coachmen Apex was by every means, an excellent TT and never had any issues with it, just normal maintenance, we will miss it, but as we age, we just need a little more comfort at times. When we purchased the Apex, it was a very good choice at that time, but now with our new purchase, we will have more comfort for us and more room to take grandkids with us, a big plus!

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