Monday, September 25, 2023


How well do you tell jokes?

How good are you at telling jokes? Can you fire them off one after another and have your audience bending over in laughter? Are you the life of any party because you always lighten it up with your jokes?

Or are you at the other end of the spectrum: You are so bad at telling jokes that you avoid at all costs ever telling one? If you’re forced to, or are in a daring mood, and decide to tell a joke (maybe the only one you know), do you get blank stares from your audience? Maybe they laugh just to be polite. Either way, you regret ever opening your mouth.

Or are you somewhere in the middle: You can tell a joke, but it’s really not your thing when it comes right down to it.

So what is it? Once you answer the poll, how about leaving one of your favorite jokes in the comments? Maybe we’ll use it in a future newsletter, giving you credit. Hey, you’ll be famous!

Okay, time to proceed…


  1. The best material is always based on fact and reality.

    In 2023, it’s more about if you can take a joke and less about how you deliver a joke. The Karens are listening. The speech police will find you and that’s NO JOKE. Jerry Seinfeld quit doing stand up for a while and still avoids college campuses, safe spaces and all.

  2. I am blessed with an overactive funny bone, and can tell jokes with the best of them. But more so I am a storyteller of humorous (mostly) true stories. I possess the innate ability to see humor, and irony in any situation, and to have an immediate comeback, or humorous antidote. Most people “get me”, others not so much.
    Did I ever tell you about the Halloween night prank my father and uncles played on their neighbor? They relocated his outhouse behind the pit!
    Life is a long arduous journey without laughter.

  3. I have a few (very few!) fave jokes that I’ve perfected and love to tell. However, most are slightly off-color (nothing serious) so it depends on the audience.

  4. I not only tell jokes well, I can create them. I am a retired pastor and often used funny stories or illustrations as part of my sermon. Just last week, I was waiting for my wife so I sat next to a stranger and we started talking. I had him laughing right off and when I went to leave he shook my hand and thanked me for “making his day”. What makes my stories funny is that they are all based upon actual things.

  5. After being in a family bar for 21 years I could tell one joke after another, but as time has crept up on me, I don’t do as well anymore.


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