What is your very favorite season of the year?


Do you love sitting by a fireplace in the winter with a blanket and a good book, the snow falling outside? Or do you love leaf-peepin’ across the country in the fall, when you can enjoy a hot apple cider on a mild walk through the colorful landscapes? Do you love sitting by the beach in the summer, cold beverage in hand, the sound of the waves relaxing you? Or is it spring, when the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping that is your favorite?

It may be hard to pick a favorite season, but if you had to choose just one, which would it be?

Please tell us in the poll below (remember, it may take a moment to load). Thanks for voting and happy summer to you summer-lovers!

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10 months ago

Winter……..in SW Florida !

Gene Bjerke
10 months ago

My favorite month is September, because it was the best sailing month of the year (back when I was sailing). So I chose Summer, though there are parts of summer I don’t like.

10 months ago

All of them. Fall is nice to be able to travel without the crowds.

Vanessa Simmons
10 months ago

unfair question! Love them all.

Rory R
10 months ago

I love all the seasons, but answered Spring, would have answered spring and fall because that is the time I like to visit the NP’s. Spring because everything is awakening from the winter slumber and fall because the crowds have thinned and you get to thoroughly enjoy everything the NP’s have to offer w/o the crowds and in the right places, the colors of fall….

10 months ago

Like all seasons especially spring and fall. Summer is my least liked season.

10 months ago

I choose not to answer because I enjoy all seasons! They all have great moments, and they all have their pains. It balances out in the end. I have lived in Maine in the winter and Texas in the summer. And in the end I enjoyed it all.

10 months ago

I selected spring even though I love fall just as much. Sadly, you only allowed me one.

Tom Gutzke
10 months ago

Fall colors never cease to amaze me. Spring as blossoms come to life is wonderful, too.

Bob p
10 months ago

I like the spring because nature is starting to come alive, all the flowering trees are in bloom flowers are blooming, animals and birds are bringing the young into the world. Summer is too hot and humid, fall is full of beautiful colors and mild temperatures and winter is a waste of 3 months of your life where everything around you is dead.

10 months ago

The next one. I enjoy the change and two months in, get tired of the current one.

Kenneth Fuller
10 months ago

I say summer, but it has to be way up north, or else the fall in the south.

10 months ago

I like any season where there is no pandemic. Oh God please give us a normal season.

Mike Albert
10 months ago

Didn’t answer The poll. I’m able to enjoy all seasons since we have a stick and bricks in Bucks County, PA and Punta Gorda, FL. AND we have a motor home. What could be better????
OH, can’t forget the grandchildren in PA and CA. Valid excuses to travel!

Last edited 10 months ago by Mike Albert
Sharon B
10 months ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

Was born and raised in Bucks County then came down to Miami for college and stayed. Now searching for another location.

Mike Albert
10 months ago
Reply to  Sharon B

I was raised in Miami Beach, moved To NYC when I was 12 then to Bucks when in 9th grade and lived there until moving to Punta Gorda S/W FL part time 2012. Lived in Louisville KY for a couple of years also. So basically I’ve experienced all seasons. Like being able to move to where we want.

Sink Jaxon
10 months ago

Every year I become more and more intolerant of winter. I wonder why…

Wayne Caldwell
10 months ago

We enjoy driving around ‘topless’ in our ’68 MGB in the autumn when the leaves are changing and the temperature isn’t so hot.

Don N
10 months ago
Reply to  Wayne Caldwell

who is topless? you or the car.

Bob Wilson
10 months ago

We live here in Southern Calif. near the coast, all 4 seasons are great-how lucky can anyone be?

10 months ago
Reply to  Bob Wilson

Weather in So CA is the best, too bad its in California.

10 months ago

Definitely NOT tax season. 🙂

10 months ago

I said winter because our Arizona winters are the best time of year!

Sharon Boehmer
10 months ago

Love the Fall. Mornings are clear and crisp, maybe a little fog over a lake, and the days are still warm. The colors are gorgeous and I love the sound of the leaves in the breeze. Less crowded, more relaxing, not in a hurry. Fall in northern Wisconsin is my zen place.