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Have you ever done any damage to your RV while backing up?

Backing up is not always easy with an RV, whether a big ol’ motorhome or a towable rig. How many of us have been entertained in a campground watching a new arrival struggle with backing into a campsite? Anyone who has been an RVer for very long has probably enjoyed this free entertainment (although it’s definitely not entertaining to you if you’re the one backing up!).

But the fact is, backing up does not always result in a good outcome. Many of us have sideswiped a tree or poked a hole in the siding from a tree branch that we somehow didn’t see. Or how about the times we’ve bumped into a tree stump or other object too low to the ground to see in our side mirrors?

So how about you? Have you ever struck something while backing up with your RV that caused damage that needed to be repaired? Please feel free to leave a comment.


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Neal Davis
9 days ago

The only time I have done significant damage was backing from a campsite on soft ground. The angle of departure and accompanying sinking led to the bottom of the front cap being loosened and displaced vertically.

Steven N
10 days ago

Not backing but did catch the curb side back corner when I didn’t account for enough trailer swing when making a hard turn once.

11 days ago

Knocking on wood really hard!!

12 days ago

not backing up but after getting my rv, i drove thru the 9 foot awning at the dmv….pealed the AC unit back like i was shaving ice. was sick but the insurance covered the whole roof and new ac unit. win win.

14 days ago

Not backing up. But came really close one time. After unhooking we realized there was a tree branch inches from our a/c unit. Luckily we stopped in time. Reminder to look up when backing in.

Gary W.
14 days ago

No, but a previous owner did.

Thomas D
14 days ago

Every rv I’ve owned has had a camera installed by me
Can’t beat it. Better than having a spotter waving right when she really means left
Sorry dear!

Lew Anderson
14 days ago

I am a mid-70s single RVer pulling a 27’travel trailer. I have always believed that there should be a second set of eyes watching me back up the trailer into a parking spot. Being alone, that is not always possible. So I ALWAYS get out of the truck and visually check the area for branches, rocks, and any other obstructions BEFORE backing into my site. I was at a location that required me to maneuver to the dump station and checked the area before I backed up. Somehow I failed to see the small awning extending out from an entrance door and I struck the metal awning. It punched a hole into the back of my trailer that went THROUGH the surface of the outside skin and INTO the rear bathroom! I was able to use duct tape to cover the damage and eliminate further damage from the light rain. When I finally got the trailer to the manufacturer’s service center, the final cost was over $6000! Fortunately insurance covered the repair except for the $500 deductible.

14 days ago

No but I broke a “hitching post” that divided the two back to back sites!

14 days ago

Never damaged the 5th wheel but the truck has seen better days! King pin to tailgate and site dividing fence to rear quarter panel. Oh well.

14 days ago

The only time I had a problem was a ranger at a park guided me into a tree but really lucky as it hit ladder and did no damage.

14 days ago

we didn’t really damage the RV but bent the heck out of our new ladder. I knew I should have moved it out of the way. We should have not driven so far or at least not try to park tired. We got careless.

14 days ago

Mammoth Lakes, 2007. I was having trouble deciphering the hand signals which appeared more chicken dance like that the wife doing and that was that. Bent tail pipe. We have a new program since then and 15 more years problem free.

Deena Jones
14 days ago

Nope, no backing problems. My husband is a retired long haul truckdriver and I always stand in the site to check for obstacles. Works out well for us.

Bob P
14 days ago

Damaged our motorhome backing into the parking spot at home, why, because I didn’t adhere to the truck driver moto Get Out And Look(GOAL)!

Gene Bjerke
14 days ago

My RV looks good from any angle except the back, where all the dents are.

14 days ago
Reply to  Gene Bjerke

That’s funny…

James LaGasse
14 days ago

I haven’t damaged my campers yet but I will still be camping for many more years so the opportunity is there. My camper is small enough to avoid all the obstacles and if the rv sites are full we are often put in a tent site.

Last edited 14 days ago by James LaGasse
Sandi Pearson
14 days ago

Not backing up but one of those wood parking post got too close when pulling out of the camp spot! Who lines the camp site with short wooden posts to mark site boundaries? Stopped before too much damage was done but still creased bottom of storage door. Repair scheduled at CDI this month…ugh

14 days ago
Reply to  Sandi Pearson

We had the exact opposite happen, got stuck on the short wood parking post backing in to a tight spot and couldn’t get off! Texas park rangers came to the rescue with a chainsaw, no more parking post problem!!

Sandi Pearson
14 days ago
Reply to  Robert

Interesting…our “event “was at a Tx state park too! Maybe Cap Rock…the one where the Buffalo roam free…tons of them! We stayed at 6 or 7 Tx state parks on our way home last fall between Palo Duro and Houston

Uncle Swags
14 days ago

In my first year of RVing I managed to back into a Rocky Mountain and scrape a Black Hill. Just part of the conditioning process which gives my RV character.

Tom H.
14 days ago

Knock on wood.

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