Sunday, October 2, 2022


If you had the opportunity to own one of these businesses, which would it be?

We may have been having a margarita on the deck when we wrote this poll question…. No, I’m kidding, but it is summer and a cold beverage outside doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

If you had the opportunity to own either a winery, a microbrewery, a liquor distillery or a company that makes root beer, which would you choose to own? Your answer might be because it’s your favorite beverage, but it could also be which one you think would be the most fun to own. You might not like wine, but spending time on a beautiful vineyard doesn’t seem too shabby, right?

Tell us in the poll below, and leave a comment too if you’d like.


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2 years ago

Actually, none of these. Too much work and a full time commitment. I would be a mfg consultant, make more money and work 3 -4 days per week. And no long term commitment and usually in an area I want to visit – and usually with expenses.

2 years ago

None of these, or any other business. Over 72 and don’t want the constant work or responsibility.

2 years ago

Love root beer. Retired so I wouldn’t have to run or think of business.

Gene Bjerke
2 years ago

I chose root beer because at my age I would have a hard time learning how best to make the other products (I assume root beer is simpler). In addition, I could carry samples in my RV without possibly running afoul of local alcohol regulations. I would just have to make sure I made more product than I drank.

2 years ago

Microbrewery. I worked in the commercial brewery business and enjoyed it. My in-law grows grapes so we make wine for personal consumption. Don’t drink hard liquor. Both would be lots of work

Last edited 2 years ago by Tom
2 years ago

none of the above. we don’t drink alcohol or root beer.

2 years ago

none of them.

2 years ago

“It’s a great day to be in the beer business” Mark @ R J Rockers

2 years ago

None of these

Captn John
2 years ago

I retired over 18 years ago so I only have to do what I WANT to. No business, no job for me!

2 years ago

None of the above. At this point in my life I do not want to be tied to one place. I always thought owning a restaurant would be great but then realized that it can consume your life.

Mark K
2 years ago

I already brew my own beer, so microbrewery for me, although it is a lot of work, ss I have helped out at a couple commercial breweries.

Sandy G.
2 years ago

None of them.

2 years ago

A Winery, I grew up with grape vine acreage outside my bedroom window.

2 years ago

None of the above.

2 years ago

Retired. Don’t want to think about the effort involved in running a business.

2 years ago

“Own” means paid for, right?

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