Would you stay at a campground if required to wear a mask when outdoors?


Mask “requirements” are popping up across states everywhere. The CDC recommends that everyone wear a cloth face mask when away from home, indoors or outdoors.

You can find a helpful list of which states have face masks as a requirement or a recommendation, and which businesses require you to wear them here.

Some states or other government agencies have opened campgrounds with the requirement that you can stay only if wear a mask when outside of your RV. How do you feel about that? If you had a reservation at a campground or RV park but they required you to wear a face mask at all times when outdoors, would you stay there or would you go elsewhere?

Please vote in the poll below and tell us if you’d stay or not. As always, please leave a comment, too, but be respectful of others.

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A good analogy for the benefits of wearing a mask: https://twitter.com/giantbunnylove/status/1264187248217600000?s=09


I always have a mask either on my face or in my pocket ready to use. Like the old”do unto others as I would have them do unto me”


If off of my campsite I will wear a mask, required to or not ~ I respect other people and want to teach my children to do the same

Robert Nipp

If I expected to be in close contact with strangers in the campground, I would wear a mask. But, I go camping to avoid crowds, not join them. There is no use in wearing a mask while alone outside.


I said ” No” because I have COPD and all masks I’ve seen prevent you from breathing ‘ out’ the CO2 that accumulates in the mask. CO2 is not good for a person with COPD.

Jim O'Briant

I would not stay at a campground that allowed anyone there to be outdoors without a mask.


Wearing masks saves lives. Doesn’t everyone care how many Americans we lost in just 3 months? Stop the spread so we can go BACK.


It seems wearing or not wearing a face mask has become political. If Medical professionals wear masks to protect themselves and others it is not political it is intelligent and respectful. I would feel terrible if I infected others and maybe even cause someone’s death. I will wear a mask to protect myself and others.


I don’t wear a mask to protect myself, I wear one to protect those who are near to me. It is very disturbing to find how many others are not willing to do that in return. I would have given folks credit for being more respectful and caring of others. It’s very sad that they not only do not care, but are militant about their right to expose others whenever and wherever they wish.

Charlie R.

We have the freedom to choose where we camp or shop. Businesses, which are private property, can set policies like “No shirt, no shoes, no service”, and can add a requirement for a mask. Not a big deal. We can choose not to go to that business.

I disagree with the requirement to wear the mask all of the time, so would find another camp/park to go to.
I do wear a mask when I go into a store, and I observe the social/physical distancing.


I answered no, but it’s not because I’m anti mask. It’s because if a cg is so packed that there is no way to follow CDC 6-feel social distancing recommendation, I wouldn’t be there. The latest CDC report states: “In light of this new evidence, CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies) especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.” My take is that if I’m taking a walk, sitting outside on my site, or visiting others outside the “6-feet social distancing” recommendation, or outside of “areas of significant community-based transmission”, then it’s okay for me to not wear my mask. (CDC page includes list of recent studies for those that want them: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/cloth-face-cover.html#studies).

In the rural area of FL in which I live, my county has had 10 cases, no hospitalizations, no deaths and all have recovered. The county that is the shopping hub of our area has had 27 cases, no deaths and all but 3 have recovered to date. The next county, that makes up our rural area, has been hit a little harder because of one woman knowing she was ill (fever, cough, etc.) still went about her normal routine thus causing an outbreak. This county jumped from single digits to 38 cases within a month: 1 hospitalization that resulted death, and 5 have not yet recovered. Thankfully, this woman is not the norm but it does show that one person not being aware, can cause harm to someones husband, father and friend. She didn’t intend for it to happen but it did.

Do I wear my mask when away from my homestead? No, not always but it’s always with me for when it is warranted.


Disappointed that so many would not wear a mask. I’m not going to make a judgement on them but I am ecstatic that there will be so much room for those of us that would.


I guess I want to know why they would be required – what does the campground hope to accomplish? I know they don’t want to be liable. But they need to make it clear a mask is not to protect the wearer, but rather the person they are in contact with. That has been stated many times and yet people don’t seem to get that. Research so far has also shown that not one person has gotten COVID when being around infected people outdoors. The fresh air and sun kill the virus (not I’m not making this up) due to the UV light and other factors. The key is distancing and not having long conversations when you are most likely to be exposed. Masks are not a panacea for this virus.

Matt Johnson

Nope and here is why, If this site would allow me to paste from an article from the US medical foundation you could read it straight from there. In short it says wearing a mask does not prevent the spread of this virus. The Wuhan virus has measurement of 60 to a 120nu. Which means if you’re wearing a homemade cloth mask, a surgical mask, a dust mask like you would buy at home depot, you are actually not doing any good. If you are wearing an N95 mask you are removing approximately 95% of the chance of the virus getting through, if you are wearing the mask properly. And the mask DOES NOT PROTECT THE EXHALING, ONLY THE INCOMING AIR. I have only worked with blood borne pathogens and airborne pathogens and disease control for the last 40 years of my life in combined jobs. If people are requiring you to wear anything short of an N95 you’re actually doing nothing to help stop the spread, with the exception of stopping a small percentage of sneeze or cough droplets, of the Wuhan virus.

S. Oram

Absolutely. Wearing a mask is caring for myself and for other people. The wonderful thing about camping in an RV is that you are totally self contained. We hope State Parks will open soon for overnight RV campers who can be self contained and safe and respectful of fellow campers!

K. Johnson

I find it odd how many people feel that wearing a mask is a challenge to their personal freedom. Do those same people feel their personal freedom is at stake when they see a sign at a restaurant that says “no shirt, no shoes, no service”? Just like I don’t want to eat in a place with a bunch of topless, barefoot people, neither do I want to be near someone I don’t know who is unmasked. A mask is appropriate basic hygiene until a vaccine is available.

Lydia Bishop

Considering how packed together the motorhomes and travel trailers can be in the privately owned campgrounds can get, yeah I get it. I guess it depends on how many people are milling about. Unless the campground is really close to a major urban area, I think being required to wear one outside while enjoying your campfire with your spouse is a bit extreme.
Use your best judgment folks!

Sandra Ross

In BC, Canada where we live, we have been told that masks may be useful in situations where you cannot maintain a social distance such as public transit or a busy store. Staying 6′ away from people would be easy to do in a campground.


Yes. DW and I walk 3-6 miles daily in or near our sparsely populated community. We don a mask whenever we see that we will encounter people on the trail. We also step aside to allow distancing. Likewise on the few occasions where we have to shop, we wear our masks. I see it as a sign of respect and compassion, since they offer more protection to others than to ourselves. It’s a small gesture of kindness.

Wayne M. Thomas

Not outdoors, not indoors. If a business tries to require me to wear a mask, which I won’t, they have lost my business.