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What size bed do you have in your RV?

The topic of RV beds or mattresses is always a hot topic among RVers. In last week’s RV Service Centers and Repairs report one reader claimed they thought their RV had been made at a granite quarry–that’s how uncomfortable it was.

But, anyway, we’re not here today to talk about how comfortable or uncomfortable your RV bed is (but of course, feel free to leave those thoughts in the comments if you wish). We want to know what size your RV bed is. If you have more than one bed in your RV, we want to know what size your main bed is, or the bed you sleep in the most.

If, for some reason, you sleep on your RV’s dinette bed, tell us about that one! If your main RV “bedroom” has two twins, tell us that! If you sleep in your Class C’s overhead “queen” bed and not the main bed in the back, answer for that.

As always, thanks for voting.


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Leslie Smith
2 months ago

We have the typical RV Queen. It is original to our 05 trailer that we bought new. We put a topper on it from Costco and we sleep very well. We spend about six months a year traveling with our RV.

2 months ago

Our Pleasureway has a king size width but we don’t put in one of the two extra boards so from knees down it acts like twins, easy to get in and out. Even room for our grandson to sleep in the middle when he comes with us. We use sleeping bags so it is all easy.

2 months ago

donated the queen sized plywood special that came with our trailer, put in a select comfort number bed…Ahhh

Mike Johnson
2 months ago

The main bed in our Vengence 19V Toy Hauler is 48″x 75″. Once the bikes are out the settees can be made into a queen size bed, but it is just my wife and I so we hardly ever use anything but the small bed up front.

2 months ago

We switched from an RV Queen to a standard-size memory foam Queen when we bought our RV. It only hangs 3″ over the platform at the bottom and the extra length makes a huge difference in our comfort.

Last edited 2 months ago by Pat
Roger B
2 months ago

Our older 5th wheel came with a useless short king. Trashed it, you can’t give them away. Cut the base width down and put in our queen sleep number with a 3″ topper. We sleep like babies. Just have to remember to let the air out when going to the mountains.

Last edited 2 months ago by Roger B
2 months ago

Because of my acid reflux, I changed our king to a split king. I found 2 twin mattress for a semi sleeper that fit. This way I can raise the head of my side. Although the ad said one side of the mattress was regular and the other side was plush, it was not very plush. We added a foam pad cut to fit and they are now very comfortable.

Vanessa Simmons
2 months ago

If I were to buy a newer year of my model (2018 KZ C261RB) it comes standard with a King. I would have to special order it with a Queen. You lose too much storage space in the cupboard and nightstand with a king. But this is my one and only RV so that won’t be an issue.

Wayne C
2 months ago

We were happy with the original short queen but changed to full size to gain room around the bed. Same length, 6” narrower

2 months ago

Our manufacturer supplied RV King was just OK. We purchased a My Pillow mattress 4” memory foam special cut to put on top the RV king and now we sleep well!

TJ Miller
2 months ago

Question: Actual Queen size, or a short/RV Queen?

2 months ago

We have a Serta Sleeper standard queen, same as one would buy for home, special ordered when we ordered our fifth wheel in 2013. Still very comfortable.

Thomas D
2 months ago

Now it’s a double, after throwing out the oem short queen that came with the rv.
I went to verlo to buy a ” anything is better” than the crap the manufacturer sends along mattress and I had planned to buy a custom built one. They said just buy a double as the double is the same length and only 4″ narrower.. Great nights sleep and my wife hugs the edge of the bed anyway so width is not a problem.often wonder how she doesn’t fall off but 50+ years she hasn’t.

Calvin Wing
2 months ago

We have a King Sleep Number bed (it was OEM). It’s the one recommended by Consumer Reports. We added a 2” memory foam topper and it’s the best bed we have – RV or at home!

2 months ago

Thought we were getting a queen. Sales lady said it was a queen. When we measured it we learned it was a full. Not sure how well it will work out for us, but we will give it a try.

Ronald Duncan
2 months ago

Ok I know this has nothing to do with the Poll but it seems like the most used comment spot so maybe others will see this . KOA is changing its work camper program . No longer will they be a separate group of workers . Which means that older work campers like myself who have lots of experience are going to be having to compete with “kids” who have just started RVing . Who will hire a an experienced full timer 65 year old ? No one , the old are the last group that can be discriminated against . Everyone thinks youth is a better marketing ploy even when they don’t know what they are doing and may not stick around . Older work camper have shown their tenacity and commitment and Knowledge . All older Americans deserve an equal chance at gainful employment

2 months ago
Reply to  Ronald Duncan

Welcome to ” woke “. I wonder how many work campers could have written this letter? Thank you for the honesty .

2 months ago

Short Queen.

2 months ago

Our 2022 came with King size, we cut the platform down for Queen size… love the extra room with the smaller mattress.

2 months ago

We don’t care for King sized mattress, just too big, so we got a Queen short and happy with it. Now trying to find a home for the 3 time used king short.

Diane McGovern
2 months ago
Reply to  Chuck

Hi, Chuck. Maybe Google “donate mattress”? Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

Bill Byerly
2 months ago

King size, and we actually like the original mattress that came with our 2019 Winnebago Sightseer class A

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