Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Have you named your RV?

We came across a poll recently where the question was “Have you named your car?” The results surprised us — more than nine out of ten of those who responded had, indeed, named their car.

One person said, “My first car was Otto the Auto. I’ve not named any others: they just don’t have the personality.”

Another replied, “Her name is Katharine because the GPS voice sounds like Katharine Hepburn.”

And yet another reader said he had named his car “The Car” and his truck “The Truck.”

And so we wondered if you have named your RV. Please answer the poll, and if you did give your RV a name, would you please leave a comment? Tell us the name you chose and how you came upon it.

Finally, the poll could take a moment to load, so hang in there for a few seconds. It will be worth the wait!


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Neal Davis
2 years ago

Our RV is an American Revolution. My wife shortened that to Revo, didn’t like that so much, changed the “o” to an “a,” and settled on “Reva the Revolution,” or just “Reva.”

2 years ago

Years ago when I was young and was ok sleeping on the ground I used to tent camp, and I had a red stakebed radio flyer wagon to tote heavy things like my cooler from the car to the tent,
Now I have a 23.5 foot red (and white) RV, and I’ve named it my Little Red Wagon. Because even in my older age I still haul my camping gear around in a red ‘wagon’. And I don’t have to sleep on the ground lol.

Mitzi Agnew Giles
2 years ago

Our tow, with all the bells and whistles this stickshift/no options except power steering and a/c couple didn’t even know existed, was named the Carship Enterprise. My father always said there’s nothing more terrifying than a motherbear defending her cubs. I updated it to Unless it’s a Grandmotherbear in defense of her grandcubs! The trailer is named Grandmotherbear’s Den.

2 years ago

Fred and Ginger for the truck and fifth wheel

Rory R
2 years ago

MY RV is Ms Piggy and my toad is Kermit…

Paul S Goldberg
2 years ago

GeeWhiz what we said when we realized we had bought it. First coach was Goliath and the second was G2.

2 years ago

I named my 39′ RV “Big BS”, because it is blue and silver.

2 years ago

We named our 1999 Endeavor, Alice. When we decided to buy it, 1 year ago, hubby said, ‘Well, we really went down the rabbit hole on this one ‘ thus it became Alice. No name for the toad, yet.

Scott Masterson
2 years ago

Our 2012 Outback 230RS is named “Port-A-Party” and our 2000 F350 that pulls her is named “The Donkey”.

Bob Weinfurt
2 years ago

My ex named a car I got her, “the general”. A few years later we acquired and fixed up an old motorhome that she named “the major”. She’s gone but the general and major are still going strong


2 years ago
Reply to  Bob Weinfurt

Really? You took back the car you gave her? So maybe she didn’t want that car anymore. Come on, what’s the rest of the story?

2 years ago

I wanted to name our trailer in honor of my parents. Daniel and Geraldine. We took the first three letter of each of their names, it just didn’t work that well! (DanGer). So no name so far.

Rita Rosson
2 years ago

I named my class A 30′ Ace “Carol” after my girlfriend who died of Ovarian cancer in October of 18. She helped me drive the newly purchased rig back from PA to San Diego. I would not have my RV without her.

2 years ago
Reply to  Rita Rosson

I’m sorry your friend was called away. My sincere sympathies.

2 years ago

Blondie.. it’s a Cougar half ton bunkhouse.

Mark K
2 years ago

We bought our 36′ class A in Humble, TX, so we named her “The Humble Beast”.

2 years ago

My Sunseeker is Sunny, obviously. 😁 She’s not a rock and roller, she’s a rock and rattled.

David Hoffman
2 years ago

We call our Forester GTS the “The Rattle Trap” after our first trip across the south west. So much trim fell off that we didn’t get it back from the dealer for two months after we got back.

2 years ago

Not unless you consider “piece of junk” a name.

2 years ago

Dragon’s Den

Judy and Bob
2 years ago

“Empyrean” our little piece of heaven. Look it up

2 years ago

We call our 91 Jamboree the Spring Chicken.