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If you could go back in time to the day you bought your RV, would you wait and buy another RV or keep the one you bought?

This is a tricky question, we know. If you had the chance to go back in time to the day you bought your RV, would you still buy it or would you buy another RV?

In simpler terms, as the poll states, we’re asking if you’re happy with the RV you bought. Do you regret your purchase and wish you had either waited or bought another RV? Do you wish you had bought another brand? Another style? Another length? Would you have rather bought it from a different dealership or seller?

If you could go back to that moment right now, what would you do?

Please tell us in the poll below. Remember, it may take a moment to load.

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 700+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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In the Woods (@guest_82032)
3 years ago

Did our research, bought carefully, and are still happy with our 33′ fifth wheel after 4+ years fulltiming. Would buy it again. If we purchase a home base of land, we’d defintely keep it to live in, and buy a small TT or egg for more nimble travel, especially to NPS, COE, and state campgrounds.

Thomas (@guest_81989)
3 years ago

I bought a new truck camper and sold my 30ft fifth wheel. I really like the drivabilty of the truck camper but we bought a wet bath unit. It’s too small for comfort and too messy when you use the shower. The rest of the unit is fine,got enough room but the bath not so much and didn’t look at specs good enough. 5 gal black 8 gal gray.

John Dunn (@guest_81861)
3 years ago

We bought a Livin’Lite 13QBB in 2011. It is all aluminum. We have been very happy with the camper. Replaced the A/C in 2013 with a different brand and have no problems except for some tire issues. It is very solidly built as it was a pre -THOR acquisition product.

Bob Wilson (@guest_81637)
3 years ago

I visit multiple RV sites daily and the web is FULL of owners with all sorts of problems which they would not have had they done there research on quality. Just saying


Fred (@guest_81595)
3 years ago

After 10 years of fullitming, we feel we made the right decision when we ordered a 34ft New Horizons fifth wheel. We did a years worth of research & looked at over 150 rvs before buying. We had a few minor problems, but far fewer than most people we’ve talked to since.

Chris Durkee (@guest_81587)
3 years ago

We bought our 40-foot Country Coach class A motorhome almost eleven years ago now. We have been full-time since day one. Absolutely LOVE living in this beauty. No slides. Real wood throughout. Perfect kitchen for me. Great bedroom/bathroom arrangement. My husband made our living room into an office with two computers. We got rid of the gigantic couch and replaced it with two tub chairs with a cabinet in between (that he moved from the other side of our coach). We have full storage down below. My husband even installed file drawers for some of our food storage and another stronger type for all his tools. He did his homework on researching, but didn’t spend a lot of time researching. He talked to an expert diesel mechanic he knew who told him what to look for. My husband can work on all aspects of our rig. We tow a full-size pickup truck and he even modified a motorcycle rack so we could tow that, too. We have never had a day’s regret from our one and only purchase.

Diane (@guest_81560)
3 years ago

Oh, Trailmanors for the win!! Solid sided pop up, 2600#, opens to 20′ but closes to 18′ (swing hitch/stores in my garage), sleeps 6, bathroom w/shower, all of the good things! It takes an extra gallon of gas to to it 100 miles, you can set up and take down in the rain without the inside getting wet…where to I stop? We started with a 2011 2720, when we camped with all of our children. We just got a new 2020 2720 QS, since it is usually myself and my other half camping now. We love the living room slide with extra seating in the QS floor plan!

Wainwright (@guest_81468)
3 years ago

I researched for 7 years before we bought an RV because I was still running our business and didn’t have the time to go RVing. We bought an Americana 5th wheel because it was way ahead of all the other manufacturers’ RVs. Back then, unless you had a motorhome you had to carry boards around with you for leveling your rig. This was in 2008 and Americana 5th wheels came with airbag suspension and an on-board 150 psi compressor so you could let the air out of one side and put it on the other side to level. It came with LED lighting around the whole rig before anyone knew about LEDs. It came with 4 wheel disc brakes. A tankless water heater. Solar system, and a queen or king-size adjustable mattress and an Airbag hitch.
So yes I would buy the one we bought and not wait for the other manufacturers to catch up. Which took 2 to 3 more years. After 12 years we still have and use that rig. Americana rigs were built for Full-timers.

Lee (@guest_81465)
3 years ago

Current and previous motor homes have been Tiffin products and we are happy with both purchases.

PennyPA (@guest_81434)
3 years ago

I have a 2002 Glendale Titanium and love it! Second owner and bought it from a private owner in Apache Junction. The only thing I would change is lack of a full closet in the bedroom. Unfortunately, the company went out of business several years after we got ours so….We’ve had no complaints with it whatsoever and if the company ever comes back, we’d be first in line to buy a newer one…with the closet!

Sandra Johnson (@guest_81431)
3 years ago

I would have looked longer and not purchased from our local dealer. We are brand new full-time RVers and our local dealership in Ellis County, Texas, hasn’t done much for us since we signed papers on our 28-foot Keystone with one slide out. We love our new home on wheels, but it seems like every time we have a problem, large or small, we have to go through an act of Congress to get it taken care of or figure out how to fix the problem ourselves. We live full-time in our RV, so taking it in for days at a time is not really an option, especially now with Covid 19. Yes, looking back, I think we both would have waited and shopped at other RV dealerships. When we get ready to travel and be on the road full-time, we’ll be looking somewhere other than local if we decide to trade it for a larger/newer model, that’s for sure!

wayne (@guest_81424)
3 years ago

Poll never opened so I wrote my comments anyway.

wayne (@guest_81423)
3 years ago

The quality of our unit is good and we have experienced few problems in the 2 years we have owned it, BUT, wish we had thought more about the fold out sofa/bed. When open the front bedroom is blocked from getting to the refrigerator or bathroom. When just us, not an issue of course. But we often take our Aunt and that is the only bed she can get into ! 90 years old and partially disabled. Also, the bunk room configuration could be more adaptable although our grandson loves it.

Cindy (@guest_81407)
3 years ago

I said I’d buy mine again only because I liked the fact there is so much storage for when we have had to live in our TT. However, the construction is low quality in many ways (e.g. floor supports 48″ apart). It’s also too small now that our daughter is adult size. I’d like a new one, but hey, it only takes money, right?

Gene (@guest_81388)
3 years ago

I love the rig we ended up with, with one minor annoyance. We wanted a toy hauler, in the 25-27 foot range. We ended up with a 29′ rig, and GLAD because our SxS is longer in the rig than it looks outside! It has no slides, because we wanted a rig we could access EVERYTHING at a pullout to make lunch or just rest for a bit. The only thing I’d really opt for is a rig with the bed that is not sideways along a wall. But, I really love this rig. I can’t find anything on the market now like it.

Machholz (@guest_81372)
3 years ago

If the financial circumstances were the same I would do the same thing. We have had our Coachmen 20’ TT for seven years now. It was new when we got it and the local dealer matched price for me (with a little bump for transportation). Each year I do some “improvements” to make it fit our needs better. It is not top of the line quality, but it was a good price, tows easily and was probably the best option for our needs without spending well over twice, probably three times, the price (read Airstream or Lance).

Rich M (@guest_81364)
3 years ago

I would get the same unit, but I would be much more aware of certain issues such as crappy toilet (pun intended),poor construction of pantry cabinets, etc.

Diane Mc (@guest_81361)
3 years ago

Our 2002 Newmar Dutchstar will probably outlive us! We love the floor plan. Over the years looked at new motorhomes for fun. Good thing, we never saw anything we liked. Way too big, and too much money for too many things we didn’t want or need or floor plans we didn’t care for. If we were full timers I could see wanted something different, although we are gone as long as 3 months sometimes and have no issues. As we got older, couldn’t justify cost as we didn’t know how much longer we would be RVing. We had new engine put in at 170,000 miles, new roof (could have done just repair, but were at the factory and just made sense since we were going to keep it) plus interior upgrades. Our home away from home.

Jerry Pavlat (@guest_81359)
3 years ago

I wish I had kept my first RV 2006 Roadtrek RS Adventurous. It was a much less complicated unit. No DEF. I don’t want nor need all the bells and whistles the manufacturers are putting on the current models. I currently have a 2015 RS Adventurous and I like the economy and the comfort but I liked the 2006 better. Should have never sold it.

Deborah Mason (@guest_81349)
3 years ago

The only thing I’d look for differently is I’d try harder to find one a couple feet shorter without giving up important amenities. We’re just 2 feet too long for older campgrounds (NPS, USFS) that have length limits.

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