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Have you ever lived in an RV for at least six months in a row?

Have you lived in an RV for a least half of a year — six months? We’re talking about six months in a row.

Maybe you headed south for the winter and stayed for six months before returning home. Or maybe you stayed out a year or longer. Or maybe you’re full-time (or once were), and live in your RV month after month, and year after year.

After you respond to the poll, please leave a comment about your experience or experiences.


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Wayne Caldwell
2 months ago

Yes, April 1987 until May 1988. Bought a 26′ travel trailer new to live in because of divorce. At close to $600 per month, I couldn’t afford even an unfurnished apartment. So, $200 per month and $60 per month mobile home lot rent didn’t take long to decide.

Jim Johnson
2 months ago

Yep, +/- 6 months every winter. No overnight street parking at the house between 11/1 – 4/30 so the snow plow can get through without dodging cars. That mostly determines our absence from the house. Same RV park for 6 years, and mostly the same people come back and reform our retirement community. In many ways we have a richer social life in the winter than we do at the house in the summer.

2 months ago

16+ years and counting, so ” yup, many times”

2 months ago

We live in our coach at least 6 months every year since 2011. Currently we are in a 36′ Phaeton DP for the past 11 years. We call this home and a rental apartment back east our “summer house”. At the rate we are going this year we may be close to 10 months by the time we travel away from the coach. The only hardship is sharing one bathroom. We have been married over 58 years so closeness is just fine with us.

Chuck & Gigi
2 months ago

We lived on a sailboat for 21 years. After selling we moved into a 12′ TT. A little small, traded for a 24′ fiver. Got booted from Katrina in 2005, and started traveling. A year later traded for a 28′ fiver and kept on going. 2012 thought we ought to have a roots place, and hung up the full timing. We still do, when we can travel for 3 to 4 months in summer. AZ heat of course.

2 months ago

Lived in an RV for over 16 years full-time while finishing my career and then traveling the country. Now we are part-time RVer’s living in the RV for 6 months in the north during the summer then 6 months in our Florida house for the winter.

Neal Davis
2 months ago

We went slightly more than 8 months while our house was being built. We did that during 2017 and the first week of 2018. We now live in our sticks-and-bricks and RV approximately monthly.

Nc grandma
2 months ago

We lived in our rv for 2 yrs. My husband and I and 2 65 lbs dogs. We just moved into our new house and will go to using the rv for traveling.

2 months ago

Once and still living in my motorhome. For the last 2 years I’ve been full time. Loving every minute.

2 months ago

10 plus years back in a house for 6 years now back in my 5th wheel for the last 6 years

Linda M.
2 months ago

Yes, almost 8 1/2 years full time and not ready to hang up the keys yet.

2 months ago

For two years after I retired, sold home in OR and while building one in NV.

Parson Pete
2 months ago

Regarding living in an RV for 6 months in a row – My wife and I have been living in RVs for 22 consecutive years. Full time mean full-time to us.

2 months ago

13 years & counting! Been to every state at least once, & Alaska twice.

Sherry Christiansen
2 months ago

We are full time rvers since May 2021, so we’ve lived in ours 23 months and counting

Don N
2 months ago

From 2004 thru 2017, now at 82 living wit Daughter & Son-in-Law but still using MH for weekends and some longer trips.

2 months ago

Have you ever lived in an RV for at least six months in a row? Yes and enjoyed it! We’ve been rving for decades, and sometimes with a house available in some state, and sometimes not. If not, we would rent a storage unit for the ‘house’ stuff. Sometimes, we stayed longer or sometimes, we left early. It always worked and when it didn’t, we went home, if we had one. If we didn’t, we bought one.

We enjoyed the carefree and flexible lifestyle, even when still working for a living. But now, being old and tired, we aren’t as flexible. The earlier paragraph is no longer applicable but the memories are still embedded.

2 months ago

Been full-timing for 23 years

Selene Montgomery
2 months ago

We’ve been fulltimers since 2012.

Roy Davis
2 months ago

We’re not full timers, but we travel up 8-10 months a year. We stop at our home base for Drs Apts, holidays, and special occasions. I’m trying to recall if we’ve ever been RVing for 6 months straight and can’t say if we have. I really don’t have a desire to full time and the Mrs said NO.

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